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(20) The plan starts NOW.Category: Story┬ I┬ can't┬ decide┬ a┬ name┬ for┬ :┬ )
Friday, 8 August 2008
02:34:06 AM (GMT)
So, hey. Wazzup? I'm making up for writers block by spitting out two chapters in one
night. i sent one ut this morning : ) Be on the lookout for 21! The second part of
the three part story starts then!

I stared at her, how could she know in such a little amount of time? I shrieked and
flew into the air when the lights flicked on and everyone shouted surprise. I hoped
Seirra would drop it, but it was a vain hope. She stared at me, and I fianlly nodded.
Not Now. I mouthed, and she seemed to understand. I couldn't help but feel odd as I
hugged Ly-Ann, and Ricky, even though he attacked me first. 
  The party went well, with Fawn complaining of a headache, she slid into her
curtained bunk bed, who does that anyway? And slid out into the meadow. Then i
relaxed a little bit. David came over, as did this guy I didn't know to well. His
name was Greg. He seemed nice enough. Ok, his caring and kind attitude was only a
plus. He was smoking HOTT! I spent the night by him, talking about a lot of things. I
forgot about Ly-Ann and Ricky until Aubrey shouted out, "CAKE FIGHT!" And I was
smeared with icing, were the words, Get we, then below it, Ly-Ann & ric. I found
myself flinging cake as well, at the end, Greg was siting next to me, he was my
buddy, my team mate of the cake war. I had purposefully smeared cake all over my
face. He smield and said, "You got some cake on your face." I blushed, he very gently
wiped his oh-so-soft hand across my face. I gigled and picked up a leftover peice,
unluckily, the war wasn't over and David had run to the Jupiter dorm to steal some
cake, and was about to give him some, but then he smudged the cake back on, and I
threw the whole peice at him. 
 I'm sure your eager to knwo the pairs: Me and Greg. Ann And Rick. (Ann is Ly-Ann for
the clueless) seirra and David. And then it left Erin and Brandy together. They
really seemed to bond over throwing cake. David came in with a large cake balanced
upon another, even larger, cake box. 

 Obviously, we had problems. Fawn freaked at the mess, and we all satyed up till 3 in
the morning cleaning. I was tired, but having Greg by me made me happy. When the boys
left,  Yes, I almost cried, we all sat around each other in the kitchen, speaking in
low voices. Erin quickly told the girls what we knew, and what had happened. At first
Aubrey was mad I hadn't brought up that, erm, Witch. We all began to discuss the
plan,  so far, the only plan was, making the plan. We all sat around, whispering dumb
 Aubrey: Why don't we confront her about it.
 Ann: Yeah, cause she's sooo sentimental.
 Erin: Shuddup... We could... lure her into the court yard and attack her. SHe
wouldn't stand a chance against the vamps.
 An: AND were wolves.
 Seirra: And were wolves.
 Me: And me.
 Aubrey: She's too smart. She'll have Jake with her, and Saphron. We can't win if
Saphron runs off crying to the headmisstres that theres a fight in the school, then
the wolves will be exposed, along with you... People... things... *indicating seirra
and erin*
 Me: SHIT!
That ended the meeting when Fawn was woken by my magical use of language.
 Ly-Ann bursted out, "the picnic! thats it! She's plannng to attack at the picnic! We
attack ehr! Get teh forces ready!" Ok, so it was a shouted whisper, if that makes
sense.... But hey, The plan was somewhat made, and th PLan started now!

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   8 August 2008   483514  
Awww, Aubrey didn't have a team mate for the cake fight she started.
Random chapter....YAY!
MeepingMeep says :   8 August 2008   962915  
wait.... I FORGOT! SHOOT! I thought that..... well, Explanation time!
Aubrey so fricken amazing, she doesn't need a team mate, she got supa
speed! No one saw her get the cake, then no one saw her slam Rick in
the head! LOL, yeah, thats my expo!


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