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Fire's Ice. Part 1Category: Stories
Saturday, 23 February 2008
10:36:35 PM (GMT)
It was a few weeks befor the end of winter and the snow was light.At sunset Ike
picked his way around the pack.It was time for GiGi's and Lafe's pup first tast of
meat.As customs went the Alpha's were present.The camp was buzzing about the
ceramony.Ike saw the pups playing while everyone settled about 3 more months
they would need mentors to teach them.Ike would discuse who would be good for them
later that night.He padded over and sat beside his mate brushing his big head against
hers.At times like these, he knew his mate was always a little blue.
     "You holding up?" he asked her.She nodded but didn't speak.Two wolves dragged in
the rabbit and layed it in front of the pups.They sat waiting.Ike held back a grin.He
nodded to the pups."You may eat." he said and chuckled when the three pups sniffed at
the meat first befor they took the first tentiv bit.When they tasted the warm blood
they begain to eat with more enthusiasm. 
       The pack begain to howl.A sure sighn that getting their would be little sleep
that night."Lets go now they will be fine."he said in Luna's ear.He knew how she
sufferd the pain and loss of their pup 3 years befor.Nothing could be done.Quietly
they moved to their den in the rock wall of the mountain.

       Ezra left the pack to wander the woods.The black wolf loved to walk
byhimself.Spring would be here soon and it was time he chose a mate.But something
held him back from the females in the pack.He didnt know what it was but Ezra was
willing to wait till he did.With a mornful howl he walked down to the waters edg.

       Josh sat with his family at the table and watched them.He was lucking and he
knew it.His beautiful wife and his lovely daughter and handsom son.His son had his
wifes hair and his daughter his hair.His son got his eyes and his daughter green
eyes.He still wonders where that had come from.They were a happy ordinary family with
a pet wolf.What was so strang about that?
    Josh sighed.He had to break the news to his family tonight.That morning he had
gotton a letter from the Wolf Protection Center.(WPC)The wanted him to release
Blizzard.Thay had had her for over 3 years now.Josh had found her in a forest fire
when she had been just a pup.He had brought it home and his wife who was a vet had
checked her out and declared her healthy.So she had settled into the family
nicely.Might as well get it over with.
      "I got a letter today." he said his voice was serouse and low.Anne looked at
him."It was from the WPC.They want us to release Blizzard out in the wild on their
protected land."he said
      "What?!" Lisa said incredulous.
      "You cant be serouse."Mitch said putting his hand on Blizzards head.He was
closest to her.
      "I am.They have given us a week to say good bye.But heres the deal.If you let
her go and they find they like how she has turned out they will let us become
saragent parents for other wolf pups like her.I think its a great idea since we have
no choice in the matter of Blizzard.What do you guys say?"He said looking around at
       "Are you sure there's no way to keep her."Anne asked.Josh nodded.She sighed
and looked at her children.He daughter's eyes were watering."Then i think its a great
idea.We can help other wolves like her."She said and each of her children nodded back
at her.
       "Ill call WPC tomarrow telling them."Josh said and pushing his plate back.

‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   24 February 2008   524218  
Aww that's sad that they can't keep the wolf
Dragonfly01 says:   25 February 2008   119617  
So...blizzard is Ike's son, right? And Ike doesnt know he is still
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   25 February 2008   962935  
Blizzard is the wolf
kattany3 says:   25 February 2008   236379  
*sigh* Blizzard is Ikes DAUGHTER. go read the prolouge and then this
see if it helps
luna is Blizzards mom but in the pack her name is Zora so thats gonna
confuse you guys even more so theres just a heads up for yea
Dragonfly01 says :   5 March 2008   197949  


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