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The Little Orphan chapter 17Category: The little orphan story
Friday, 8 August 2008
05:44:14 PM (GMT)
Mana woke up the next day, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She was still trying to understand what she had overheard the previous night. She didn't want to tell Eichiro she was spying on them, but if she ran into Etsuya, he would tell him. She did her best to avoid the magic trainer. Mana found Eichiro sitting in the living room, looking more depressed then when he was imprisened. "Good morning, Eichiro." "'Morning." "Is...something wrong?" "It's not important." Mana could tell he didn't want to talk. A few aquward moments passed. "Mana, I need to explain to you why you're here. It doesn't feel right not letting you know." Mana didn't say anything. "Come with me. This is for your ears only. I don't want any of your friends knowing, for now." He got up and walked outside, Mana hot on his heels. * They went to the outskirts of Giaga, where nobody could hear them. "Mana, do you know why your mother gave you up?" Mana shook her head. "Well, when she was four months pregnent with you, Shikuro-" "Who's Shikuro?" Mana interupped. Eichiro sighed. "Please don't interupt me, but you're right. I haven't told you who he is yet. Well, He was living up in the mountains with his wife,Hatsue, until he discovered that he could use magic. He left his wife, suddenly power-hungry. He waited until four years ago, until he went to the capital,Kupia,and confronted the prince, who was ruling at the time.He demanded for him to give up the throne, and if he didn't, he'd have to use force. The prince refused, not believing Shikuro. He underestimated his power. He kept going missing. Shikuro had tryed to capture him several times, but he escaped barely each time. He finally got captured and didn't return. He's been for four years. "I'm sorry. I got sidetracked from your mother. Well, Shikuro knew your mother was going to deliver the next chosenplayer. When he first found out, he used his powerful magic to threghten your mother to give you up to him, so he could raise you as his daughter." Mana shivered at the thought. "Your mother refused, and took off with your flute, and made it to your world. She reached New York, and abanded you at the orphanage." Mana now realised that her mother gave her up to protect her. She felt so hurt by this realisation. "Is my mother still alive?" "I'm...not sure." "Can you tell me what the deal is with my flute?" "Well, It's one of the only keys to the door which seperate our worlds. One is your flute, another is a moon-gems-star, owned by the royal family of The Moon Isles to the west..." The Moon Isles! That was where Eichiro's friend, Muskinatu is! Mana didn't say anything. "and the third i'm not completely sure of, but I know Shikuro has it." "Where is Shikuro now?" "I think, I hope he's still in your world." "Could he do any damage to my world?" "No, he's not interested in your world." "What happened to the prince?" Eichiro hesitated at the question. "He'll be fine." "...How can you be sure?" "'re looking at him." "What?!" "I didn't want to tell you. I wanted to see what you were like before I told you. If I knew you would betray me to Shikuro, I wouldn't have told you. But I know I can trust you now." "Of course you can trust me." Mana smiled. "I stayed imprised in Shikuros temporary home for four years. I knew your flute was somewhere in this world. So I tracked it and found you. I hesitated in case it wasn't you who was the chosenplayer, but my mark was right. I'm just glad you believed the dreams." "If I have a feeling to trust my instinct, I do. I had a feeling you existed. And you do!" "Aha!" Mana and Eichiro swung their heads to see Naono come into view, tape recorder in hand. "Naono?!" Mana hesitated. "Oh No! not YOU again." Eichiro exclaimed. Again?" "I still have a mark where you bit me in the ear." Naono said grinning wickedly. "Have you been following us this whole time?" Mana asked, shocked to see him of all people here. "Yup, Ever since you guys left the orphanage." Mana was a bit clueless of this, but she suspected it happened while she was a guest in Shikuro's home. "Did you tape everything Eichiro said?" "Oh yeah, and when I get back to New York, I'm going to give this to the news. Then, people everywhere will want to find this strange new world. Perhaps then I will be respected and adopted." Eichiro steamed with rage. "How did you make it to Eichiro's world without us knowing?" "I stayed a good distance behind you guys. Although that stupid tiger creature had other plans for me. But I showed him at the last second. I barely made it to this world. That tiger had really learn how to catch prey." A blue streak covered the sky. Eichiro let a slim smile slip from his mouth. "Why are you smiling?" The guardian suddenly appeared with a roar and landed behind Naono. Naono's Eyebrows upturned. "He's right behind me, isn't he?" Mana and Eichiro nodded their heads in unison. Naono swung around to face the tiger-dragon. The guardian used his teeth to grab Naono's vest and swung him around playfully, despite Naono's cries of fright. He suddenly let him go mid-swing, letting Naono fly deep into the vast forests. Eichiro let all his joy out and ran up to the tiger-dragon. He grabbed his blue leg. "Taheiji! You're all right!" So it's name was Taheiji. He rubbed his muzzle on Eichiro. "Yes Master. But it wasn't easy. I had to get that boy. I knew he'd cause trouble." Taheiji spotted the dropped tape recorder and crushed it under his paw. He crouched down to let his master hop on his back. Eichiro hopped up greatly, glad to be back with his companion. "C'mon Mana! Hop on!" "I-I don't know. It looks really high..." "I'll be here so you don't fall off." Eichiro help out his hand. Mana hesitated, but soon grabbed hold and help on to Eichiro's waist. Taheiji started to flap his wings, and soon, they were high in the air. Mana let out a shriek of shock. They were soon high above the clouds. Mana had never been so high in her life. She had never been on a plane before, and hights horrified her. Eichiro was letting out whoops of joy, obviously enjoying himself. "It's great to be flying after all this time! Your airplanes will never replace this!" "Heh, yeah..." Mana said nervously. She actually found it was nice to be so high up, and she soon joined in the whoops. She wished she could have something that could fly her around. A dragon perhaps... * They soon landed in Giaga, horrifying the elves around them. Taheiji led them to Etsuya's hut. The whole group of people staying there rushed out to see the big blue tiger-dragon. Only Etsuya didn't seem scared. "Well, the miracles just keep coming. Taheiji! I'm glad to see you're ok!" "Likewise, Etsuya." Taheiji's deep voice bellowed. Mana could feel Etsuya's strong arm sweep her off of Taheiji's back and into the hut. Mana took one last look at Eichiro, who was smiling. "So, Mana, what did Eichiro tell you?" Mana recalled what Eichiro had told her. "You understand that you are destined for greatness, right?" Mana nodded. She wasn't overly happy about being the only person who could save this world.She couldn't do it... Etsuya picked up her negitive thoughts. "Don't be discouraged. You'll be trained and you'll have your friends to help." Mana still didn't like it, but she accepted it. "OK, Mana." It was Fishi speaking now. "To start your training, I will be teaching you magic." Magic! Mana cheered up at the idea of learning magic. Fishi's bowl hovered out of the house to a small brooke near the east side of town. Mana followed not far behind him. "ok,Mana, Magic is a powerful thing. You have to promise you won't abuse it." "I promise." "Allright. Magic can be used in two ways. One of the ways is with a wand, like my other student, Hiki. They don't take any energy to use, but They're limited to what they can do. Only a few wands can have the same power that a great magician has. The other way is to use energy of yourself, like Eichiro. You can then cast spells only to what your body can handle. Most spells you don't need to say,like me and my enchanted home, but it's better if you do, so your mind doesn't get sidetracked. getting sidetracked while doing a spell can be devastating. someone nearly destroyed the world doing that once." Mana shivered at the mental image. "Magic can be used in any language, so you, sprites, even dragons, could cast spells." "Eichiro doesn't use english, does he?" "No, the language he uses is nearly extinct, which is good for Eichiro. It provides privacy." "Why would he need privacy?" "Well, People can use spells to spy on other people's minds. If they can tell what spell their opponent will cast, they can counteract it, whichi is usually deadly for the one person. If you use a language the other person can't understand, they can't counteract." "Maybe Eichiro will teach me the language..." "Perhaps, but for now, lets use english." Fishi landed his vase near the bank of the stream. "raise the water." He said, with some effort in his voice. A ball of water suddenly came out of the water and hovered above the brooke for a second, them Fishi let it fall back in. "Allright, now you try." Mana hesitated. What if she got it wrong? everyone was looking up to her. If she couldn't even hold a sphere of water... Fishi seemed to pick up her thoughts. "Don't worry if you don't get it the first time. I can understand this is all ew to you, and your nervous. Magic takes practice. Just focus all your energy into getting the water." Mana felt a bit more encouraged by this. "Raise the water." She focused on getting the water from the stream. She was a bit disapointed when nothing came out. "It's ok. Try again." Mana repeated the process, hoping for better results. This time she succeeded, and a sphere of water soon floated out. She had just cast a magic spell! She had done what she thought was impossible, and she felt proud of herself. Suddenly, a shriek of pain filled the air, and Mana lost her concentration, letting the water fall back into the brooke. "I-I'm sorry, I-" "It's ok. But we had better see what that scream was about." Mana fishi ran to the sight of the scream, just outside of Giaga. A girl was sitting on the grounf. She wasn't an elf, to Mana's suprise. She was around Mana's age, and very beautiful. "Are you ok?" Mana cried to her? "I think I broke my ankle..." "Mana, i'll go back to the village and get help. My vase can go faster then you can run." Mana was surpised to hear this remark, but stayed with the girl and knelt beside her. They looked alike in many ways. they both had black hair, they were short... "What's your name?" "I'm Mikan." "Nice to meet you. I'm Mana." Mikan stared at her. "The chosenplayer?" "Yes. Don't move your ankle. My friends will soon be here with help to treat your ankle."
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MeepingMeep says:   8 August 2008   783656  
yay!  Awsome chapter, longest one so far, right? Pretty awsome!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   8 August 2008   165853  
That was longer than usual. YAY!
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   9 August 2008   218955  
Yeah! I love it! YEAH! YOU ROCK! How long did it take you to write al
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   9 August 2008   592866  
that was awesome!!!! :D getting better than it already was!!! woot
callie11 says:   9 August 2008   823133  
Yay! That was nice and long, perfect since the last one was the
sorter side, if I remember right. I really liked getting some
background on Mana, and we finally found out who Eichiro is! Can't
wait for the next one!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   9 August 2008   118244  
Meep:yeah. It took SO LONG! D:
Space: let's see. about the time since chpt 16, 2-3 days or 10 pages
of paper D:
sara:Realleh? I mean- of course it is!
Callie:I was sorta making up for my last chapter. I felt like it was
too short. 
you finally know who he is! Eichiro is the prince of the other
world! :D
(sorry for what happened to Naono, Kirti! I couldn't think of anything
better! D: )
Kirti says:   10 August 2008   825949  
Bad Naono! no grinning wickedly! (that's one step away from evil

dang. throwing him into the woods? seems a bit harsh... (odds are
he'll bang into several trees before hitting the ground. -side
thought, which is softer?-)
"raise the water"... oh what a rip off! (I raised one h20 molecule<--
yaaaay magical powers! and another main character who can't really
walk? as soon as one heals somebody else gets injured...

ahh I'm mad, I don't go on for one day after weeks of everyday logins
and I miss the release...*sigh*

Great chapter!(guess I wasn't that mad)<--easily distracted.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   10 August 2008   593591  
lol *phew*
He be ok...I think...*suspicious grin*
Kirti says:   12 August 2008   781628  
well alrighty then. although if he, say, broke his arm and had to sit
alone in the scary woods for days crying.... 
Kirti says:   12 August 2008   571845  
well I might have to blacklist you. (Don't worry I'm kidding.
I'd never blacklist you. I could hate you for several days

wait a sec... on second thought that sort of thing might make him
reconsider being evil. crying for days alone before finally working up
the strength to stumble to his feet, being lost for days in the woods
with a broken arm and collapsing in the street after finally finding
the village again unable to go further... (honestly I can't see him
being evil after going through something like that...)
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   12 August 2008   379433  
he didn't break his arm, don't worry.
he only skinned it (when he landed on it. he was lucky enough to not
hit any trees.)
but something worse might happen. >D
Kirti says:   13 August 2008   238586  
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   13 August 2008   557146  
you hate me now, don't you?
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says :   3 August 2009   741132  
Ish freakin awesome, tamer!


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