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American Witch V: A Familiar Friend AppearsCategory: Hogwarts
Friday, 12 September 2008
12:08:41 AM (GMT)
Can you spell BORING?
	Don’t get me wrong, it’s always exciting coming back to Hogwarts, seeing all the
new faces, hearing the Sorting hat’s song. It’s all very stirring, but I figured
out that I hated to be forced to watch the sorting. It seemed like hundreds of people
suddenly decided to become wizards just to annoy me. Of course, all the first years
were probably rather bewildered. I mean, a talking hat was pretty rockin’.
	I felt it is my duty, however, as a third year to welcome any new Hufflepuff family
member, and I needed to tell them what being a Hufflepuff is about. We’re not just
“duffers”, as Dorko would say. We are just as the Sorting Hat says, “Loyal and
True, Unafraid of Toil”. I should know. I get in “toil” everyday with Snape.
	Naturally, anytime I heard the hat shout out, “Hufflepuff!” my head popped up to
see the new comer. The only good thing about them is how cute and small they are.
After I rambled to Susan Bones on their adorableness and innocence, I laid my head
back down, waiting for the feast. I didn’t expect what happened next.
	Professor McGonagall rolled up her scroll of names, which would have usually
announced the end of the sorting. Instead, a new, miniature scroll appeared, and
McGonagall said, “Now, I know you thought our very own Miss Langer would be the
last transfer student here from Ballhetzar,” my head shot up, ”our sister school
in America,” she eyed me, her lips pursed. What could I say? I had gotten into tons
of toil with her, too. “But it would seem special arrangements were made, and we
have another student from America.”
	My head shot up. Hold the phone. Did she just proclaim a classmate of mine is
here? Now? Did I know her or him? Were they the same age?
	“Would Lynnson, Lilly please come up to the stool. It’s time for your
	Whoa-oh! Did I just hear her correctly? Lynnson, Lilly? Does she mean… Lilly
Lynnson? My Lilly?
	Sure enough, a tiny girl bounded up the steps, her ringlets of brown hair bouncing
with her movement. She came to the stool, spinning to show a small face with big,
green eyes. This was defiantly MY Lils. She even had the blonde highlights.
	I actually did indeed have a vision of a bouncy browned hair girl on the train, but
I had no idea it could have been my very own Lilly Lynnson.
	Before McGonagall placed the Sorting Hat on her face, I jumped up on my seat, and,
ignoring the McGonagall’s stunned expression, screamed, “Go Lil-lay!” I heard
Fred and George whooping at me, encouraging both me and Lilly. Any friend of mine can
be a friend of theirs.
	Lilly’s face brightened to a 100-watt extent when she saw me. I pointed to the
House Flag above our tables and gave her a thumbs up. Lilly nodded, crossed her
fingers, and mouthed, “Hufflepuff”. As the brown hat touched her head, I heard
saw her gasp. She obviously didn’t account for a hat to start talking to her. 
	“Hmm, I see why the Headmaster thinks this one is special… She’s a little shy
but can easily be brought out of that shell… Her friendship with the last
friendship is everlasting and she would never betray her…” After contemplating,
the Sorting Hat shouted to everyone, “Best to put you in… Hufflepuff!”
	At his decision, Lilly let out a breath of air: She had been holding it in the whole
time. I jumped up off my seat, punching my arm into the air. “Yes!” I yelled
louder than ever.
	Lilly jumped off the stool, halfway down the steps, right towards me. I jumped off
the seat, right onto her. We bear hugged, squealing like we had just seen the cutest
barrette at Claire’s.
	“Why didn’t you tell me you were transferring here?!” I knew she could keep a
secret, but this was just… WOW.
	“I wanted to surprise you, of course!”
	“Uh, yeah! Mission accomplished! Total shock! See my face?” Before I could say
anything else, Professor McGonagall shushed us, snapping that we could discuss things
in our dorms. We may have been quiet for those few seconds, but we were fidgeting
like crazy. We kept playfully slapping each other’s shoulders and arms. We were
glad when Professor Dumbledore announced we were to sing the School Song.
	“Now, pick your favorite song and follow along.”
	Lilly and I instantly looked at each other, smiled, and started to sing in the tune
of a song we had created at Ballhetzar, our theme song. It was slow, slower than the
Twin’s funeral march. Lilly ended at the high note we had placed at the end; I shut
up because I couldn’t honestly sing worth crap. Lil turned a bright red when she
found she was the only one singing. If possible, she turned even redder when everyone
broke out in applause. I laughed and clapped along, smiling at my best friend.
	Dumbledore stood up to make his yearly speech, quieting everyone. I had intended to
actually listen to him this time, but Lilly asked, “Who’s that?” I looked at
her, dramatically flabbergasted.
	“W-Who is- Who is that?” I stuttered purposefully, “That’s Professor Albus
Dumbledore himself. He is said to be the greatest wizard that ever lived. Not to
mention, he’s the reason you’re here with me.” I smiled, pinching her arm
	My smile disappeared when I heard Dumbledore voice the word “Dementor”. My head
snapped into his direction, my ears intent on hearing about this horrific words.
Those couldn’t have been the Happy-Suckers, could they?
	“They are stationed at every entrance, and, while they are with us, I must make it
plain that nobody is to leave school without permission. Dementors are not to be
fooled by tricks and disguises—or even Invisibility Cloaks,” he added. Why he
thought of such a foolish accessory, I would never know. “It is not in the nature
of a dementor to understand pleading or excuses. I therefore warn each and every one
of you to give them no reason to harm you.”
	Did he not include stealing away warmth and optimism harm? I don’t care what he
said; I needed to know how I could stop these phantoms from eating away my world. I
can’t just stand back and simply hope they don’t decide to suck it away again.
	On a better note, he did announce two new teachers. The new Defense Against the Dark
Arts teacher, named Professor Lupin, was quite cruddy looking, to tell you the truth.
He had a cheap set of robes, mess hair with wisps of grey sticking out. If he had
dressed up a little better, it’d been more obvious that he was rather young. I
looked up at Professor Snape, just too see the disappointment on his ugly face.
Instead, I got an expression that I thought he’d only give Harry Potter: Absolute
	Distracting me from the aura Snape was giving off, Dumbledore reported the new Care
of Magical Creatures professor. To my own delight, it had turned out that my very own
Uncle Rubeus Hagrid had been appointed the teacher. I clasped my hands over my mouth.
Uncle Rube must have been so excited! He was almost as red-faced as Lilly was, now. I
had seen a big grin peek through his tangled mess of a beard. He had kept it a secret
this whole summer. He must’ve been dying to tell me! I hollered and whooped for my
half-uncle, congratulating him farther than any other student could ever hope.
 	As I finished clapping, Dumbledore started speaking again, telling us the feast was
to begin. Food of all sorts filled the golden plates. My stomach gurgled. Hush,
you’ll be fed soon.
	I piled my own plate with all the food I could hope to choke down. As I stuffed my
face, Lilly burst out laughing. I wish she would stop. I almost sprayed “seafood”
all over the place.
	Reconciling with Lilly had been the highlight of my year so far.

StrawberrySHOCK says:   12 September 2008   551938  
^_^ Yaaaay!

The singing part was funny xD

‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   13 September 2008   887268  

Wish I could...
Hurricane Ike drove us away from home -_-
And I lost my papers with chapter 6 D:


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