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One.Category: Surveys
Saturday, 13 December 2008
12:38:26 PM (GMT)

Stolen from: ‹BenjaminTheBomb› :D

1. Are you wearing a hat?

2. Bottled water: yes or no?

3. Do you have a crush on someone right now?

4. What kind of laptop do you have?

5. Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil?

6. Who was the last text message in your phone from?
"What!? NANA, NO. If you do that, I'll shave your fuckin' head!"
Billy. Oh well. (:

7. What’s your favourite season?
8. Does your best friend have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Alec or Donna? And yes for both.

9. Do you like them?
Becky: I lover her. <3

10. Favourite radio station?
Ever heard of iPOD?

11. Type your name into Google. What’s the first link that pops up?

12. What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Blind - Lifehouse.

13. Coke or Pepsi?

14. Favourite subject in school?
Brea-- I mean, Chemistry.

15. Last concert?
Green Day

16. Next concert?
Metallica. Pftt.

17. Last magazine you bought?
Didn't. I don't really read magazines. :B

18. Last book you read?
Twilight. Wish I hadn't.

19. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

20. Is there someone you want to punch right now?

21. Favourite sports team?
Oakland Raiders.
Or L.A. Galaxy.

22. State you most want to visit?
Massachusetts, too. xD
And Hawaii.

23. Are you a MySpace addict?
Fuck no.

24. When do you shower?
Every day.

25. What’s your dream job?
Zoo Employee. Yes. I need to establish relationships with the animals, there.
Yes. Or belong to some 'Save Endangered Species' assossiation.
Or a vet.
Yep. <3

26. What kind of car do you drive?
Motorbike, plz.

27. What word in the dictionary best describes you?

28. What’s your blog address?
Seriously, what the hills is that?

29. Worst TV show at the moment?
Yuck at TV.

30. Are you a better talker or better listener?

31. Do you care about who wins the election?
It's over now. And, I'm satisfied.

32. Who was the most popular kid in your 7th grade class?
Me and Tyler. Lmfao. But we had fights with Danny and Marisol, 'cause of that
Hoes. :D

33. Are you afraid of ghosts?
They're my friends.

34. Is there something lacking in your life right now?
Not really.

35. What do you miss most about childhood?
That everything was just so easy.

36. How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test?
One. Liek.

37. How many kids do you want?

38. Are you a good liar?
Hell yeah.

39. Can you cook?
Sort of.

40. Are you a cheapskate?

41. What would you do with a million dollars?
Spend it on the casinos. Hehe.

42. Have you been to Disney World?

43. How much time do you spend online a week?
No idea.

44. Last time you went bowling?
A few months ago. I failed miserably.

45. Hot or cold weather?
I dislike extremes.

46. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Too many to count. Think I keep track?

47. Are you a shop-a-holic?

48. Where were you yesterday morning at 10:30?

49. Are you afraid of the dentist?
No. (:

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