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Once upon a time....[Part 2]Category: stories I made in 15 minutes, tops :D
Monday, 1 September 2008
10:48:24 AM (GMT)
After the 'Frog Prince Incident', both princesses grew bored. Since both of them
have to be taught how to rule a country and conquer other countries, the princesses
were taught by a professor. Along with other princesses and princes, they were taught
the art of authority and pride. And how to handle, 'troublemakers'. That, ofcourse,
made everything worse.

"If one will conquer a country, a ruler must have their armies ready; if a battle
will occur, that is...The ruler will assign each general to a different station, or
post, if you will, and all of which will be an advantage to conquering the said
country. If the general just so happens to not obey you or disobeys your commands,
you will simply call on the executioners and chop off the general's head. Chop, chop,
as I say. That understood?" Professor Poopoobutt asked as he closed his 'Conquering
Made Easy' book.

    A small chorus of 'Yes, professor' was heard as the said professor placed the
five-inched book on his desk. A young girl in the back row was seeming to be taking
down notes, but as one looks closer, one will find out it is far from mere notes.
Princess Eve was, as usual, scheming. Her usual partner; Princess Bea, was,
fortunately, in another class. Annoyed at her work, Eve threw the piece of paper in a
random direction, which means, it's time for.....


Hmm, in what direction did the paper fly to?
Is it;

A.) At Professor Poopoobutt
B.) On Professor Poopoobutt's mug of cider
or my personal favorite...
C.) At Professor Poopoobutt's mouth

Take your time :D
Okay, time's up :DD The correct answer is.....C!!!
Back to the story! :DDDD

   The students' gasped in horror as the professor faced them with his mouth full of
paper. Eve's paper, that is. Apparently, Eve has a good throwing arm. By the looks of
things, the professor isn't too happy about having a crumpled piece of paper thrown
in his mouth. In the way his face is scrunched up, it doesn't seem like he's in a
Just-Lecture-And-No-Punishment mood. Nope, not at all. Professor Poopoobutt spat out
the paper and a slight chorus of 'Eww' can be heard but the struck of a meter stick
on a wooden desk shut them up. The professor calmly adjusted his glasses on his nose
bridge. Eve looked up to see the professor holding the meter stick and a
saliva-coated paper that looked oddly familiar. 

"W-Who-" the professor started.

   Students began fidgeting in their seats, as Eve blankly looked around while her
brain strained itself to register what just happened. Professor + crumpled ball of
paper + _______ =  Angry Professor. It didn't make sense to her. So, she just watched
and let the scene go as it goes and unfold to see someone in humiliation and she
could do nothing but pity the student and fight on with her mind to stand up for the
kid or not. Yes, it was that difficult. 

the room seemed to shake as he voice boomed and echoed in the walls.

   Hunched shoulders, shifting eyes, twiddling of thumbs and hushed whispers met the
professors words. Eve's eyebrows knitted together as her brain came to a conclusion.
Professor + crumpled ball of paper + carelessness = Angry Professor. Her mouth made
an 'o'. SO, she was the one who caused all of this. Before she had the courage to
raise her hand, a faster hand was raised. It was Prince Ethan's hand. Meekly, he
stood up from his seat. All heads turned towards the prince's direction. All eyes on
him. Undivided attention aimed at him. All waiting for him to speak.

"U-Uh, Pro-Professor?, I-I th-think I know wh-who d-did i-it..." the stammering
prince stated. A trembling index finger pointed at our young heroine/villainess.

   Glaring holes into the prince's head, Eve then glared harder at the floor.
Tattle-tail. If looks could kill, the prince would be a puddle of blood and be
Swiss cheese by now, and floor would have melted into lava. Gritting her teeth, she
thought, So this is my punishment for murdering the stupid frog? Well, fine by me,
but you got to know, it was the stupid frog's fault in the first place.... The
professor twitched. He should have known it was her. She was pure-evil. A demon. A
witch. He always wondered why her parents' haven't burned her in a wooden stake by
now. Professor Poopoobutt used the meter stick as a walking cane. The room was so
deathly-quiet that a mere drop of a needle would be deafening.

 Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump... 

Her heartbeat never sounded so fast. The sound of footsteps never been so frightening
before. Never have the meter stick looked so painful. As the professor neared her
desk, he coldly told her to hold out her palms. Now, she could only say sorry for her
palms as she awaited the blow that would soon come. But, a shrill scream came
instead. Eve tore her attention from the meter stick to the door. A wide grin made
its way on Eve's face. There, on the door, slithered a two-headed creature. Yellow
beady eyes scanned the room like a predator looking for it's prey. It's tail had
spikes on it. Red spikes. Splattered across it's belly was red liquid. Fangs were
visible, they were sharp and looked like they could even slice diamonds in half.
Before anyone could react, the creature let out an ear-piecing cry. Everybody
don't worry it's not going down-hill :3
Constructive criticisms are welcomed warmly. WHOOP! :D
100th DIARY ENTRY! >O<

‹actual-mermaid› says:   2 September 2008   845447  
--jabs finger into brain--
Sorry for the crap D:
I gotta get things outta my system by writing and stuff :3
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   2 September 2008   212516  
:D This was so amusing to read. :]
‹actual-mermaid› says:   2 September 2008   889147  
I know 
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   6 September 2008   767874  
ooh! deadly snake!
‹actual-mermaid› says :   6 September 2008   858933  
Snake-? D8
It's a snake?! [?]


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