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Saturday, 1 November 2008
06:08:10 PM (GMT)
do you want to die? i do. after contomplating this information over and over agen i
have always wanted to die. i dident know why i have a good life im not poor. but it
came to me. i hated my self witch made me hate the ones around be. you see i hated my
intelagents. i new i was smart othewise i wouldent beable to proses this information.
i am smart and i hate it because i dont yous it. i was so bent on being the retard
crazy person in school that i am the crazy retard person i crated. but my
intelegensts clashes with the retarednes. and im afreaid to give in for if i do i
lose who i am know. and i will lose all my friends. witch is why i contomplate death.
to stop this madness in my head. i can not focuse on school work without wanting to
kill my self. i write this to clear up the truth of what i might do. one of my meanty
supreshons the might cause me to kill my self it the damn school systom the think
they know whats best for me. they have no idea of what i can come up with but there
always over my shoulder disaproving my methods. they drive me crazy. i widhs to die
so i dont have to deal with there ignerents any longer. my intelact hates ignerents
witch is why it hates the very thing i have created. witch is why i want to die. if
you canot understand this it eather means that you can read my spelling or you are to
ignerent to understand the thought prosses behind this. dont go saying death is never
that anwers if you cant understand my thinking. i have meany theorys that burst out
of my head sometimes i can write them downlike i have in the past with my older diery
entrys. one of my theorys is that i have cracked fallen of the deep end if you will.
i am insane. i fear fore the worst. i have no idea what this could make me do. babale
like and idiot or kill all my loved ones. there is alot i understan and alot i need
to learn. i dont speak of book smarts. i speak of my nolege of thought prosseses and
the mystorys of life. i meany times wish i were younger. stupidenty is one lugshery i
wish i had i hope this wasent to long far well and maby forever

‹sexybitchingApple› says:   1 November 2008   565474  
Dude write a fucking letter to ur parents .. you should be able to
pick your own highschool .. Ramapo is not for you man my mom and ur
going to be a mac donalds manager there especially with that crappy
art teacher dude. indian  hills is so much better i know ur parents
are making you go to ramapo but u have to show them the truth.
Doom_guy says:   1 November 2008   335643  
that wasent real what i was talking about
‹sexybitchingApple› says :   2 November 2008   398529  
what i dont know then spell better


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