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Friend advice needed...Category: Advice NEEDED!
Tuesday, 4 March 2008
02:49:38 PM (GMT)
So heres the thing. I have been really good mates with this girl, lets call her
emilie, for nearly two years. We get on really well but this other girl, lets call
her charlotte, is getting in the way. Charlotte hasnt really got any mates cos of
something that happened, so she tags along with emilie.The only reason she hangs
around with emilie is cos they both went out with these two guys who were best mates.
Charlotte is really annoying me now because its like shes taking emilie away from me.
She is always dragging emilie off with her at lunch and break like today she made me
mind there bags at lunch so they could go off somewhere. They said they were only
gonna be a minute but i was stuck minding their bags for ages. Also they make plans
for tha weekend like sleepovers and going to trafford but never ask me. Please give
me advice because its like my best mate is being taken away from me.

sophs says:   5 March 2008   136927  
Hey well thats the sort of thing my ex mates used to do to me u have
just got to stand up to them i no it is really hard but u gotta stand
up to them 'charlotte' is is just a bitch and isnt worth the effot
trust me lol i have as many friendship issues as anybody lol but i
have dealt with it i have been trough yhe same as u all my so called
friends used to badly bully and the thing is they were my best mates
that is what hurt the most and hwn ever people say oh it is just an
argument u r girls u will make up the next day but it is easy for them
because other pople don't know what it i like but i do know a little
bit what it is like just show them u do not care and the minding the
bag issue just say if it happens again say take ur own bloddy bag lol
dont let yourself get treated like a bit of rubbish.sorry if this
didnt help u and it was just a load of blah blah and it wasted your
time but i hope it helped.
sez95 says :   8 March 2008   725815  
thanks sophs. i talked to emilie and she sed shes sorry, her minds
everywere at the moment. But she said that i am still ans will always
be her best friens.


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