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Help me little boy...please!Category: Some thing i call my own
Monday, 28 January 2008
06:59:59 PM (GMT)
I was walking down the street on a summer day in 2005. I was in my short blue
jean shorts that I had made in school, my little pink shirt that had a little cut up
the middle coming together at the chest. This was my favorite Summer time out-fit.
All of a sudden my cell phone rang. I was so happy it was my little cousin that lived
in Ohio. He was only five and had two sisters that were older and didnít pay any
attention to him. Well really nobody but me did pay attention to him. He listened to
me and not only that he told me what he really thought so I did the same back for
him. Well he was five he didnít know any better. After me phone rang one more time I
answered it,
"Josh. Whatís wrong?"
"Shelly hit me today and now my arm is really red.Ē He sounded like he was about to
"I will talk to your mom and my mom and see if I can come down next week. I am off
school starting next week so I can probably come then. Is that OK? Can you wait that
"You canít come any sooner?  Why?  I really want you to come right now."
"Josh I only have one week left and I canít only miss one more day. I have one more
year of college than maybe I can move closer to you so I can come over any time I
want. Is that OK?
"That would be great!" I knew that would make josh really happy.
"I really would like to be able to move closer to you and your mom but I donít even
have a job yet I am going to get a job tomorrow. Josh?"
"Heather, please donít go, Shelly will find out that I am off the phone and yell at
me after she finds out that it was you i was talking to."
"Josh...Listen. I really want to keep talking to you but I canít I have to start my
homework now. OK? I will call you later...maybe even when I am done with me homework.
It will only take a minute."
"OK." I really didnít want to hang up the phone because i knew that Shelly would yell
at him and that Shelby was at her friend Kellyís house. I started my homework right
away so that I could call him back as soon as possible.
 I had just finished my homework when my cell phone rang; it was Shelby, Joshís
sister. I really didnít want to answer it but I had to,
"He- hello?Ē I didnít want her to know that I had been talking to Josh earlier.
"Did you talk to Josh earlier he said you didnít but I think you did." I was happy
that josh didnít tell her that we had talked earlier.
"I called the house but nobody answeredĒ I didnít like to lie but i would do anything
even lie for josh. I felt like I had just done something really bad. I could hear
Josh yelling and crying in the background.
"Shelby what did you do to him. I thought you liked him and Shelly was the one that
hated him." I got really mad. I really did love Josh.
"It was Shelly. I didnít want her to but she hit him and than started to yell at
"Do you have a way for josh to hear me without him having the phone?"
"Yeah." Shelby sounded like she really didnít want to let me talk to him
"Do what ever it is. I want him to hear me."
"OK hold on. Start talking."
"Josh. itís OK. Talk to me."
"Yes josh itís me heather. Donít worry."
"Heather She-" Shelly must have taken the phone and hung it up. I ran down the
"Mom I have been saving up money and I am using it to go see josh. I am going to buy
me a ticket tomorrow weather you want me to or not." I didnít even give her time to
say that I couldnít. I ran back up stairs and started to pack some bags. I couldnít
believe that I had said something like that to my mom. I didnít care how much money i
needed i just got about half my clothes and other things than ran down the stairs
told my mom that my boyfriend Jared was going to come pick me up than went up stairs
to start bringing my bags down. As soon as I got my last bag down the stairs Jared
pulled in. He helped me get all me bags in the car I hadnít told him what I was doing
or why, infect he didnít even know that I would have bags that he would have to help
me Cary.
"Hey, heather. Calm downĒ Jared was always really relaxed and when I was made or
really anything but happy would always say calm down.
"Joshís sisters` where being mean to him again I have decided that I am going to move
in with them to watch over him."
"Heather, stop and think about this. Are you sure you want to move all the way into
another state?"
"I wanted to before but i thought that i would do it if it happened again so i
started to save every penny I got and I have one thousand dollars because I have kept
saying that. I am doing it this time."
"I am going with you than. I'm not leaving you, and I donít want to live in different
states. That would be crazy. I wonít do that. if am coming too weather you want me to
or not."
"You would have to help me watch josh. He means the world to me."
"OK. I would love to take care of someone that means that much to you."
"Thank you so much Jared. You have no idea what that would mean to me." After I said
that it was really quite than we pulled into the parking lot to the place where you
get tickets. He opened the door than looked at me and said,
"Are you sure that you want to do this?"
"Yes. The faster the better." I was getting really worried about Josh now. I wanted
to call him so bad. I decided to after we got our tickets. We made it up to the desk
where they sold the tickets and I was so nervous that the plane outside would be the
one going to Ohio.
"I need two tickets for Ohio. When is the next plane for Ohio leaving? "I heard the
speaker blare
"Flight 21 now boarding."
"Well right now." The girl said in the blue uniform.
"Here is two hundred dollars will that cover it?"
"Yeah. Hold on the computer has to print them." I wanted to yell hurry up at the girl
but I had to chill. I have to admit like twenty seconds later she handed us the
tickets. I handed Jared his than ran. i really didnít care if he made it on the
plane. I through my ticket at the person that collects the tickets and than ran
through the doors. i was surprised that Jared was right behind me. I ran on the plane
and when i got settled i got out my cell phone and called Joshís house number. Shelby
answered the phone.
"Hi Shelly its heather. Do you have and extra room in your house? I want to come stay
with you."
"Well no but I am sure we can make room."
"Well you better fast because I just go on the plane. Oh and my boy friend is with
me...but we can share a room if we have to.Ē I would do anything for josh. Thatís all
that was going through my head. An hour later I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to
call josh.
"I thought we told you not to call here unless it was to talk to my mom." I knew I
just had a felling that Shelly was going to pick up the phone.
"I do want to talk to your mom." I said it like I meant it too.
"You didn't call to talk to josh?"
"No I said I want to talk to your mom.Ē now Shelly was starting to make me really
"Well if thatís why you called than let me go get her.Ē I knew that Shelly wasnít
going to get her mom that she was going to act like she was her mom.
"Hello? I heard that you wanted to come and spend the night here. Is that true?"
"Well see. I heard about josh and i wanted to come down."
"OK. Well we will have to make room but we canít wait to see you."
"Oh and boyfriends Jared will be with me. He wants to meet you all." I knew
that Aunt Kelly would never care if I had a boyfriend come with me because she is
always nice to me. "Oh, and I am already on the plane. Right now. I have to go we are
taking off." when I said that I got so scared. I had never ever been in a plane
before! i was so scared I started to get tears in my eyes.
"Are you OK? Calm down. Josh will be OK."
"It isnít him. i have never been on a plane before. I donít want to go."
"I havenít been on a plane before either. You will be OK."
"Are you sure. How would you know if you havenít ever been on a plain before?"
"I have heard that if you sleep time goes by fast. so why don't you go to sleep.Ē I
thought that maybe he was right. I had heard that before. i tried to get comfy so
that I could go to sleep.
"Heather? Hey heather. Wake up." Jared was trying to wake me up. i guess because I
hadnít slept for a while that I needed some sleep. I got up than i walked off of the
plane. When I got off I saw my aunt Kelly standing there.
"Heather! You are here! Oh my gosh. You made it.Ē I kind of just smiled.
"I made It.Ē than she looked past me at Jared.
"Who is that guy staring at you?"
ďDidnít Shelly tell you? He is my boyfriend. I told her that he was coming"
"She didnít tell me. Well lets get all your bags and but them in the car."
"Alright. Iíll go get them all."
"Here I got them already.Ē Jared always had things ready.
"Thanks you so much. You know how much you mean to me and how much i love you
"Now see that I donít know."
"Heather, every body is waiting for you at home.Ē I had forgotten that my aunt was
standing there and that she could hear me.
"Yeah. Sorry. I just canít wait to see Josh...Um I donít know if I already said this
but, this is Jared this is Aunt Kelly.Ē I tuned to Jared and gave him a look hoping
he would know to put out his hand for my aunt to shake it. I think that he finally
got what I meant for him to do and he shot out his hand and grabbed it. His face got
a little red than he got a little smile on his face and than I found out what he was
smiling about.
"Nice to meet you Jeremy I hope that you will have a nice stay as soon as we get home
I will show you were you will be staying."
"Thank you for letting us stays with you.Ē Jeremy seamed to be relaxing some. Jeremy
got a giant smile on his face so I turned around and saw what he was looking at. Josh
was getting out of the car and running towards us. I dropped my bags and ran.
"Heather!Ē Josh yelled he was so happy.
"Josh.Ē I said with a sigh i was so happy to see him and he was so happy.
"Come on. Letís all go home now." Aunt Kelly said to us all. I couldnít Waite to see
everyone. I would have so much fun!
  It took so long to get home i could swear that I was 21 now. It looked like he
wanted to meet people.
"I would like to meet some people first I wouldnít want to be rude." Jeremy opened
the car door for me and as I got out Josh jumped onto my back.
"Hey now josh get off her!"
"No heís fine.Ē I loved Josh so much and I didnít like it even when it was Aunt Kelly
yelling at him. Jeremy got my things from the car and when we walked in all of my
friends from before where yelling things like YEAH! And FINALY YOUR HERE! and it was
just so much so I took Josh off my back and hugged every body than I told Jeremy who
everyone was. We talked for a little than Jeremy, Josh and I went up to where i would
be staying. Josh helped unpack every thing and after we where done unpacking he went
back down stares.
"Heather?" Jeremy said this and the way he did I didnít like it.
"Can you close your eyes for a second?Ē I really didnít like what he was saying right
"O.K.íí said and did what i had been asked.
"Heather. Um...Will...Will you marry me?Ē I could feel the biggest smile come over my
face and I opened my eyes seeing this Small ring with 5 diamonds all the way around
the ring.
"Oh my god!Ē I said to my self.
"Jeremy!! I..."I really didnít think that he was asking me that.ĒĒ
thatís all that I could think of. I didnít know what to say. I mean I did I just
could say it the words wouldnít come out.
"Yes!!" I almost yelled it. I was so happy I couldnít help but smile.

                    After dinner Jeremy and I finished unpacking. I wanted to spend
every second with josh but I wanted to spend it all with Jeremy. When I was done
unpacking I sat on the bed and looked around. I was in this room that seemed to be
filled with hate yet filled with love. Jeremy looked at me and than sat down on the
bed and put his arm around me and I couldnít help my-self I just cried. I felt like a
big baby and i really didnít know what was wrong I think that it was because i really
didnít want anything to happen to josh and I wanted to spend my time with him but
then there was Jeremy and he had just asked me to marry him. I really felt like I
should be spending my time with Jeremy but I had come for josh and i had to choose
witch one to hang out with and it was just really hard for me. Josh ran into my
"Heather! Heather!Ē I jumped up and grabbed josh. He was bleeding!
"What happened Josh?"
"Shelly cut me with the succors!ĒI started to pick up josh to take him to the
bathroom so that I could clean his cuts and put band aids on them.
"Howíd this happen?Ē I found a strange comfort in the way that Jeremy said this. He
had fallowed me to the bathroom where I was washing Joshís arm.
"Shelly got mad at me and she said that she was going to cut me if I touched her
paper and thatís when she cut me." Josh started to sob.
"Itís ok now josh I have you and shelly wont heart you any more you are going to stay
with me and never leave me side you hear?"
"Yes heather I hear you, but why?Ē I felt like I was caking like Joshís mother but
after all his mom didnít act like she even knew him.
"I donít want Shelly to heart you like this again. She really hurt you bad this
"I know it hearts really bad.Ē I didnít like the way that joshes was starting to
"Shut the door Jeremy I need a little more room he's loosing too much blood."
"am I going to die heather?Ē josh sounded so serious I didnít like it.
"No josh just stops talking and you wonít die.Ē I finished cleaning off josh's arm
and when I was done with putting band aids on his I carried him back to the room that
i was staying in.
"Heather I want to go back to my room I donít like this room. I want to play with my
toys and my games now! "Jeremy got up while saying,
"Josh ill go get your toys and games so that you donít have to leave this room unless
you want to eat or drink.í after Jeremy left josh said
"I need a drink heather can i go get one?"
"No. Waite until Jeremy gets back and i will go get you so WATER."
"I want pop."
"No josh you will have to go to the bathroom more." Jeremy came back and smiled at
"Can I talk to you?Ē he asked.
"But we can't leave him here alone.Ē I said turning to josh and looking at him.
Jeremy looked at me like he was really mad at me for wanting to take care of me
little cousin that was being abused. I loved Josh and didnít want anything to happen
to him. 
"I have to take care of Josh. I wonít leave him alone! And we all have to make sure
that neither one of his sisterís get in this room.Ē I said trying to point it to 
"You have to sit by my at diner and any other time we eat you hear Josh?"
"Yes heather I just donít get why."
"Josh we donít want anything else to happen to you hear me?Ē Jeremy gave me a really
nasty look. I felt bad that he was mad at me but on the other hand Josh was my cousin
and I would choose Josh over Jeremy any day. I could get a a new boy friend a new
husband but I couldnít get a new Josh.
"Heather? I have to go to the bathroom.Will you take me?"Josh asked me with a really
sad look on is face.
"Ofcorse." I felt really bad that I was acting like this but after all I had to act
like I was his mom.
 When I opened the door Shelly was sitting there with a pencil pointed at me.
"Give me my brother or I stab you." I could believe that Shelly would say that. I
starved Josh in my room and that mad her really mad and than I said.Ē Canít you do
any better Shelly I can take a pencil stab to save my favorite cousin. "I was trying
to make Shelly really mad and I saw from her face that it had been working.
"Well there is a knife in the kitchen if you really want me to."
"Bring it!Ē I said. When she ran down the stairs I grabbed Josh, the coolers, and
Jeremy. I trough us all into the bathroom with the food and water. It was a little
cramped but after all what more could we need. We had clothes on, food, water, a tub
and most importantly each other.
When Shelly came up the stairs and saw that I was gone and that I had run into the
bathroom with her little brother she started to stab the door and yellĒ Open this
door or I will kick it down and I'm not lying!Ē I didnít really care because I knew
that she wouldnít and that she didnít have the power. I heard her start to go through
a drawer and thatís when I realized she was looking for something to break the lock.
I started to look around thinking where I could hide Josh and I started to think that
the only place was the cooler when I found out that there was a window.Ē Heather what
are you thinking?Ē Jeremy asked me like he was almost mad at me.Ē Go out that window
and run to the neighbor and ask them if we can stay with them for a while tell them
Heathers here. I knew them when I was little come back and tell me what they said but
leave Josh there. They cane take care of us while were here and then we can take care
of Josh better. "I felt that I also had to try to keep Jeremy safe after all I was
going to marry him.Ē Iím not going you go Heather. I can take him.Ē I wanted to say
that I wasnít a baby that I could take care of my-self but that would make him mad.Ē
I got into this mess so Iím going to keep us from making it worse now go before she
gets in.Ē I was the one that was starting to get mad now.Ē Yes I found it.Ē I heard
Shelly whisper. Jeremy scooped Josh up and almost through him out the window. Shelly
started play with the lock.Ē You come to Heather.Ē I heard Josh say. "SHHHHHHHHHH."I
didnít want Shelly to know that we were leaving. Than Josh's sister Emma walked up an
let out a sigh of anger. I saw Jeremy and Emma talking. I didnít know what they where
saying but Jeremy gave Emma Josh. I through the cooler out the window just as Shelly
broke the lock.Ema was helping us get to the neighbors after all she was a fast
runner. She was running Josh to the neighbors found myself passing Jeremy to get all
the way to Emma. I never knew that I could run that fast but when I found my self
running next to her and staying up with her pace I was proud. A few seconds later
Jeremy was at our sides and pointing behind us. I looked be hind and Shelly was right
there. Before we knew it we were at the door and talking to the neighbor. I donít
know how but we ended up inside in seconds. "OK what happened? Youíre inside she
canít get in. Here I will set the alarm and if she opens the door it will go of and
the police will come.Ē She walked over to her alarm and turned it on. "OK now you can
tell me.Ē Her name was Jen. "Well she it all started with Josh calling me and asking
me to come over right away, Jeremy here asked to come with me because he's my
boyfriend. When I got here Shelly was beating up Josh and I yelled at her. Well today
Josh came to my room with these cuts.Ē I said and than showed Jen the cuts.Ē So I
took him and Jeremy to the bathroom bringing food and water. Well when Shelly found
out she was trying to break down the door and we ran over here.Ē I started to run out
of breath so Emma took over.Ē I saw them running so I caught up and Jeremy was
telling me what happened si I grabbed him and ran as fast as I could. Than Shelly
started to fallow us here. I love my brother and I am the only one besides Heather
that pays any attention to Josh. I am the one that thought him everything he knows he
doesnít go to school. No one cares enough to even get him up so I teach him things
that I remember from school and I do a lot of looking thing up on the computer from
school sites.Ē I never knew that Emma was also working with Josh. hats why he knew so
much he had a sister that was going to collage to be an Elementary teacher so she was
teaching him what she was learning in school her self plus
Last edited: 22 May 2008

george101 says:   1 February 2008   671391  
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   1 February 2008   888461  
You read it?thank you so not done...will you tell al your
friends to come read it to?please!I think that they will all like you...than you sooo much for readind makes me so
happy.for every time you comment i will send you a kp because you
don`t read my stories...sooooooooooo do you like it or do you think my
other one is better?
Thanks again for readind it!!!!!!!
Iloveyou4ever says:   1 February 2008   884343  
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   1 February 2008   292953  
I am so happy that you like it that much...i did write it all my
self, not will have to read it when i get an
idea.And also... Shelly and Shelby are the sisters.i just put the mom
in to make the story better.
george101 says:   1 February 2008   641983  
i did like it and ill tell some ppl kk
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   1 February 2008   577732  
thank you all so much...i will write as soon as i get an other idea!
george101 says:   1 February 2008   168621  
ok cool cant wait to read it
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   2 February 2008   156629  
sorry that it took me a littlle longer than usual i had a date...So i
think i am going to edit it again
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   2 February 2008   594273  
very interesting 
a tip though just make sure you know where you're going with this but
otherwise good job
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   2 February 2008   873865  
thanks and i know how i want almost the whole story to go i just have
to find a way to conect very thing
leo_charlotte says:   16 February 2008   866169  
that was really good! is ther gonna b anotha 1 coz ther a
cliff-hanger ther
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   17 February 2008   221957  
Im not done with it though
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   14 March 2008   275968  
I hope that NOBODY gets mad but i am going to chane this to privet
and then when i am done i will post it again.I may randomly let people
read it.
dragoon4 says:   21 April 2008   537769  
This is a great story. I can't wait for the next part.
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   27 April 2008   755713  
Thanks...thanks everyone i love all the support you give me!
_its_me_ says:   27 April 2008   921887  
that's really interesting your good
‹brittybritt› says:   27 April 2008   822258  
thats really good
revenge_on_hina_101 says:   27 April 2008   837955  
i agree with angel4u1996
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   27 April 2008   613439  
Thanks everyone...If you can get more than 5 people to read my story
i will send you a gift for every additionl 10 ill send you another
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   27 April 2008   292937  
Hmm, it's a great story plot, but I'm a little concerned with the

Instead of using ` this mark, when you want to combine two words
together, use ' this. Also, there are many mistakes with spelling.
Some of the words sound the same, but they are a different meaning.
Work on that, look for all those mistakes, and you should be fine.
AND, some words need to be capitalized like the name of a person, the
words after a period, and the name of a place, etc. The I's have to be
capitalized as well. 
I have one more thing, after a sentence, you space it. You see how
after every period the next word is spaced? That is how you should do

Put your heart and soul in this, I really think it can lead you

101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   27 April 2008   169129  
Thank you.But see I really din`t care about capitslizing words.It
isn`t going to be published and i just do it for fun.I don`t want to
be an author.I do it to get my feelings out.i could try to make it
perfect but i don`twant to.i also don`t really care what you think and
im not trying to be but i don`t even know you and you a judging me?im
going to keep writting the same way i did here.
CreativelyWeird says:   27 April 2008   964263  
Interesting..and long. :D
Good job.
coolgirl says:   27 April 2008   198244  
I loved the ending! XDDD it's good!
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   29 April 2008   128639  
im not done with my story yet so if you want to read it when i am
done I will let everyone that has commented know!
besos_4niki says:   8 May 2008   734196  
The ending is GREAT
love it
ACloveJoBros says:   8 May 2008   245111  
intersting and cool
101_kool_girl_101_97 says:   8 May 2008   517493  
Well see im not done but when i am i will let everyone know that has
said something.
‹(DREAM;ily<3]› says:   8 May 2008   519414  
looks good
i like it
just tell me when ur all done
101_kool_girl_101_97 says :   21 June 2008   774767  


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