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this sucks, i get happy finally, and someone wishes to ruin itCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 June 2008
11:30:59 AM (GMT)
people are the most evil and heartless, and basturdest, creation in the
somebody has decided to try to ruin my life.
ok i'll give you the story, then ill complain..........

ok, so im dating this amazingly sweet guy.
lik no joke, he's the sweetest, best  boyfriend ive had.
im really happy with him.
lik this is the happiest ive been in a long time.
well there's a minor issue,
and i say minor cause it doesnt bother oh...89% of everyone who knows about us
well he he just turned 17.
im 14.
see where to some people AKA mine and his parents would have some issues?
ya i kno its stupid, three years is soo not alot.
well anyway, we simple  fixed this little problem
he just didnt tell his mama my age.
and i told my parents he's 16.
no big deal.
well yesterday he got a fone call
he said he didnt kno who it was, but he said their voice was familer.
this person made a lil threat to fuck up his life for the moment.
ok so ive gottin calls lik this before, 
the person never actually does anything
they just try to scare you.
well, this same person who called him
called his mom,
and nicely told her to look at my myspace page,
which clearly states im 14.
well i kno his mom.
she is CRAZY!!!!!
he called me back last night
scared out of his mind

i talked to him since said fone call, but im soooo worried about him.
he said his mom was super pissed.
and im scared she'll get his step-daddy(a really big scary mean man) on him.
i got him in major trouble.
also im scared she is gonna tell my parents his age.
my dad would give me a big  beatin,
and then grounded forever
and thats just my dad
mom.....  *shutters*

heres all i kno:
--ive been dating a very short amount of time.
about 5days.
--ok so very few people have even seen me and him in public together/ or even kno me
and him are dating
--in fact the only time me and him have hung out where other people were aware of us,
was when me and him chilled at the civic center with my friends.
--ok, none off his friends kno me well enough to kno that 
A. im 14 
B. i have a myspace that clearly states my age

--my myspace is even set to private, and my lil thing that gives out my info that
every one can see says im 16.
you actually have to look at my whole profile and read to find out that im actually
--so it has to be someone who can see my whole profile, one of my frinds

--so im thinkin it has to be someone who we chilled with at the civic center with,
one of my friends.
--thats where i get stuck.
--i cant see y any of my friends whould want to break us up, which is sadly probably
gonna happen
--none of them have a problem with him.
--also, i dont want to think that any of my frirnds, who i trust and care about,
would do this to me.

so i might be wrong.
it could be that it wasnt one of my friends.
im just goin on what i kno, and what seems likly.
i really wish the person who did this would just tell me.
ive actually already forgiven them.
i kno
i should be pissed.
i should hate them for fuckin up something that makes me extremly happy.
its not funny how much i lik my boyfriend.
and i really dont wanna lose him.
which is what i think is gonna happen.
dude its really not fair.
but lik i said before, im not mad at who did this.
i just wanna kno who
and why.

ok im done

Six says :   17 June 2008   574728  
Dude that sucks!!! Its like life has everything against you!!!

If you find out who's doing that to you, tell me so I can try out my
new crossbow on them!! Heheehe Ive always wanted to try out all my
weaponry on humans!!

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