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everything i can possibly think of about meCategory: (general)
Monday, 10 March 2008
07:19:12 PM (GMT)
well her goes nothing, hi im greg
i hate sea food
im so bored i could cry
i hate stupid preps THEY DIE
almost all girls in my school are SO FUCKING ANNOYING (with expetions *paige*)
i get in things WAY over my head
i don't think
guitar hero is fun
my last two girlfriends broke up with me for the STUPIDEST REASONS!!!!!!
im allways tired
my tired looks like sad
i hate rejection its so depressing 
i have trouble starting a relationship but in the long run im a good boyfriend
i also think way too much before sleeping (why im always tired)
dance inside by the all american rejects IS MY SOUL
Im tired of people asking me out on this site I HATE IT can't a guy find a real
someone **
i can't fight for my life
i hate basketball
if yo ish gangzta GTFAFM!!!!!!!!!
i swear at you (but only in my head)
i wish people at school talked to me more often (CALVIN DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT)
im random
my parents think im addicted to the internet
David .q DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED (risk of swearing and broken glass)
i hate girls who think they are better than anyone else WE ALL SUCK DEAL WITH IT 
i daydream
if im ignoring you im thinking deeply
i babble on and on about nothing
im too skinny
the fact the i look like harry potter isn't such a good thing
random people in the halls throw things at me
im not prude
im slightly perverted in my mind
im freeze up when talking to most girls
i like it when its really hot outside
my besties are calvin and paige
monty python rocks
naruto is fine but im not a fanatic
normally i keep things inside
pizza tastes good BUT IM ALLERGIC TO WHEAT
i love cats i hate bugs
biking is fun
im basicly emo without the cutting
my fav foods are pizza, clam chowder, and anything mexican
well i guess thats it if you need anthing else message me comment if you want woo~
Last edited: 10 March 2008

sexy_chick56 says:   10 March 2008   259571  
‹[[§ylviĄ]]› says:   10 March 2008   187316  
oh wow im sorry
Sexylicious58 says:   10 March 2008   754662  
omg wow....
‹Q79› says:   10 March 2008   396558  
why sorry does my life suck
TheMokey says:   10 March 2008   836687  
wow ^=^
‹Q79› says:   10 March 2008   469971  
it does dont it
sexy_chick56 says:   10 March 2008   595456  
i'm sorry i would take u back i promise...i wont never be this way
‹Q79› says:   10 March 2008   221251  
im sorry but i am not interested in anyone online only one person you
shall never meet
i_want_nothing_but_love says:   10 March 2008   181753  
wow. w/e
claire564 says:   12 March 2008   385948  
greg the fact that u look like harry potter is not stupid!! *slaps
gregs back* me specifically, *points at self* think u look great that
way! *glomps* the fact that u look like harry potter is not bad... the
fact tha i look liek my mom.... uh ok i guess lol!
‹XxCasey_the_KittyxX› says:   13 March 2008   796173  
I'm sorry, Greg. I feel the same way. Except I am EMO with the
cutting, not with the gay or bi, though. I don't cut myself ANYMORE.
No one believes me though. Not even my bestfriends. No one trust me.
Have you read my poems? They are called... I Thought It Was You, Light
Lies, and What You Say... Please read them. I hope you can relate.
tiffyciara says:   13 March 2008   594978  
how rude you hate bball and i lllloooovvvveee it i play it all the
time me and my step sis !!!gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr!!!
TheMokey says:   25 March 2008   289921  
I can relate to this .... but the harry potter thing i can't really
relate :|.
sweete14 says:   28 March 2008   475635  
i think you are cool
plus people at my school call me harry potter all the time i just
ignore them
‹Q79› says :   28 March 2008   979376  
but your a chick?

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