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Saturday, 9 August 2008
10:00:05 PM (GMT)
Saw it around several times, so I decided to do it.
| What`s your religion?: Christian-Catholic. Sometimes I don't know what's the
difference. :/
| Are your parents the same religion as you?: Only my mom. My dad's Baptist.
| Do people disapprove of your beliefs?: Yes. That's the world for you.
| Do people often have the wrong idea about your religion?: Ask around. Yes. :P
| Are most of your friends the same religion?: Yes.
| Would you date someone who had a different religion then you?: Depends on the
| Are you a member of a religious club/school?: I go to a Catholic school.
| Do you pray daily?: Right before bed~
| Is religion a big part of your life?: Somewhat, yes.
| Did you ever make up your own religion?: xD Once. Of course, I didn't take it

|Do you believe in...

| Ghosts?: Erm...Sort of? I saw one before, and my grandpa claims he saw the SAME
ONE. I spazzed.
| Fairies/Faeries?: "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do." xD
| Heaven/Hell?: Yes.
| God?: YES.
| The paranormal?: Define.
| Mermaids?: Sort of-ish.
| Out-of-body experiences?: Define, please. :D
| Souls?: Mhm.
| Curses?: Nope.
| Magic?: Kind of.
| Fasting?: Yeah.
| Satan?: >__O
| Yin/Yang?: I dunno.
| The Buddha?: Nope?
| People being possessed?: Sort of. Ish.
| Jesus?: Of. COURSE.
| The DaVinci Code?: Nope. The movie was WOW, dude. o.o
| The Bible?: Yeah.
| A Goddess?: Nope.
| A God other then the Christian/Catholic God?: No.
| Humans evolving from apes?: NO. >3<
| God creating the universe?: Yah!
| The Big Bang theory?: No.
| Life on other planets?: Hm. I dunno.
| Dinosaurs?: Yah.

| Have you ever...

| Done/attempted a divination?: No.
| Cast a spell?: No.
| Put a curse on someone?: Nope.
| Prayed for someone?: Yep~ "For all the people I saw today, and the- Wait. All the
people I saw in my lifetime, and all the people they saw in their life time..."
| Criticized other`s beliefs?: Nope.
| Used God`s name in vain?: I'm guilty! Potty mouth present. T_T
| Questioned your own beliefs?: Yes. T__T Before. GUILTY.
| Converted to a different religion?: No. And probably never will.
| Considered converting to a different religion?: Nuh-uh.
| Stopped talking to someone because their beliefs were different?: Nope.

| General beliefs.

| Are you pro life or pro choice?: PRO LIFE.
| What`s your views on abortion?: Bad. T_T
| Are you a feminist?: My mom probably would let me go to any debates. xD No, just
kidding. I'm not, but Wendy has those moments. D<
| Do you think sexism is still around?: Yes.
| Should there be women`s football?: Even though I'm not into sports, yeah.
| Do you think gays should be able to marry?: S'against my religion, but yeah..
| Do you think gays should be able to adopt children?: Yeah! 
| Are you a vegetarian?: No.
| What do you think of slaughterhouses?: Scary. o3o
| Are you an environmentalist?: I don't think so? o.o
| Do you recycle plastic, glass and paper: Yeah!
| Do you cut the soda rings before throwing them out?: xD I don't even buy them in
the packs.
| Do you litter?: I'm guilty of doing it before. >3< But I don't do it anymore. Even
if I have to carry it in my pockets until I find a trash can/recycling bin. >:O

‹Miharu-chan› says:   9 August 2008   335472  
Oh ya! You're a fellow Catholic-Christian! 
I think the difference is that we think that Mary is almsot as
important as Jesus.
I think normal Christians doesn't.
You believe in the same things that I do!
-high fives-
We pwn, dudette.
AnnaLovesYoh says:   9 August 2008   198433  
You're Catholic-Christian, too? Awesome!
Oh, thanks. :D I'm reading an article about the difference between
Christianity and Catholicism, and it says that Christians believe in
the Bible, but Catholics also believe in the word of the Pope and
Yes. Yes, we do.
MewMewBerii says:   11 August 2008   657253  
Woohoo for Catholics!~
AnnaLovesYoh says :   11 August 2008   793962  


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