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Gays and LesbosCategory: What all Gay and Lesbos need to know ASAP
Thursday, 14 August 2008
12:43:59 AM (GMT)
You are not in fact born gay or lets stop the lies right here and now.
Just say you chose that lifestyle and let God deal with you. I am sick and tired of
hearing the nonsense really because that's all it is. Some do it for attention while
others do it to be different. It's just like saying a killer was born a killer or a
drunk was born drunk. It's not true. All of the above are bad what makes
being gay or Lesbo any better?. Don't answer...because there simply is no answer for
that question! All sinners chose the lifestyle they want to live and sin in. This is
not a hate diary...this is information to all so you can be prepared for God. Stop
lying to your self and say this is the lifestyle I chose. I just wanted to clear that
out of the water. As for God- Hey no one said making it to heaven was going to be
easy.  So if your ready to take control of your new life- pray to the lord and tell
him to release your sinful gay and Lesbos ways!

This is news from the educated BLACK sister...will be updated later.

Don’t let the devil fool you it’s not okay to be Gay.
Last edited: 14 August 2008

pinkypink says:   15 August 2008   428852  
Preach on my sista!
blackice shouts:   15 August 2008   172153  
I will pink...God told me too.
kia12345 says:   19 August 2008   562434  
Jesus please help the gays and lesbos become un-confused. The devil
is playing tricks on them.
chris1234 shouts:   19 August 2008   965592  
Yo that gay and lesbian shit needs to stop.
blackice says:   19 August 2008   915163  
Thats the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Chris what I tell
you about swearing Bull shit. JK JK...I can't help it either!
lez_lez_lez says:   28 September 2008   623623  
B!+(* B!+(*
with a twist
B!+(* B!+(*
it's true
your cool
but your not 
your a B!+(*
mess with les and gays 
mess wth my fist
your a bitch it's true ask any lez/gay person
I belive in God and go to chuch but I'm still a les
lez_lez_lez shouts:   28 September 2008   775593  
tell her chris1234 
B!+(* B!+(*
with a twist
B!+(* B!+(*
it's true
your cool
but your not 
your a B!+(*
mess with les and gays 
mess wth my fist
your a bitch it's true ask any lez/gay person
I belive in God and go to chuch but I'm still a les
blackice says:   7 October 2008   178732  
Listen you are a little too young to even read this. Matter of fact
you are too young to be claiming the devil's spirit (lesbo,gayness) .
You need Jesus and your parents need parenting lessons; please move it
along your presence is not needed or welcomed on this diary page!
blackice says:   7 October 2008   525748  
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   1 December 2008   733781  
It's   Yes, it's true, drunk people and killers AREN'T born mean. 
Being a drunk and being gay/lesbian are waaay different.  Usually they
are drunk or killers because they have a terrible life.  Gay/lesbian
people ARE born the way they are.  YOu can't really chose.  They like
what they like.  You can't chose to like something.  Same as you can't
chose how you HATE asians and white people. Same as how a little kid
can't make themselves like broccoli.  They can't just decide to like
something one day.  You like what you like.  The devil isn't "cursing
them" or whatever.  They like what they like.  And it isn't a bad
thing.  Is that hurting anyone?  No.  It's up to them, and it doesn't
concern anyone else.

So what's so wrong about being gay?  Many of my friends are gay. 
They're very kind and funny.  And don't tell me it's because god said
so.  Tell me why he made that "rule" then.  I'm sorry if you disagree,
I just thought I might tell you my opinion.  And I didn't mean this in
an offensive way.  I just don't think what you are trying to say is
kind.  It's rude and hurtful.  And why are you so racist anyway?  What
did asian people do to you?

Oh and don't mind this comment.  After all, I'm half white, half
Japanese.  You hate both.  You must REALLY hate me.  Sorry for being
born this way.  Even though if you really got to know me, you would
find out that I'm not a racist whore just because of my skin color.

Well, have a nice day! C:
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   1 December 2008   615174  
Wait, yes you can chose if you like asian and white people.  Sorry, I
made a mistake.    If you would let new ideas into your skull, you
would realize that you are wrong.  Not all white people are rich
sluts.  I'm not.  All of those things you said about Asian and White
people, I'm not.  I'm not a rich slutty bitch actually.  :D  So ya.

But you just have that racist thought stapled to your brain.  You
can't let it go.  This is going to cause some real problems later in
life.  D:  And that's not good.
‹ruthie .› says:   1 December 2008   698321  
Biggest load of crap I have ever read. Homophobia is no better than
And no, you cannot help if you are born gay. Its not gay people that
are ruining the earth, its ignorance like yours.
Zovesta says:   1 December 2008   729357  




GODDAMIT (yes, I'm never going to stop this).

What the hell? I thought God was LOVE. Oh, my mistake, turn sout God
is actually some racist, homophobic, sucky person that will onyl love
certain people because they're fuggin' NORMAL. 

Some people are screwed up in the head at birth, and that's what makes
them killers. Maybe they had a bad childbirth. Maybe they're just

But, no.

You crossed the line.


You want to know what makes them better? THEY AREN'T KILLING PEOPLE.

Why can't we all live in peace? Why can't we all just think "You know
what? They cna do what they want. They're not hurting me."

But, no.

Because little idiots like you prance around and have to hate. Your
mind can't function without hate.

And it's the truth.

Be an idiot, maybe I'll be lucky enough to get my profile spammed by
you. Maybe I'll get blacklisted. Maybe I'll get ignored. 

But maybe ONE person read this post and agreed. Maybe one didn't. I
don't give a damn.

Zovesta says:   1 December 2008   336147  
And now you're going to hate me because I typo'd. What a shame.
Bootheghost says:   1 December 2008   739827  
You better learn to except homosexuals, otherwise you won't get far
in life. People deserve to marry for love, not anything else. Are you
really that blind or just brain dead?

Everyone should have the opportunity to be treated with equality. And
also, what God or Devil is there to decide the fates of people? People
make up their own minds; it what sets us a part from each other.

Don't fuck people about with your stupid, homophobic crap. You should
grow up.
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   1 December 2008   881729  
see the problem here isn't just the whole gay thing its also your
god. (no offence) but there are more god than just the christan god.
i'm a christan and im fine with gays. i know a few myself and they are
really nice. i dont think that are werid or messed up. i think they
are good people. to judge a person because they love someone of the
same gender is kinda lame really. we should all love one other and not
hate someone because they are gay. thats so racist, and unfar. What
gives one the right to judge another before they even know the person.
i dont know you, and i dont hate you, and i'm not meaning to offend
you, i just think there is more to the whole gay thing than just
religion. I think my main question is what makes the christan god
true, and the other god of the world untrue? just because you believe
in this god doesn't mean everybody else does or has to for that
matter. i'm sure if you was for example raised to be buddhist then
you'd probably think the buddhist gods were all true and the christan
god isn't. the thing is to many people get hurt because of other
people trueing to force they're religion on another. can you really
call yourself a good person if you know telling someone they are an
idiot and they will go to hell if they dont believe what you believe?
can you say your a good person knowing you've hurt someone because
they chose to be what they want to be? nobody told you, you had to be
a christan that was your choose. you chose to embrace god, just as
they chose to embrace being gay. who is really the bad person here?
the ones who decide to love another man, or the one who decides to
hurt thy neighbor for the sack of onces beliefs. i am straight, i am
christan, but no where in the bible does it say i must hate another
for being gay. infact we are human, and humans sin. everybody does it.
people at war KILL another man, and we think its fine, but infact the
bible disaproves if taking the life of another. which is really worse.
loving another, or killing another? again not to offend you just felt
like sharing my opinion.
saralyn247 says:   1 December 2008   181818  
Grow up, and get a life while you're at it.
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   1 December 2008   316774  
God, wants all men to be treated fairly right?  So please treat them
with respect.  Even those "ugly lowlife whites or asians" and "evil
gay people" are humans too.  It's really not fair to hate someone just
because they don't look as "perfect" as you do.  Whether they are gay
or white or asian, they are all people. People just like you and me.
Love, Emilyyy  <3      This world needs more love.  There's too much
hate going around.  D:

And I really didn't mean this in a mean way.  I just hope you can
understand. :D  Please do.
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   1 December 2008   996545  
Lemme aske you this then what do you say about bi????
Is that a sin to?
SocialViber says:   1 December 2008   871259  
God gave us free will to do what we wanted because he loves us. 
I point out the words 'free will' and 'love' there. 
Want to add them to your mental dictionary?
blackice shouts:   1 December 2008   322257  
Free will to be free- not to be gay! That's why slaves should have
been free-not chained up and killed. There is no one chaining or
shooting gays up and holding them hostage( they are free) But still
they chose to be gay. No one choses to be a slave. free-will=FREEDOM.
You do  know that rapist and killers have free will as well- does that
make it right? be the judge
blackice says:   1 December 2008   472916  
 I meant to place that face up.
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   2 December 2008   294126  
Gay people do NOT have that choice.  They are born the way they are. 
How is being gay hurt anyone anyways?  People are born with the
natural instinct to...... mate, just like animals. XD  
But ya, you were born that way.  You don't chose to be straight do
you?  You don't say in your head, "Well, I'm not supposed to be a
lesbian so...  as of now, I am officially straight!   "  Same as you
can't force yourself to like carrots er something.  
I dunno.  Wierd comparison but whateva. XD
Oh, and killers and rapists usually have a screwed up life.  Maybe
they were abused or maybe they can't find any one to love them so they
force people to do it.  Either way, they ARE harming people, and that
is wrong.  Are gay people harming you? I think not.  ):  So ya.

T00DL3Z.  ;D
Zovesta says:   2 December 2008   712726  
Damn it, ferrets4peace, you stole what I was gonna say!
‹goodfornothing› says:   2 December 2008   772682  
1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or
under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.
2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3. the power to determine action without restraint.

There are actually more definitions than that if you want to look it
up. Nearly 15 total definitions, in fact, because... FREEDOM HAS
Yes, freedom means to be freed from bondage, like the slaves.
But freedom is also, as 3. says, "THE POWER TO DETERMINE ACTION
This means, basically, freedom is the right and power to do what you
The same way we say "freedom of religion", as in you can practice
whatever religion you choose.
The same way we say "freedom of speech", as in you can speak your
Well, try this one out for size:
Now, pair it with the same definitions as freedom of speech/religion.

"Freedom of orientation", as in you can love whoever the fuck you want
to love.
‹Yuushi› says:   2 December 2008   119756  
Gays and lesbos are cool as you see >8]
They HAVE their own rights!
They have their own freedom and so....
and you lady don't have the right to choose O:
God wants us to love the people we love :] enough is said and I agree
with ferrets4peace
‹Yuushi› says:   2 December 2008   768278  
I mean you don't have the right to make them strait XD
blackice shouts:   3 December 2008   359984  
People just read the bible...don't sit here and argue with me. It's
best that you start with revelations...that would get you all
straight>>>haha straight...get it!- no-oh well. When I am sipping the
finest tea with my God; I'll make sure I save a little sip for you all
to taste( I will give it to your GOD-AKA-THE DEVIL) since he is known
to be may not receive that taste, but hey at least you
can be happy for a short period of time(knowing someone cared enough
to save your dry mouth, devil worshiping, ungrateful self a sip).
blackice says:   3 December 2008   362949  
A me a favor please!- shut up.
‹[[Mrs. Matzar(;]]› says:   18 December 2008   161682  
‹[[Mrs. Matzar(;]]› says:   18 December 2008   447494  
blackice says:   18 December 2008   725928  
I's jesus
‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   18 December 2008   629532  
she don't have o your not her boss and your only agreeing with 'pink'
because that is you you. and BTW where did YOU get the idea of telling
people to shut up??? your he one who's blabbing on and on about free
will and reading the bible. I have a ques..... Have YOU
actually read the bible???? and the point, don't tell people to
shut up. it a FREE[/] country............
‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   18 December 2008   745636  
‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   18 December 2008   223964  
blackice says:   19 December 2008   579629  
lou lou...if I haven't read the bible I wouldn't be preachin out of
it. I am not even going to comment on the whole pink situation. Like
pink said only white people do that crazy shit...well and beyonce. But
I think she's half. I would never have a light avatar, I hate white
skin. So if I were me she will have brown skin.  However
great minds do think I can see why you miss interpret it.
Bitch, but don't get it twisted... I will beat your little ass with or
without the bible at hand.
pinkypink cries:   19 December 2008   943149  
What the fuck, is she a detective now. "LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE gets the
job done". Give me a mother fucking break. See the bitch is making me
use curse words over the computer. I am trying to be cool, calm, aww
shit who am I kidding LOU SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH
pinkypink cries:   19 December 2008   431544  
Black, congrats you just made my blood boil up. Don't tell me no more
about that dumb bitch. I get pissed easily now from the meds I'm
blackice says:   19 December 2008   175636  
You got that alana... Miss Pink from the woods. Girl you need color.
chris1234 says:   19 December 2008   789483  
A yo black, you finally get your wish. You is a famous chic*******
CONGRATS BOO you made it to hot diaries selection. HAHAHA.  Stop
fucking with these little internet white whores BP...they ain't down
with the street life. They only dream of what it's like. It sure as
hell ain't hiding behind the damn screen.
chris1234 says:   19 December 2008   621735  
Oh yeah! and pink$$$$ Please get some color... you can't be down if
you ain't brown!
blackice says:   19 December 2008   711962  
YAA DIG!!! You a hot mess christopher
kia12345 asks:   19 December 2008   168587  
Aww here we go again. Can't we all just get along?
blackice says:   19 December 2008   316837  
If that excludes gays, whites, lesbos, and half the devilish
world...Than yes kia we can!
blackice says:   19 December 2008   245572  
And where you been boo... Chris keeping you away from the computer. I
haven't recieved any letters from you LIL K.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   19 December 2008   586568  
My mom was doing a project on Gay's and Lesbo's and it has came into
the veiw that it might be at birth that makes them like that. :[
Gay's are not a sin.It's believed to be some hormaphone[sp?] that
creates this.
Say a girl might be interested in guys later on in life maybe even as
a toddler but chances are that they might like girls.
Same with Guys.
It really isn't their fualt.
But i do believe it is a sin to be Bisexual. Your either Gay or not,
choose already.
But Gay... it's not a sin and i just want you to know that D:
Plus, Love is Love, either way. Give it a break. Let them have their
own freedom to speak and actrually give them a chance to prove to that
love doesn't have to be of the oppisite sex.
Hawaii says:   6 June 2009   687197  
bien gay and shit like that is a sin. you can go on and be gay just
as long as you dont bring me into it. and all those gays and lez's out
there can go on ahead and be that way cuzz they know whats coming to
them when they die.

blackice cries:   6 June 2009   475452  
You are soo right!!!!!!!
Hawaii says:   24 January 2010   644905  
if someone feels that way that being gay is ok then they should kno
that they will go to hell so they might as well not be with anyone to
save themselves...

     i did not mean for that to be a poem
‹goodfornothing› says :   24 January 2010   346309  
according to the bible, it's also against god to get a
divorce. "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God
has joined together, let man not separate" (Matthew 19:6). in
fact, the only possible exception to this rule was in the case of
sexual infidelity, meaning that couples could only divorce after
marriage if one of the two had been unfaithful. 
considering modern culture, where between 40-50% of all marriages end
in divorce, is god sending all those people to hell?
now, about 10% of the world's population is gay.
so now, 50-60% of the world is going to hell as well.
these are two strictly definable categories; I'm not going to go into
the rest of the way the world sins, but I'd say that up to 80-90% of
the world is technically going straight to hell because of some
wrongdoing (cursing, tattoos/piercings, you name it, god probably
hates it). 
NOW, onto a more VAGUE category, it is AGAINST THE BIBLE to hate
"Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer; and ye know that no
murderer hath eternal life abiding in him" (1 John 3:15). 
THIS DIARY, whether or not you say it is, IS A HATE DIARY. you are
HATING people with no justified reason other than than "god" (who may
or may not exist - you ever seen him? talked to him face to face?)
tells you that gays are bad.
hating is more murderous than homosexuality is.
pls, go away.

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