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Thursday, 3 July 2008
01:00:31 AM (GMT)
Okay, Raise your hand if you know who Fred Penner is. Now put it down. I have an
interesting tale to tell about him.

So, yesterday was Canada Day, and there was like a celebration happening in my town.
Fred Penner was there, and so was Abandin All Hope. So my five friends and I decided
to see Fred before AAH came on. He sang some songs, it was hilarious. Then he asked
for requests. So my friend Brooklynn (idk how to spell her name x3) requested for him
to sing the Sandwich song.

We didn't know how long it would take for him to actually sing the request, so
we just stayed. The after a little while, he pointed to Brooklynn. And Mr Penner
said, "Will the lady and her group of friends come up to the stage please?" At this
we all stared laughing. I was standing there saying "What?" Fred just laughed and
motioned for us to some up. So we walked to the stage, still laughing and he
explained why we were up there. "Your Friend here," he motioned towards Brooklynn.
"Requested for me to sing the Sandwich song. Now you, how many are there..." He
counted heads. "You six will sing it with me." Now, at this we all shot Brooklynn a
very, very, very dirty look. My other friend Tommy said that we (or more
specifically him) will hate her forever for that. 

Before we started singing, he asked us our names (This is from Left to right) Sydney,
Brooklynn, Jade, Rhayna, Tommy, and Cole.  We started to sing, and Jade messed up the
lyrics big time! it was so funny. Then a friend of Jade's recorded us
singing. now i must beg her to send the file to me.

This is a time i'll never forget
Last edited: 6 July 2008

‹HANNER› says:   3 July 2008   436877  
That sounds like mega-fun! Haha. If only things like this would happen
to me<3
KiddRock says:   3 July 2008   728644  
dus awsome
KiddRock says:   3 July 2008   577615  
BumbleBear says:   4 July 2008   586753  
lol i was like "umm what? her or me?"  it was very memorable!
xExotic says:   5 July 2008   915588  
Lol I saw that...
I was like, "Wtf... Is that Sydney?"
BumbleBear says:   5 July 2008   379573  
u were there?! 
why didnt you say hi?!
xExotic says:   7 July 2008   642334  
Because. x]
BumbleBear says:   7 July 2008   768371  
lolk ;o;
xExotic says:   8 July 2008   172156  
Syd, do you know who those guys were who played last?
I forget their band name. ):
BumbleBear says:   8 July 2008   455188  
Abandin All Hope XD
xExotic says:   8 July 2008   865999  
BumbleBear says:   8 July 2008   149377  

thats how they spell the name
xExotic says:   8 July 2008   134825  
I searched it.
They look different.
BumbleBear says :   9 July 2008   461518  



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