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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
09:35:34 AM (GMT)
The car bumped vilontley as we headed towards the city. My stuff toppled over me
when we made turns. I stared at the flowers Sori gave me. They were small buds now
but she said they would grow with care. The vines curled upward, trying to harvest
sunlight. It was the only thing I had to remember Sori by.
   My name is Chiro Hyuzaki, I moved fom the small town of Akiba, Japan to a big city
called Hiroshima.
   "Chiro, we're almost there. Can you hold those boxes a little longer?" my mother
   "Hai I'm fine..." I murmured.
   We took one more turn before I saw the sign "Now enteringg HIROSHIMA".
   "We're here!!!" my father chimed.
   Our car made an abrupt stop at an apartment complex. Supposively the entire
building was ours because no one wanted it.
   I helped unpack and went upstairs to choose a room.
   I found a large room with beautiful wood floors, they complimented the dull walls.
It was the only room on that floor (3rd floor).
   I saw a pull-out bed and assumed it was mine.
   "Can I have the top room?" I yelled down stairs.
   "Hai, just unpack your stuff and get ready for dinner." my mother replied.
   I dreaded unpacking all of my stuff, but i couldn't wait to see my room done. Isaw
a book shelf, perfect for all of my books.
   As I stacked my books on the shelf I heard a hollow spot right behind the shelf,
like a door. Slowly but surely I moved the shelf revealing a painted door. It was
about 3 feet high of the ground. It was one of those traditional, old, Japanese,
sliding doors.The door was painted shut like someone was trying to hide it. I pryed
at the door but it wouldn't budge. I eventually gave up and moved back to my room.
   My room was finally done. I put the flowers in the window hoping they would grow
   "Chiro, dinner time." my mom called me as if I was a dog.
   As I huried down stairs I noticed how light it was outside. The darkness of Akiba
wasnothing like here, here there were street lights everywhere.
   Dinner looked good, my mouth began to water.
   Half-way through dinner I remembered the door in m y room, when my mom and dad
weren't looking I slipped a butter knife up my sleeve.
   "Dad, can I be excused?" I asked.
   "Sure, but you hardly ate any thing Chiro." he said.
   "I know i'm not that hungry tonight." I replied.
   I dropped my plate in the sink and ran up stairs.
   I quickly moved the shelf out of the way and immediatly began jabbing the paint.
It came off quickly.
   The door was now fully visible. i noticed the beautiful wood works. A form of
light was coming out of the sides, it had to be magic. I was really excited. I had to
open it.
   When I was done I was disappointed to see a heart shaped lock on the door. The
heart was upside down, seeming to point upward. Normally I could break through an old
door like this, I thought it would be locked. I kicked it but the door wouldn't
budge. The same hauntig ligtht poured out of the sides again, I was convinced I
wasn't crazy now. The light beam hit Sori's flowers. They immediatley began to bloom
into a beautiful array of different sized flowers. The flowers looked like those in
her back yard. The light stopped like someone turned it off. I heard the door click
and I was able to open it with ease. There was nothing behind the door but an old
Japanese sword. It was extremely rusty with cool designs on the handle.
   "That's stupid..." I whispered under my breathe. I closed the door and moved the
shelf back.
   Sori's flower's were beautiful, they were an uknown tye she found in her backyard
one day. She gave me some the first day we met but those died when I lacked to take
care of the.
   I drifted to sleep thinking about the door. Flashes of Sori and the flowers
haunted my memories. I tossed and turned, my alarm woke me from a restless sleep.
   The flowers opened to the sunlight, just like Sori's perky morning attitude. She
was always a morning person.
   Today was my first day in my new school, I had a strange feeling about it. I
couldn't shake the feeling that something was waiting around the corner. I knew I
wouldn't fit in but I knew that wasn't it. The sword layed against my wall serving as
a decoration. I knew I would see Sori again but my question was when?! I can do this
I told myself and I began to get ready for the day before me, but that ominous
feeling I still couldn't see pat it...
Last edited: 18 November 2008

‹Ricky@_@› says:   18 November 2008   127111  
hmm. did you write this?
Akiba23 says :   25 November 2008   671821  
i is so proud of u T_T


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