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Awakening chapter 2Category: Stories
Monday, 29 September 2008
08:07:56 PM (GMT)
Months Later

“Selena, come on you’re too slow!!” I laughed. We were having a race to see who
could get home first. “Really… and you call me slow?” With that she zoomed
right past me and laughed. I stopped and slowed to a walk, I smelled something and I
didn’t like it. “ Hey Selena, come here for a second.” I called. “Huh? What
is it Kyden?” She asked planting her hands on here hips. “ I was just about to
win” she whined. Then I heard a whoosh and I looked over and she had her fire in
her palm, “Duck!” she yelled. I did and she threw the fireball. It went through
two trees and then collided with someone or something. We heard a groan and we
cautiously walked over. It was a boy, but I didn't like the scent of him at all. Then
in like 3 seconds I was flung through the air and crashed through one tree, which
broke and landed on me.
 I didn't die; well for one thing, I’m a werewolf! DUH. Then I saw Selena. The boys
arm was wrapped around her neck in a strangle hold and I saw his fangs. “Vampire”
I mumbled. His fangs were getting closer and closer to her neck. I pushed and shoved
but I couldn’t get this stupid tree off of me. That’s when I noticed Selena’s
ears and tail and she was bearing her teeth. She turned her head around and tried to
bite his face, which she did. That’s when he let go and she shot another fireball
at him and he fell to the ground holding his arm. He struggled to his feet and said
gazing at Selena, “ You smell so good all I wanted was one bite.” Then his eyes
turned toward me. “But you, you just smell horrible like a werewolf.” He spit
right in front of me and then charged Selena. She moved to the side then with a flick
of her hand she had made him stop moving. He slowly looked toward her. “W-What did
y-you do?” She smirked “Oh nothing” Then she turned to me and lifted her finger
and the tree was lifted like it was a feather and I crawled out from underneath it.
“Thanks” I wiped the dirt off my shirt and pants. “Anytime, now…tell me what
to do with him.” She gestured to the “frozen” vampire. I thought about that
then said, “ Hmmm how about I rip his throat out” I got this evil glint in my
eye. “No, we’ll ask him a couple of questions and then see what to do with
him.” She walked over to the bloodsucker and yelled “ WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU
THINKING!” He flinched. “You can’t possibly think you could take both Kyden and
me on!” She snorted. “Your wouldn’t last 2 minutes against us, I mean really I
just bit your face AND completely froze you in your spot.” Then she started pacing
back in forth and saying at the same time “ Well if you were to survive, you’d
have to agree to NOT kill us and maybe “stay” with us.” With that she stopped
and looked right into his cold black eyes and waited. He hesitated then spoke “ I
see your point and I’ll stay with you guys, BUT I hope you have more than one
room.” I laughed and said “ Selena will make you one when we get back, and maybe
grandma will have her famous chicken soup made!” He started getting hyper.
“REALLY!!” he asked excited. With that Selena bursts out laughing, then all of a
sudden the kid falls flat on his face. Even I started laughing “ Haha Haha! You
should see your face!!” I pointed to his face, which was covered in dirt. He looked
up and gave a death glare. “Oh I never got your name.” Selena asked him.
He looked over at her. “Draven. What are your names?” He asked looking from
Selena to me. I pointed to myself “I’m Kyden and you already know I’m a
werewolf.” “I’m Selena and I’m a sorceress,” she said. She smiled then and
made the fire appear in her palm again. She walked over to him and held out her hand
“Truce and friends?” she asked. He looked at her hand and shook it “Truce and
friends.” He smiled and then turned to me. His smile faltered then he walked over
to me. I shifted uncomfortably; I really didn't like his scent. He stopped and looked
me over “ I guess you won’t be such a burden.” He stuck his hand out, and
waited for my reaction. “ I guess I’ll have to trust you bloodsucker.” He
smirked “Me too puppy.” I said. “HEY YOU TWO!!” I heard Selena calling us.
racing to grandmother’s house.

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