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The little orphan chapter 13Category: The little orphan story
Saturday, 26 July 2008
12:21:01 PM (GMT)
When Mana woke up, she found their camp empty. She hesitated as she tried calling for them. It wasn't long until she realised that they had left her... She sat down and crouched in a ball,holding her legs. She was all alone, with no supplies,in the rocky mountains... She heard chilling laughter filling the air. The haunting voice cried, "Leave you're friends, or you will loose all that is dear to you! DOOMED!!" Mana's heart pounded as she thought of the things that were dear to her. Her friends, her flute, Eichiro... She had desperatly wanted to run away, but something kept her legs in place. The horrifying laughter continued, growing louder and spookier. Mana struggled to move a bit, but something kept her down. Fear. Two large hands appeared from nowhere and grabbed Mana. They squeezed the breath out of her. She struugled to break free as she took some final breaths... * Mana woke with a start. Her heart was beating at her chest when she realised it was a dream. no, not a dream. a nightmare. It was about midnight, the moon hung high above her head. Even though she resisted, tears streamed from her eyes down her face. She looked around to see if her companions were still asleep around her. Thankfully, they were, which relieved her greatly. She thought of what the nightmare meant. She has had dream telling truths,-Eichiro is an example- but this still could have been a crazy act of her mind. She thought of what could happen if the dream was true... The tears started rolling down her cheeks all over again. She struggled to breathe as she did stranggled sobs. She went into her pack and gother flute. It had always comforted her in the past when she was troubled, and she hoped it wouldn't let her down now. She went to the edge of the camp and sat with her back to a tree trunk. She put the carved mouthpiece in her mouth and started playing. She played a variaty of different tunes from here and there, but she still couldn't play her favorite song, 'calling to the night' without fumbling. When she finished the last notes of a tune she heard on the radio, she felt a lot more calm. "Mana?" She swung her head around to find Eichiro was sitting up. Was he listening to her play? She suddenly felt so embarresed. She felt the blood run to her cheeks. "You play beautifully. Did anyone tell you that?" Mana couldn't help but smile at the compliment, despite her embarresment. She hesitantly looked away and continued to play. Eichiro went up and sat beside her. Mana reached a part in her song which troubled her, and she soon got frustrated. "Keep trying. You'll get it." Mana was a bit uneasy, but she did as she was told, and eventually got it. Eichiro seemed satisfied. "perhaps she is the chosenplayer..." Eichiro muttered under his breath. "What was that you said?" "oh, uh, nothing." "I didn't think so..." Mana looked to the ground. "Mana, why are you up so late anyways?" "I'd rather not say." "You sure?" "Yup." "Well... I guess I'll head back to sleep now." "Yeah, me too." "I'll tell you everything tomorrow." "Ok." "Good night, chosenplayer." Mana hesitated when someone called her 'chosenplayer'. there was something about that name that made her uneasy. but, nonetheless, she had soon fallen asleep. * Mana's sleep had not been peaceful, but the morning soon came. Mana's back ached, she had slept against the trunk. She painfully stood up to stretch her back. She only hoped that she could make it back home to New York and be done with this whole plot, but Mana doubted it. She could hear Sera arguing with Eichiro across the camp. "C'mon Eichiro! I've been dying to know why I went on this whole stupid rescue, and now you won't tell me?!" "You would not understand any of it here or now." "When will I understand anything you say?!" Sera stormed off in a foul temper. Nobody really liked Eichiro's keeping secrets and talking in riddles. What did he think he was? A sage? Her clothing was dirty and torn, so she went off to change into her second set of clothes. They were,in fact, very similar to her other clothes. Only this outfit was more detailed, in the stripes and fabric. Only if you looked really closly, could you tell they were different pieces of clothing. By midmorning, Eichiro finally agreed to tell everyone everything. But he said where they were was dangerous, and told them to grab their bags and follow him. Everyone did as they were told. * Everybody was grumpy. They were low on food, and they hated the mountains now. All they wanted to do was go home. When they finally stopped, it was noon, and they were close to the peak of one ofthe mountains. They were on a stone outhang, with a bare stone slab against the mountainface. Everyone was wondering why Eichiro brought them here. They were all catching their breath from the climb. Everyone exept Eichiro. He stood facing the slab, scanning it with his hand, as if he were looking for something. Everyone didn't dare question him. The boy was so strange, he was almost alien. Suddenly,the whole mountain shook violently. Mana first assumed that it was an earthquake, but the rumbling stopped, and everyone looked at Eichiro. Where the stone slab was, now stood the opening to a cave. Eichiro walked in wordlessly. The others followed, not daring to say anything. The cave was a long corridor shape. Inlit torches hung from the wall. Eichiro whispered something Mana couldn't pick up, and all the torches, two by two, went ablaze. Everyone stared in awe at the feat. Eichiro grabbed a torch to his right and continued down the cave. Mana's curiosity of Eichiro grew stronger with everything he did. Mana didn't thing that Eichiro was even from this world at all. But that was stupid. There was no other life in the universe...right? They followed the long corridor to a large room. the torchlight wasn't enough to see much. Eichiro muttered something, a little louder then last time, but that Mana could still not hear, and the whole room lit up. It seemed that there were huge ground torches around the perimiter of the room. What was straight ahead of them? Two statues of guards 50 feet tall were on either side of an entrance to what looked like a temple. The guards weren't the ones at the castle. though they had no colour, they wore tunics with complex embroidery, and the lances they held were decorated like a kings. Everyone stared in awe at the statues,they were clearly the largest thing they had every seen other then skyscrapers. Eichiro walked into the temple and finally started to talk. "When I was ten, I discovered this temple. So far, I think i'm the only one to ever come out alive." Mana looked to her right, and saw a full skelaton on the ground leaning against the wall. She yelped and jumped back in fright, knocking over Shiki. "Don't worry,Mana. You're perfectly safe with me." Eichiro called back. "How can you be sure?" Mana said, frightened. "I've explored this temple for four years, before i was captured, and I know all it's secrets." Eichiro said in a low voice. He seemed to be enjoying himself. They were at another wall in the temple, and Eichiro said something Mana detirmined wasn't in english. The wall slid to the side, more gracefully then the one outside. He motined to the others to follow him. In the next room was another monument. It was a creature resembling the body and head of a tiger, The wings of a bat- or a dragon. Mana couldn't tell.- and the horns of an elk. It was only about 12 feet tall. It looked almost real, had it not been of stone, not like the guards, which you could tell were statues. Eichiro walked up to the statue and said something else not in the English language. At first nothing happened, then a blue crack appeared on the statues chest -it was sitting- One after one, the cracks appeared, all of them deep blue. Suddenly, the statue shattered. It was not a bunch of broken stone of the ground, It was the creature come to life. It was the same Deep blue as the cracks were, and it was blue all around. It roared a violent roar, The group had to cover their ears to protect them. It looked around at it's visiters. It's eyes stopped on Eichiro. At first it seemed shocked, then it bowed. "Master." It talked. In a deep voice. How was all this crazy balony happening? Everyone seemed equally shocked at it's voice. The creature got up from it's bow, and moved to the side. yet another chamber was behind it. Nobody would have been able to go past it if it was still stone. you wouldn't even know. He signalled the group to follow, and they did, just awed by the crazy things that were happening. mana was the lst to go in. The creature bowed to Mana as she walked by. "Chosenplayer." Why did everyone call her chosenplayer? Eichiro called her it, The guards at the castle did when she was imprisened, and now a strange creature she had never seen before. Had the whole world gone crazy? She and the others found theirselves in one final chamber. this one was finely decorated with murals along the walls and a circle of tiles in the center. "Mana, come here." Mana hesitated, but went to Eichiro. "Mana, do you know the song, 'calling to the night'?" "Yes, but how did you--" "You need to play it if we are to proceed any further." "where...are we going, anyways?" "You'll soon find out." Mana was still dying to know, but she got her flute out of her pack and started to play. She hesitated before she started, but the notes came out of the flute flawlessly. It was the first time she had played it perfectly. When she finished the final notes, nothing happened. At first. The tiles below them started to glow. Everyone hesitated, Even Eichiro. Sera clung to ato for a second, but quickly let go when she realised what she did. Mana clung to Eichiro's jacket for dear life. None of them knew what was going to happen. Mana took one last look at the guardian, who seemed to be smiling, before she was engulfed by light. * When Mana could see again, they were not in the temple anymore. They were out in a forest. But not the forests like in the rockies. This forest had not only green leaves, but also a more blue colour, and even some pink. The forest seemed so serene and calm, but Mana could still sense there was something wrong. Mana was still clinging to Eichiro, and she quickly let go, blood rushing to her face. Eichiro didn't seem to mind. He even smiled at her. takuya said the only thing anyone could say at the time. "Where are we?" "You are no longer in the rocky mountains. You're in a world none of you're humans have ever discovered before. You're in my world now." Auther's notes:I'm just wondering, do people like the story to the side, or centered better? Let me know with a comment.

callie11 says:   26 July 2008   857488  
I think I like it centered better. By the way, that's a nice little
twist, the whole switching planets thing. Good luck with writing the
next chaper!
MeepingMeep says:   26 July 2008   175397  
not really caring about the center side thing. But thats cause the
stories too good to be side tracked from : ) But I will say it comes
out more neater in center.
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   26 July 2008   679613  

I can't believe what I'm reading! Well, maybe it's 'cause it's dark
and I have no lights on lol! That is such a great story!!! I luv it!
@_@ still shocked in an amaaaaaaazing way!
ing*to*happen*in*future* Does Princess gets discovered in the other
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   26 July 2008   355432  
Callie: Thank you. I like the centered better too. I was just
Meep:Thank you for your imput
space:Thank you so much! :D
and yes, she does. i'm thinking of drawing a world map of 'the other
world' and scanning it onto kupika, so you just wait and see.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   27 July 2008   797627  
I like it centered. Oooo, two romances in this. One's kinda small,
but obvious. Awesome story!
Kirti says:   27 July 2008   661685  
Centerd: why not?

cool another world!
... also it seems Naono is either A) hiding, yet very freaked out, or
B)staring at the blank slab of rock with a tape recorder in hand and
swearing profoundly.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   27 July 2008   251963  
I like it either way. wow u put this one up fast :P wonder what's
gonna happen...  i loved it btw
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 July 2008   279642  
Anime: yes two romances. and more to come! ;D
kirti:lol [ i wouldn't let it end with Naono JUST yet. >:D]
sara:I did. i got really exited about this chapter. 
Kirti says:   27 July 2008   753286  
yaaaay this made it to "hot diaries"!

Your famous!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 July 2008   441197  
Really? :D
it's really not a shock with all the awwesome fans i have! :D
make sure you tell you friends about it and tell them to tell their
friends and so on. XD
‹Ashe_Amu› says:   27 July 2008   133621  
answer:it doesn't matter the only thing that matters is how u write
the story.
and nice job ^.^
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 July 2008   633788  
ok and thank you 
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   1 May 2009   953274  
If Eichiro turns out to be from Mars, I will kill u 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   1 May 2009   731728  

Seriously, Mars? *giggle*


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