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Saturday, 2 February 2008
06:52:12 AM (GMT)
On Friday, Sept. 13th 1996 at 4:03 p.m. the face of hip-hop changed forever. West
coast rap icon, actor, poet, social activist and a very ‘intelligent black man’;
Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead by the coroner in Las Vegas, Nevada.


At 9 o’clock that evening Tupac’s body was released to Davis Mortuary, which
cremated his remains, at the request of Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur.


Since that time many tears, memories and feelings have been shared about the rap
legend that was taken from us so suddenly and at such an early age.


Along with the tears there are many ‘theories’ of what happened that night in Las
Vegas and what really happened to Tupac that night.


The theories range from who set him up to be assassinated to the ‘alive’


Many fans feel that Tupac did not really leave us in the physical form that night in
Las Vegas. Many feel that he is still among us and has remained ‘hidden’ all
these years for different reasons.


Until now all the ‘alive’ theories have been just talk on the internet and in
forums and chat rooms around the world.


Drah Cenedive, lead author of ‘2Pac Lives’, has given his permission for an
exclusive interview with ThugLifeArmy.com.


The interview is regarding the Lawrence, KS based Hard Evidence Research Group &
Publishing book titled: ‘2Pac Lives The Death of Makaveli / The Resurrection of
Tupac Amaru (Volume 1)’.


This is a very interesting book and one that true fans of Tupac will want to


The book points out many things. Some have been mentioned before and some things have
not. The information included in this first volume of this 3 book series will make
you think and will get you motivated to check out some of the ‘evidence’ for your


The book is informative and unique. If you are looking for Tupac’s address or other
such information you will not find it in this book and Drah Cenedive will tell you
why when you read the interview.


Approached with an open mind, the book can point out things that you may have not
thought of or that you may have over looked.


We would like to thank Drah Cenedive for allowing us to have a look inside the Hard
Evidence Group and for letting us sit and talk to him on this very controversial


I would encourage not just Tupac fans but all of hip-hop culture and those who are
aware of government involvement in individuals lives who recognize, speak out and
fight for the right causes in life; to read this book and to approach your reading of
it with an open mind.



Robert – Thanks for your time and this opportunity you have given us to talk to


Drah – I would like to thank Thuglifearmy.com for giving me this tremendous


Robert – Can you explain what the Hard Evidence Group is and who all is involved
with the group.


Drah – Hard Evidence Research Group is nothing more than a newspaper crew compiling
information, evidence, data, etc and putting it into book form. There are several
members nation wide that range from journalists, reporters, law enforcement,
researchers, law students, avid Tupac fans, medical and religious personnel.


Robert – Besides the Makaveli book what else is the group involved in.


Drah – We are working on other projects surrounding H.I.V and another project that
will involve a close analysis of historical Biblical teachings and it’s relevance
to the movie “The Passion of The Christ”.


We noticed that the movie might not have been interpreted and received correctly.


Robert – How long has the Hard Evidence group been around.


Drah – We are four months from a two-year anniversary.


Robert – What most people are wondering is ‘Who is Drah Cenedive’?


Drah – The lead author and founder of Hard Evidence Research Group & Publishing.
Who also wrote the divine inspired novel “Earth on Fire” the novel that inspired
the movie Constantine due to be released 06/06/06 under the pen name Malak.


*Disclaimer: Though the creators of Constantine (Warner Brothers) have not credited
the script of Constantine to all its creative authors the evidence and case is
currently pending legal review.

For more information surrounding this case and similar cases see:


Robert – I would like to start with our questions and then move onto some of the
many questions that people have emailed and want to ask about the book, but before
that; let you start by saying.


Drah – Hard Evidence Research Group and Drah Cenedive’s words and comments do not
represent nor endorse Amaru Entertainment, Death Row, Interscope Records and its

The words, comments, thoughts, speculations and words are solely the responsibility
of Hard Evidence Research Group.


Robert – How long did it take to put this book together?


Drah – 365 days.


Robert – What is the reason behind the limited number of copies that will be


Drah – We’re not interested in mainstreaming this book.


Besides, this is Tupac an elite icon, why not treat this like a luxury car and keep
it limited; some things tend to retain they’re value when they’re “hard to


We are thinking of revamping the cover by including a holograph permanent sticker of
the current image of Tupac on the covers. When you tilt the book Tupac’s eyes will
open and close indicating the resurrection. It’s a very expensive process but what
the hell it’s Pac.


Robert – The Cathy Scott book ‘The Killing of Tupac Shakur’ seems to be a
well-documented book. Cathy was a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun when the
‘assassination’ happened. What are your thoughts on her book and some of the
other ‘proof’ type books out there?


Drah – Her findings and book are mentioned in 2Pac Lives, she did a terrific job.
What I most admire about Cathy Scott is the fact that she sticks to her theory and
book philosophy every interview that I have seen her in she contends that she is
still skeptical of Tupac’s death.

She never changes her tune nor rides the wave of the mainstream masses. This is a
woman who obviously was not blinded by the media.

“The wise are not easily fooled by the wicked”……….Malak


Robert – Cathy Scott did say that the police investigation into Tupac’s murder
did not feel like an ‘active investigation’. Since Cathy Scott was the crime beat
reporter at that time for the Las Vegas Sun, and you add that she also said that
police don’t end an investigation because people don’t co-operate; how much
weight can those statements



Drah – Good reporters and investigators do not stop when the going gets tough.
Hopefully those statements will instill integrity to those who wish to find the truth
in things.


However there should be a limit to your research, especially when we start prying
into people’s personal lives. Hard Evidence Research is not interested in prying
into one’s personal life. We are not in this business to instigate propaganda and
create enemies.


Robert – The police reports from that night vary. The description of the car by
some is a Cadillac and some say a Lincoln Continental, the number of times Pac was
supposedly shot varies and there are even reports that say he was put into an
ambulance and others say he was air lifted to the hospital. What do you know through
your research really happened that night Sept. 7th in Las Vegas.


Drah – I wasn’t there the night that all happened, but I have spoken with a few
that were in Las Vegas September 7th 1996. Some are natives of my hometown. There are
a few people that were there that night and probably saw everything from beginning to
end. I’m sure they have tried to tell or sell their side of the story.


However what many people fail to understand is that many of the details surrounding
the incident on September 7th 1996 is classified information deemed viewable and
publicized by authority officials and the Shakur family. Many of the intricate
details of that night are at the discretion of Tupac Shakur and company.


I like to advise people if they want details just listen to his music. Tupac is
constantly telling us how his life is a riddle.


Robert – One person who did sorta co-operate was Outlawz member Kadafi; real name:
Yafeu A Fula. He was shot and killed and Outlawz member Napoleon said his cousin
Roddy accidentally killed Kadafi when they were playing with a gun. This was about 2
months after Tupac supposedly died. How do you see this incident? Does it have a
relation to all of this?


Drah – It appeared that Yafeu A. Fula was a material witness which would make his
testimony and existence very relevant to the last night in Las Vegas.


The answer to this question is found on page 100 of 2Pac Lives by Tupac himself, not
a theory.


Robert – If Tupac is alive in the physical form, do you see this book as a good
thing, since apparently if he is alive; he wants to be ‘dead’ to the world?


Drah – Excellent question, however I can’t imagine Tupac wanting to be
‘dead’. If that’s the case why did he always wear a bulletproof vest?

The book is a good thing because now people are able to pay more attention to
Tupac’s intellect and historical lyrical sermons.


Tupac is not a rapper, but a musician with extraordinary teaching and writing


Believe me there is a difference between the two, and the book helps you understand
that Tupac is not a rapper.


Name one major “rapper” that has a poetry book on the market, there are rappers
and there are writers/poets such as Tupac & Saul Williams.


Tupac is a “genius” and doesn’t know it, but most geniuses do not realize they
are what they are.


*FYI: The root meaning to ‘genius’ is spiritual guide it’s derived from the
Arabic lore and word ‘genie’ or jinn.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genius


Robert – A lot of Tupac’s lyrics and songs are mentioned and pointed to in the
book. Was there a reason for his poetry not being quoted as much as the lyrics?


Drah – Stay tuned to Volume II.


Robert – What would you say to those who would say that it is coincidence that the
lyrics can be interpreted the way you say and that even some Christians can interpret
bible verses to meet their beliefs?


Drah – A co-incident is two things happening at once; for instance two people
falling down at the same time in the same place.


The word “coincidence” is too loosely used in our society; those who are
skeptical, faithless, and have not the essence of our true reality mostly use the


“Ahh that was just a coincidence buddy I see nothing!”


As far as interpretation goes to each is their own.


Robert – Can you give a little insight to who and what connection William Marrion
Branham has to this and to the life of Tupac Shakur?


Drah – We dedicated a big section of Chapter One to this individual named Branham
the prophet that Tupac reportedly studied and adopted many ideas and philosophy. I
personally was fascinated by the Branham story and evidence mainly because I have
experienced the traditional prophet traits and theories such as healing abilities,
very strong and many times accurate foresight, literary predictions, etc. So I
studied the legends such as Notrademus and Cayce.


Also keep in mind that Tupac is viewed by many as a prophet. The people whom believe
he is dead see him as more of a clairvoyance prophet, especially when dealing with
lyrics such as this:


“Another album out that's what I'm about more, gettin' raw 'till tha day I see my
casket buried as a G' while tha whole world remembers me” Lyrics by 2Pac from
“Until the End of Time”.


While others whom believe and know Tupac is alive view Tupac as more of a spiritual
enlightening prophet such as Malcolm X.


By closely studying this chapter it’s clear to see the 7’s were not coincidences.
In lest you’re this guy: “Ahh that was just a coincidence buddy I see


Robert – One of the points in the book is that Tupac “choose to fake his own
death to show the youth worldwide how that violence only leads to more violence”.
That brings up all the gang violence in Compton and other areas of the country that
occurred after the ‘assassination’. Do you think that Tupac knew that he would be
responsible for such actions?


Drah – One man can never be responsible for another man’s actions, in lest that
man is fathering a growing man such as an adolescent.

However when you are dealing with someone like Tupac, who’s voice and music is
really influential, you have to do things in a teaching way.

Some lessons are more dramatic than others.


Robert – The revelation that Tupac may be in Cuba is an interesting point. Most
know of Assata Shakur, his Godmother, and her struggles and that she to is residing
in Cuba at the present. So if they find Assata, would your contention be they to will
find out information about Tupac? And if so will we ever hear about it?


Drah – Anyone wasting their time and money on chasing down Assata and Tupac are
foolish, besides that’s a dangerous game and only misery follows blood money.
It’s called ‘Karma’.


Believe me, I’m certain that family (the Shakur family) has money, power, and
friends who protect them and are looking for an opportunity to bag & tag bounty


If there is any malicious activity surrounding Assata & Tupac Hard Evidence Research
Group (inshallah) will be the first to let you hear about it.


Robert – Another thing is that Pac learned in 1996 that the F.B.I. had plans to
assassinate him. Can you explain a little of what you are referring to there?


Drah – One can assassinate another without killing them.


Character assassination is more prevalent today than is mortal assassinations, just
look at the Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson cases.


You’re just as good as dead doing life in prison or living in exile.


The last celebrity whose character was not assassinated after a federal conviction
was Martha Stewart.


*FYI: The word assassin or assassination comes from the Islamic word
‘hashshashin’ (hemp-eaters) a band of Muslims, in Persia and Asia Minor in the
1100’s. They would smoke a drug called hashish, (which is made from the hemp plant)
and destroy their enemies by all means necessary while under its influence.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashshashin


Robert – Are there fears that if Assata is caught, that the F.B.I. will harm Tupac
and since everyone thinks he is dead it will just never be mentioned?


Drah – I’m sure there are concerns, which was another part of my motivation for
writing the book. This is another prime example of why the book is a good thing.
Proof such as the book helps prevent any future malice involving the life of Assata
and Tupac Shakur.


By allowing the book to be around we are sending a message to those whom know the
deal, of course I’m speaking of bounty hunters and conspirers.


Furthermore there are few people in this world, I feel, that have angelic protection
and Tupac is one of them. If for some reason he is harmed I’m certain the
repercussions will be vast and the 7th prophecy of Branham may come sooner than we


You haven’t seen a war until you’ve seen a war waged by the Heavens. That’s my


It’s no “co-incidence” that Hollywood keeps releasing these movies such as
“Independence Day”, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” and “War of
the Worlds” in these movies the aliens come, attack and destroy the earth.

Wake up people!!!

These are not just movies they’re trying to tell you something.


“See that’s your problem you don’t watch enough movies you see life’s
riddle’s and secrets are found inside movies!”…Steve Martin


Robert – Some of the legal issues you point out are interesting. I think a lot of
knew about the insurance policy on Tupac that is still un-cashed, but it was thought
to be 1 million dollars. You say it is 72 Million. Is Afeni the beneficiary of that


Drah – Tupac personally may have a million dollar insurance policy, however the
estate of Amaru Entertainment differs.


72 million is an Internet reported figure for the estate and I’m not sure who all
maybe listed as beneficiaries.


Robert – You site a case in Nevada also of the activist who ‘faked’ his death
in 1999. In your research have you run across many cases where individuals have
‘faked’ their death?


Drah – Yes, I would also like to add that faking your death will be more prevalent
in the future, especially now.


Wasn’t there just a lady in the news whom they thought was dead or missing and she
orchestrated the whole scheme.


Robert – How many people would have to be aware of all this in the industry?


Drah – Many people have to know. I’m certain that Hollywood knows.

Ben Affleck knows, he made a suspicious comment concerning Tupac a few years back.


Robert – You mention Tupac and the Outlawz as getting the idea to ‘kill
Makaveli’. Are you saying the Outlawz are ‘players’ in the disappearance of
Tupac? And could that be a reason behind the groups ‘melting away’, as there are
only 3 members of the group still performing together?


Drah – First I would like to say I don’t know the Outlawz. I’ve never met them
nor spoken with them so my answer to this question is strictly based on my research.


I say this mainly because I’m a reporter not a snitch.


Good friends have the same code as crooked cops they keep their mouths shout and
follow the lead of their lieutenant.


As for as “melting away” The Outlawz are no different than any other successful
group whom looses members to pursue solo careers.


I doubt their breaking up has anything to do with Tupac’s career.


Robert – About Afeni, would you think that the lawsuit against Suge Knight by
Afeni, could be seen as a way to launder Tupac’s money since his bank account was
not what everyone expected and he may have had his money ‘stashed’ different


Drah – I guess some may have viewed it that way as laundering. However many viewed
corporate pimps prostituted Tupac’s contract and royalties. Perhaps Afeni’s
alleged laundering was redemption.


Robert – The alleged rape charge and the police shooting that Pac was acquitted of
– do those things ‘play into’ the reason that Tupac wanted to get out of the


Drah – Perhaps the alleged rape case was a diversion and the conspirers’ way of
telling Tupac to “ride or die”.


“Tell you what Pac, you can stay here in the states and limelight and physically
die or die in jail, or you can ride out of our one horse town pilgrim.” Per: The
President. Lol


In the meantime Tupac was probably put into time out for being a leader with millions
of followers.


Robert – A lot of people came to see Tupac in the hospital. Do you think they did
see Pac or a double, or what do you make of all the people who say they seen Tupac in
the hospital?


Drah – Were they talking about the first time Tupac got shot and visited the
hospital? Just think about it, they could use an old experience and story for the
second alleged shooting.


Robert – All the people who where around Tupac that night in Vegas who did not want
to co-operate with the police – can we presume that all of those people know if
Tupac is alive or did this all take place after Tupac was in the hospital and only a
select few know what went down from there?


Drah – No comment, I don’t know and I don’t want to give an answer.

People might start getting harassed.


However in the book I beg a lot of questions simil

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