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Mission #1: Akatsuki's Revenge Part1Category: Missions
Monday, 18 August 2008
08:35:07 PM (GMT)
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or the Akatsuki, but I own Me, Akira, Valena, and
Vallery .  enjoy! Oh yea this is in Shippuden. Oh yeah another thing:
Chidori_Chan's diary Investigation inspired me so give her some credit too. here we

(A/N: I striked through cussing in case ur underage )

A normal Day In Konoha.

Ramen Place-

''Akira-chan please??" Naruto begged. ''Nope.'' Akira said eating her ramen.
''Please? One bowl!" Naruto said holding up one finger. ''then one will turn into 20
and I'm not blowing my cash on you!" Akira snapped. ''Please?" he asked one more
time. ''Naruto...your making me mad.'' Akira said glaring. Naruto backed off quickly,
he knew better than to piss off the purple kunoichi. ''fine. Maybe Rose-chan will.''
Naruto pouted. ''After all she is the cuter, nicer, sister.'' he added. That did it.
''I'M BUYING YOU RAMEN DAMMIT!'' Akira yelled. Naruto smiled knowing he had
her there. Akira slammed money on the table which Teuchi (that is his name right?)
took with a shaking hand. ''What have I gotten myself into?" Akira said frowning.
''Thank you Akira-chan!'' Naruto said hugging her. ''hmph.'' Akira scoffed. Teuchi
handed Naruto a bowl of ramen which he devoured in 2 minutes. ''More!" he said still
hungry. 'My poor wallet.' Akira thought. 

-30 minutes later-

Naruto and Akira both walked out of the ramen shop. Naruto was feeling very full, and
Akira looked very sad. 'I cant belive it. I'm broke.' she thought. ''Hey Akira!" Rose
called waving to her sister. Her and Kiba ran to Akira and Naruto. ''Rose can I
borrow some money?" Akira asked. Rose sighed and handed Akira 5000 yen. ''Akira, I
dont know how your broke already!" she said. ''It's not my fault! Naruto tricked
me!'' Akira yelled. ''You said you would buy me ramen!" Naruto shouted in defense.
'if you didnt say all that stuff about Ros-'' Akira was interrupted by a loud BANG
and people screaming. ''What the hell was that?" Akira demanded. She summoned
her ring and Vallery. ''Come on Rose. we better check it out.'' Akira said looking at
her sister. Rose summoned Valena her roses and her moonlight blades. The sisters both
ran to the source of the bang. Akira looked around to see none other than-

Oh! Cliff Hanger! Hehe I'm so cruel.  comment and I'll post more. 

‹Ðark Fox› says:   18 August 2008   957837  
GO ON!!!  This is good!
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   18 August 2008   782111  
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   18 August 2008   226497  
this is AWESOME!!!
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   19 August 2008   997977  
cool :D i like it :]
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   19 August 2008   264252  
check out the Part2 people! :D:D


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