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Chapter One: Work In ProgressCategory: Enchantress¬ of¬ My¬ Sweetest¬ Nightmare
Thursday, 14 August 2008
11:38:55 PM (GMT)

1. Work In Progress

  "Todd! Wake up, dear. It's your first day of school!" someone sang.
  I groaned and rolled over. Bad idea. I yelped as the hard wood floor greeted me. I
mumbled a swear word, then sat up and rubbed my sore temple. The faint sound of
pitter-pattering feet became louder. I looked up to see my little sister running into
my room. She ran up to me and kneeled down by me. 
  "Are you okay?" she asked anxiously. Ah, the innocence of being six years old...
  I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine, hon. What are you doin' up so early?"
  "I wanted to say good-bye to you an' sissy before you went to school," she said
sweetly. She hugged me around the neck. "I wanna go with you, Toddy!"
  "Aww, I know. I know..." I hugged her back. Of all the things that she had to be
afraid of, she was afraid of being left alone. I stroked her long, umber curls and
sighed. Sometimes I wished she didn't look just like my mother. That was my weakness.
Whenever she wanted something, I was the first to spoil her and give it to her right
away. Money wasn't a problem, either. My mother was a lawyer, and a well-liked one,
at that. And her boyfriend was not only a part-time musician, but also a bartender. I
smiled at the thought of my little sister being the death of me.
  "Well...maybe I can swing by really quick at lunch time. How's that?"
  She pulled back and smiled at me, her eyes big and hopeful. "Really, Toddy?? You
mean it?"
  "Now, I'm not making any promises, but if I can, I'll text your babysitter. She
likes me, so she won't tell Mom and get us in trouble." I chuckled as she leapt at me
again, almost tackling me.
  "Yay!" she squealed.
  I pulled her back and smiled at her. "Alright, go get some breakfast, while I get
dressed. Okay?"
  I watched her run out of my room. I got up and closed my door. After putting on a
vintage tee, baggy jeans, and my DC's, I grabbed my bag and trotted downstairs. I
turned into the kitchen and saw my mother busying herself with breakfast. My two
sisters sat at the counter, making facing at each other, of course.
  "Hailey, you mean." my little sister laughed.
  "Ugh, am not!" the older retorted.
  I shook my head and walked up to my mother. "Hey, Mom."
  "Oh, hello, dear." She wiped her hands on a towel and kissed my cheek. "Ready for a
new school? And the first day of it, even."
  I shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so."
  She sighed with a smile. "Are you sure?"
  "Yeah. Don't worry, I'll be fine." I flexed my arms and grinned. "I'm a big boy
now," I laughed.
  Her shoulders heaved with another sigh. This time, she frowned. "Yes...I know," she
said quietly.
  I rolled my eyes. "Oh, don't start this again..."
  "I can't help it! You're just so...grown up." She turned and gave me a look. "It's
really not fair, you know."
  "So, sue me."
  "Oh, that's a terrible joke," my mother giggled. Now that she was with Tony, her
boyfriend, I found her almost always giggling and smiling. It did my heart good to
finally see my mom happy after those first few year of being a widow.
((not finished))

xxGigglesnortXX23 says :   15 August 2008   447495  
write morrrrre! i'm dying here! that prologue was amazing =3


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