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Tuesday, 23 September 2008
08:20:39 PM (GMT)
Okay so i want to be a writer when i grow up tell me if this is good or bad. Plz??

                              Chapter 1
 Bella walked down the stairs of Wilkson High with her best friend Kayla on the last
day of school. Finally she thought she was going to college. She and Kayla were both
going to Stanford.  Everyone loved Bella she was one of the most popular girls in
school, and not the snobby kind either.  Bella was wearing her best outfit, a white
jacket with a pink tee under it, white jeans and sun glasses worn on the top of her
dirty blond hair. She is the hottest thing in school. Her family is rich and she can
have almost any clothes she wants. Bella loves being rich, but the only bad thing is
that her parent don’t ever talk to her.  They are always too busy doing business
stuff to even pays any attention to her life.  When she turned 16 she found out she
was adopted.  That hurt her. But she kind of guessed it all along every time she went
to the mall she would see one of her moms friends. They all say the same things to
her “Hey Bella! You are more beautiful then they all say. You look nothing like
your mother or your father.” Her mother was beautiful. Brown hair and green eyes.
Her father was very ugly! People say my mother  Sally, just married him because he
was rich. I believe that too. 
Bella just turned 18. The weird thing is the night of her 18th birthday she started
having these weird dreams.  Just last night she had the weirdest dream of all. She
had to stay late at volley ball practice. When she got home she took a long shower.
Got her PJ’s on and went to sit to do her homework on her bed when she heard this
knocking on her window. She went to her window and stared out at the darkness. At 
first she thought it was her boyfriend Josh, but he had football practice. Then she
heard a whisper “let me in! Let me in!” she was about to open the window when a
voice in her head hissed “You open it you will die!”   Then a boy I think he was
about  19 came at me kisses my forehead  set me on the bed then I was out cold. Then
all of the sudden she saw a woman who looks just like her patting a baby’s soft
head saying “Bella! My Bella. We will come for you soon. I will always love you.”
The baby tuned so I could see her face. Bella gasp. She had the same blue eyes and
dirty blond hair as Bella. This was not the first time she saw this women and the
baby, but they both did look exactly like Bella the golden blond hair, the light blue
eyes. The lady looks just  like a queen in the dresses she is always wearing.  When
she woke up she was in her bed. It was just a dream she thought, just a dream.
That wasn’t the only thing that was happening to her.  One time she was so angry
with her parents she went into the bathroom. She cried till she couldn’t cry
anymore. Then she wasn’t sad anymore she was just plain angry. So she hit the wall.
Her fist went right through it. The next thing was she feels like she can make people
say things. How she did this was look into the person eyes and in her head say what
she wants them to say. One time she was in Math the calss was almost over and she had
a big volleyball game. She wanted no homework that night so as he was about to
dismiss the class she looked right into his eyes and was saying in her head “please
say no home work” and he suddenly said “Please say no homework.” He look
confused like he didn’t want to say that. I was think Ok that was weird and he said
the same thing.
 “Are u ok? You look like really pale” Kayla asked concerned, looking at her with
her blue eyes which matched her brown hair with a few blond high lights. Kayla was
her best friend since kindergarten. Ever since she tripped over the sidewalk and she
helped get her to the nurse’s office. Since that day they have been doing
everything together, all the way through 12th grade.  
Bella straighten up and replied “I’m fine just thinking of something.”
They walked in silence to her car. Just when Bella was about to get in the car,
someone called her name. She turned and there was her worst enemy Sam standing by her
Sam was beautiful black hair and sea green eyes that hypnotize you until you can’t
look away. The only bad thing about her was she hated me. It all started six years
ago. In sixth grade Sam, Kayla and I were all best friends. Then came Josh. The most
handsome guy in the planet walked in to the classroom. He had a blue shirt and tight
jeans. We all looked at him. After all he was interrupting our math class.  He
mumbled “Sorry, but is this math?”
“Yes it is would you care to join us Mr.  err…..”
“Mayer” he replies in that same embarrassed tone.
Then he looked straight at me. He had Brown eyes and dirty blond hair. OMIGOSH! I
thought I was going to die! I started taking deep breaths. In and out, in and out I
told myself. I looked away. Sam was beside me giving me a cold eye. What did I do?
“Why do you always get what you want? Why don’t you let me have him and u can go
back to your other fan club.” She mumbled but at the last part she got louder.
I got angry. I knew what fan club she was talking about. The Geeks. They stare at me
none stop and try to talk to me but then just freeze. “Its not MY fault they all
seem to like me and not you. Get over it.”I screamed. Opps.  I didn’t mean for it
to be so loud. 
“Is there a problem” Mrs. Crarrot asked.
Josh looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and replied “Nope just fine. Everything
is just fine.”
So after that Kayla and I stopped talking to her. Josh and I started going out and
when we got into high school she tried out for cheerleading made the team and now has
all new snobby friends who hate me too.
“What do u want Sam?” I asked in an angry tone.
“What me? Man, Bella what climbed up your butt?” She said in and innocent voice.

“Tell me what you want then go back to your Hillbilly home!” she flinched. Her
parents are hillbillies and that makes her image bad. HA! I had something against
“ Harsh, Bella. That’s low. Why don’t you go home to YOUR big happy
family.”She Knew too much about me too. 
I turned to go. “WAIT! STOP! I HAVE SOMETHING TO ASK YOU!” She screamed. “IM
Wait did she just say she..sorry? Man this much be urgent. I turned around and asked
“ fine one minute. GO!”
  “ I just..well ..err wanted to know if u wanted to go shopping with me.” She
asked so low I thought I heard wrong.
“ ME go shopping with YOU?!?” I laughed then stopped when I relized she wasn’t.
“Wait your serious? Err I guess I have to think about it ill call you later.”
I walked back to my car in daze. She wanted to go shopping with me. What caused this?

I hadn’t realized I stopped until Kayla screamed “Bella get out of the way!” 
It all happened so fast. I just stood there wondering why everyone was screaming for
me to get out of the way when she saw right in front of her. A car out of control
headed her way. All she saw was a figure running towards her so fast she could hardly
see it. She saw images of people she didn’t even know. On was a guy with a scar and
one  eye screaming  “We are Coloratus! Come to us!”  Then I saw the women again
from my dreams Scream “GET HER! HURRY!” Then everything went black.
                                                                Chapter 2
I opened one eye and looked around.  Ok I thought so I wasn’t in a hospital, then
where am I?  I sat up feeling a pain shoot through my body then I felt someone touch
my hair and all the pain was gone. I looked beside me and I gasp.  It was the women
from my dreams. She stared at me with huge eyes as I screamed. Of course it wasn’t
much of a scream my throat was very dry.  I need water. I looked around the room. It
looked like a nursery and it seem like I was here before I just don’t know when and
why.  I tuned back to the lady. She was still staring at me with huge eyes that were
filled with tears.
 “Please don’t scream, honey. It’s ok you are fine…………for now” she
said. The way she said that scared me. Was I in danger and why? The pain as back in
my head and now it wouldn’t go away. Where the heck am I?
I tried to talk but I couldn’t.   
“Ojai?” She said to know one.  “Please give Bella some water.” She said like
she could hear my thoughts. A half second later a man about in his forties came in
with a big glass of water handed it to me and then left.  I drank all the sweet
liquid in one gulp. The lady took the now empty glass and put it on the table beside
“Now” She said “Do you know who I am?” I shook my head. “Of course you
don’t my dear.” She whispered to herself more than me. “Have you seen me
I paused. How did she know? A smile stretched on her wary face. She knew she had me.
I shook my head then wished I hadn’t pain ripped through my body and a moan came
from my lips.
“ Bella, please don’t move. You’re not fully healed yet.” She said with

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