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Sunday, 2 March 2008
11:18:14 PM (GMT)
These are mini stories that i think are good but it depends so just tell me how you
like them and if i should keepp them going or not thank you..

Once upon a time a girl had moved in with her mother into this old creepy house that
creaked everytime you moved. "dear we can always replace the flooring and the wall
paper.." said her mother
"yes I know we can but i dont like it her" whined Sam. Sam was only 7 and had quite
an imagination her mother always said to her. And before her dad passed away used to
always say imagination is a  good 
gift if you can use for it good. But that was in the past and couldnt think of the
past it was too hard to think of the past and she always cried when she thought of
her mother. Sam go play in the yard and see if you can find anything interesting..but
mom I dont want to might find something interesting..fine ill go. She went
outside reluctantly and looked around and saw a young girl on the swing set out back
and asked who are you? and what are you doing on my mothers land? the little girl
answered i was murdered here bye my father...and am very upset with him and dont like
male presences. Oh really! well thats kind of odd theres no male presences here. You
can talk to me and we can hang out if you like..that would be nice said the girl on
the swing..but i dont know your name said sam oh parden me am angelica. So what did
you used to do here for fun angelica? I used to always play on this swing with my mom
and my sister but my dad went on a fit and decided he would send my sister to a
boarding at 9 and decided to kill me and leave my mother too weep and promised her
not to say anything..thats sad reallky really sad..yes yes it is ...

The conversationg between angelica and sam went on for months..everytime her mom
asked her who she was talking to she would say angelica and she would go oh ok its
almost timje for dinner. And then leave, angelica didnt leave sam alone.. everytime
her mother had a guy friend over he would feel utterly ill or have an odd scratch
along his back and sam would always say angelica that aint nice hes a very nice
man... and her mom will be like whos this angelica person shes a friend that passed
away at 7 her father killed her and shes buried under these head boards or so i have
heard. With the years passing by and sam getting older didnt hear much of Angelica
but the attacks or activity got worse and worse. some were put on Sam for ignoring
her and not paying attention to her. Two years later sam dies at 14. No one knows
where or what happend her mother was upset and decided to move out of the house and
live closer to friends in the city.

Many more familys move in but cant have male people there without getting injured
abused or harrased bye an unseen thing or force. 

Just a coincindince or fiction you tell me........

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