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AGGLEFLAGGLEBLAH! LOL< just bored and came up with this....Category: (general)
Wednesday, 19 November 2008
10:24:16 PM (GMT)
The world would have never been what it is without me and my people.... But of
course, years ago we thrived. And now it's up to me to take back power and lead the
children who have played host to the demons of Arbern. I have been the last of the
lightning demons, a teenage girl by the name of Olivia. I live in a run-down New York
of the year 2306. Life as you know it, and life as I know it are almost equal,
perhaps the main difference is the fact that we have gone back, when their was such a
distinction to the rich and the poor. Where I, a child deprived of all things you
take for granted, am shunned because I do not wear the proper apparel, or because i
am dirty. But I tell you, this is my year. I, and my fellow demon-children, though
commonly called Demars, are about to break free and show this world that we are ready
to fight, and to show what we are made of! 
   ...So who am I? A tall girl, the size of a pole. With amber eyes that seem to
gleam yellow. My bonde hair is cut at an akward angle, and hangs limply on my
shoulders. I don't think much before I act, because I was taught that tough time call
for desperate actions.... and I have lived through enough of these times to know what
life is like out there.

      Sitting afraid, hearing only the scared breath of my young mother as she held
me close to her chest. Her face is pale, and she looks around, frightened, at Jason,
who just stares back. She knew that this was it. But not for me. Her daughter would
leave this warehouse. She whispered comforting words into my heart, and then I saw
the yellow gleam of the flahslight s it shined upon us. She pushed me behind her and
I felt the tears on her cheek as she swept her head over me. Then i heard a shot, and
watched as Jason fell, his head slamming onto the floor, a bloody mess. My mother
intook a deep breath, and watched as one after another the lightning Demars fell.
Until at last the flashlight was directly upon her and I heard the bullet as it
passed through her head and she fell onto me. That is the only memory I have of her.
Protecting her daughter to save me... and hahh! Here I am, holding that flashlight up
and pointng it t the group of vile Bounty Hunters. I raised the gun and quickly
lifted it up to my forehead, I heard them all shout, "She can't kill herself, if she
does, we lose it all!" And thats when i took of running, scared for my very life. I
heard the shouts as the cat ran along the fence beside me, panting out ords, "Olivia!
Stop! Just go back, I'll warn teh rest!" 
  "No, Holly! I can't give the last of the Demars away!" She hissed at me and bolted
back toward camp, and suddenly I felt the feirce demon inside me urging to take
control, so I let Mila take over me,a nd the lightning began to surround her. I was
now only an outsider, simply watching as Mila risked my life and all the other Demars
as she shamelessly attacked the gaurds. Mila giggled in the happinies of being let
free. Mila and i were different then Holly and Petraen, and even more different then
Janet and Yola. Mila was a spirit, safly kept in my body, while Petraen and Holly
shared a body, which made Holly all the more powerful. Janet and Yola had the most
complex,a dn ahrdest of connections. Janet had split half of her life, which
according ot Yola was already long enough even with the split, to give Yol her own
body.  I could never risk such a thing, not with me being the only one who could
probably save and lead the Demars out of harms way. But Mila was always bickering int
he back of my head. and i was learning to shut her out, though it isn't as easy as it
may seem. Then I felt a change, and suddenly I realized Mila had givin me control
againa dn I was upon a tower... I sighed and felt for her in my mind, and found her,
resting and so I slowly walked back t camp.

This story (both are the same, the top is more of an explanatory, while the bottom is
an excerpt) was an idea for a story i came up one fine boring afternoon. LOL, it is
more dark, and definatly has a bit of a science fictionyish thing to it, but it deals
more with fantasy.

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