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My Poem page for Fiji_123's contest ;]Category: Poem for Fiji_123's contest
Sunday, 15 March 2009
11:38:46 PM (GMT)

The river streamed through the quiet forest Where the animals played and slept The river dam was tidied with no mess There was a beautiful waterfall was where they met And the trees were very gorgous with it's flowers The trunk of the tree was very stable The animals got the fruit off the trees which they quickly devoured The animals would climb the trees which will be able To let them look at the sky So high was the sky for them but not for the winged ones they didn't weigh tons Like the other ones They were so light and moved with in the sky with such delight They soar down low to their humble homes to feed the young Which sung when they saw their mom The sky is to high for me and you the the homes on the trees aren't for us the river won't let us breathe in water thats very blue So I say we stay on the land if we must
The Great one has awoke prancing and shuffling around the oak He growled so fiercely and mighty That the Little ones started to scramble and bump He would stroll around and doesn't take anyone Lightly He would growl at the them and make them Jump With his pride he would show off Lifting his head up high and looked tough For he has been mocked when he was a little one And the others that are now scared had mocked not for fun But now he's making them go on the run For they all know he has won
The rain poured heavily and slowly down just as the beat of my heart My tears rolled down my face without making a sound I hid my face under my hood in the dark As I silently walk in the rain feeling all of this pain My smile had fade In this darkness charade My sparkling eyes turned grey and dull I have lost my career and goal So I might as well fade in all of this charade.....
I dribbled and dribbled the ball I try to shoot the ball but this guy was waaay too tall I jumped as high as I could But it hurt my aching thigh and I should Just sit back on the bench an watch the game instead of going out there looking lame I have finally decided today is going to be MY game So I jumped back out there hoping I wouldn't do the same I quickly got to my feet as the ball came by The first thing I thought is to hide No Way!I got to make that shot I maybe not like the rest of the lot I grabbed th ball and ran through Passing Leah Lu I saw that tall guy smiling and smirking So I ran by dodging all that jerking I jumped up and threw the ball Hoping it would go in the basket and not just hit the wall The ball slowly circled the net..... And everyone's eyes were all set... BEEEEEEEEEP!I made it in I finally did it! And the other team was making a fit
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