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A Very Strange StoryCategory: Strange Horror Story spoof
Friday, 15 February 2008
02:28:49 PM (GMT)
A Very Strange Story

It was a stormy night; the wind seemed to be restless. One could swear that you can
hear the cries of those long since passed. That what it seemed to be for seven weary
teenagers trapped in an ancient castle on this wretched night. 

One of them; a girl with short red hair stopped and stuttered "Th-th-th-this place
gives me the cr-cr-cr-creeps. I-I-I say w-w-w-we g-g-get out of h-h-here."

 The others turned around to face her. "Well being in here sure beats being out side
with that storm Galina. Unless you want to be electrocuted." One of her comrades, a
girl with blond hair down past her shoulders said.

Galina shivered at the thought of being fried by the lighting. She then whimpered
"W-w-who's idea was it to explore th-th-this cr-cr-creepy c-c-c-castle?" 

A crippled albino boy spoke up "My bad."

Galina turned to the boy and whined "F-figures it would be your idea Kevin."

Kevin then crooked his head and gave her an unnatural smile. "Of course it would be,
this place is rather interesting and I want to see all of it."

Another girl, one with very long golden hair then said, "You didn't have to follow us
Galina. You could have stayed near the entrance all by yourself in the dark." 

"S-s-stop it Melody!" Galina cried.

The short blond haired girl joined Melody "Yeah, who knows when a 'ghost' will appear
and haunt you."

"Not you too Lily!" Galina yelled.

"Stop teasing Galina you two." Said the sweetheart of the group; a girl with brown
hair that went down to her hips.

"You're no fun Silvia." Melody told her.

Then all of the sudden the torch that was being held by a spiky orange haired boy
blew out.

"Torch went out." He said in a goofy voice.

"We can all see that Phoenix." Melody told him.

Galina freaked out, "We are trapped in the dark!"

Then the torch lit up again; "Now we're not." Said a silver hair boy with dragon
horns, wings, and tail. "I'm a Ryune; I can breathe fire for crying out loud."

"Oh, yeah. I tend to forget that you're an alien." Galina sighed.

"I think we all tend to forget Swordwing is alien." Lily laughed.

"Very odd... considering I look different from you humans." Swordwing said.

Then all of the sudden an evil laughter boomed though the halls. The group looked
around to see a tall, dark caped man in fount of them. He then told them
"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys were foolish enough to enter here now you'll never
leave here alive!"

"Uh, why?" Phoenix asked.

"Because you are on my turf; see I rule this castle for many years now, killing those
who entered. I enjoy hearing the screams of people who are tortured in my castle
walls and seeing the sight of blood. I know all about you and what makes you suffer,
so there is no hope for you at all. You all are at my mercy, which I'll never give.
You guys are also part of my plan, see when I kill..."
Then the man felt a knife go though his chest.

"How!? And during my brilliant monologue!!!" he croaked before he fell dead onto the

Kevin just hobbled to the dead body and pulled out the knife. Cleaning it and putting
it away he said. "He really thought we would stand there and gawk at him; how

"I guess he's used to 'normal' people." Silvia said.

Swordwing looked out the window. "Oh look, just cause the moron is dead the storm
'magically' went a way."

"I wonder about these things and how they happen. How does it?" Phoenix asked.

"Best not to ask." Kevin said, "It'll just make things more confusing."

	And so the group finished exploring the now, not, so, creepy, castle then left it to
go home.

The end of this crazy story.

For now....
Last edited: 25 May 2008

‹MalixDexide› says:   16 February 2008   456578  
HAHAHAHA!! LOL!!! I wish anime characters could do that!
xKupidx says:   16 February 2008   349787  
HAHA! Loliezz i love it : ). So random : ). SO AWESOME :PP.
‹PumpkinPhantom :P› says:   17 February 2008   616591  

 My mind is VERY random!
The_Dead_Writer says :   31 May 2008   256768  
LOL! Funny! I like it!


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