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Chapter 1 (New story)Category: Book
Friday, 12 December 2008
04:36:04 PM (GMT)
This is a new story. I am not done with the first one, i just wanted to start
something else. Please feel free to comment and give critique. 


          The sun was setting in the sky, causing the deep blue to fade into a crisp
purple. Ivy watched the sun fall gracefully behind the trees.  She took a deep
breath, letting the freshness of the cold seep into her mind. The crisp dry air stung
her nostrals. She wrinkled her nose and bit her lip, it was here. 
Chapter 1
          Ivy gazed out of the window abscentmindedly. Inside the room the teacher
was giving a lecture about some sad book by a dead with a French name that nobody
knew how to say. But outside the window everything was full of life and excitement.
The sky was a mysterious eye catching blue, the grass seamed delightfully green, the
tree seamed alive, the world seamed more exciting than every before. Yet, Ivy was
still suck in a dimly lit class room listening to a lecture about, who knows what!
Ivy had lost interest hours ago. 

          Something did finally draw Ivy's attention, but it wasnt the teacher's
lecture. It was something on the window. A large patch of ice had suddenly formed in
front of her face. Ivy looked away from the ice and pretended she hadnt seen it. It
was far to early for this. 

          No matter how much she would have like to imagine that the ice was not
there, she could not. The ice made her extremely curious. Ivy turned to the ice for a
second time. The ice now almost covered the whole window. Ivy quickly touched her
finger to the ice. It sizzled with her touch. Instantly melting to produce strems of
water that ran down the glass. Seconds later a scream-like sound burned in Ivy's
ears. She clasped her hands over her ears. Her whole body shook with pain. A loud
scream escaped through her teeth, drawing the attention from everyone in the room. 

          Ivy didnt hold the attention long. The small minds of the young adolescents
had instantly been distracted at the site of the snow that fell outside the window.
No one had even notice Ivy. She had fallen to the floor with pain. She stood up on
shaky legs which threatened to give out with every set she took. Slowly, she made her
way out of the room. 

          She made her way down the silent halls, her ears still ringing with pain.
Ivy walked past the office and out into the snow. The bitter cold bit at her skin. It
made her knees buckle but the ringing had stopped. Ivy took slow deep breaths.
Pulling herself together slowly. Her lungs burned but she would live. For now at

          Ivy started to walked steadily down the street. The cold air rushed across
her face. It turned her nose bright red and stung her throat. Ivy thought about
walking into town, but decided against it. Instead she headed towards the warmth of
her own home. 

          She kept her head up as she walked, making sure to catch everything
happening around her. While looking up she just so happened to miss the rock that
blocked her path. She fell to the ground hard, her elbow breaking her fall. Ivy sat
in the snow for a moment. She could feel something was out of place. 

          Just as she was standing up something caught her attention. Letters were
being carved in the snow. Ivy looked around but saw no one. The writing stopped. Ivy
stood up before reading the letters:          


          Ivy froze. Her muscles tightened. Rage fumed through her. With a fighting
smile on her face she bent down, hovering over the letters in the snow. She placed
her index finger in the snow. Steam lifted with her touch. Ivy laughed to herself. If
war was the only way to settle things, then let there be war. Ivy began writing in
the snow:


           Ivy watched the words sink back into the snow until they could no longer
be seen. She stood once more and took a long deep breath. "You dont scare me at all"
Last edited: 12 December 2008

Wishar says:   12 December 2008   922246  
Wishar says:   12 December 2008   796274  
Chapter one is not finished yet. I just have to get off of the
computer for today. sorry!  

hope you like it 
EdwardCullen says:   12 December 2008   342536  
wow. i loved it! it had a lot of details...and i like details. it is
kind of like a twilight book. it is very addicting. and very good.
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   12 December 2008   247329  
Aweshum yet a gain
‹™ .::.Music.Is.My.Life.::.™› says:   13 December 2008   564133  
I like it(=
Invisible-type-ishh people!
Sweeeet =]
dark_angel_emo_girl says :   13 December 2008   483859  


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