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part 2 of themeaning of life ; )Category: (general)
Friday, 4 July 2008
07:12:41 AM (GMT)
in the meening of life people and pet's all go sumwhere rite ? well here's the story
of a girl who diez cumz back and diez angain :  1 day Iwas sitting on a park bench
all of a sudden  I  heard this rattiling sound then out of the blue I passed out then
I got sacked up and thrown in2 the tash can then all of a sudden  my soul blew up
inside of me and then that's when I 
saw >>> THE GRIM REEPER he told me : u have died 4 a spicific reason .then I ask :and
that passific reasun is; u where um just go ask the guy over there . obviously thgis
guy was trying 2 b the grim reeper ( or sum guy who WANTS 2 b the grim reeeper ) 
then that's when i saw the wirdest thing you'll ever c I saw a cat god he told me 2
fech sum cat nib 4 him  sooo then he sent me a container az big az a house and I
carried itall the way 2 the petfood store the guy gave me 2,0000000 pax 4 free becuz
I waz1 of the 1st plplz 2 cum in . soo then after that I go to a feild rip all the
bagz open and then  pour them all  in2 the bowl then Itake it 2 the cat god then he
said he wnted the REAL remedy he told me I had 2 mix thing's 2 make this remedy  soo
the list read about 40,00000  things 2 put inside of it I read sll of it and pretty
much o it was stuff u cud find inside of a kitchen  it said herbz 30,00000 timez  (
oh and the herbz where all found in my kitchen my mom alwayz leavez herbz in the pot
)  then t said cow blood   ( that's when  I hurled so then I went up 2 the farmer and
then I askedhim 2get the blood ofa cow  4 me and so he did soo and then he put it in
a cuntainer  and then ........ >interlectoin<............  ok dun sooo now I have all
the elementz  I put them inside the pot while I was stiring it smel soo wierd then
that's whenI wondered how can the mighty cat lord eat some thingthis revolting XD man
he is sum cat then . soo after that  I finshed stiring I take it 2 the cat god and
thenhe said I will grat u eney wish okthen I wished 2 in the eacfull world I found
and 4worthyfurther ... the girl wished 2 stay dead .  the end

maryiv says :   11 July 2008   357245  

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