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LunaCategory: anime, literature
Saturday, 26 January 2008
08:20:34 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1

It was a bright and sunny day for the city of Nanoha and 16 year old Jonah was, as
usual, was getting some midafternoon snacks when something flew right past him. It
knocked him off balance and he landed on his butt on the sidewalk next to his house.

He took a look at what just went past him. He was to surprised to see this. A girl
with short curly blonde hair sitting on the ground next to him.When the girl finally
looked up she managed to say something.

"Konichiwa," she said. "Can you please tell me where I am Mr.?"

Jonah on the other hand was having so many thoughts going through his head right now
but the number one question was this.Who was this girl? 

"Um...may I ask you your name?"

"My name?" she said with a smile."It's Luna. Luna Collier."

"Well Luna Collier you're in Nanoha.The most beautiful(not) place on Earth." Jonah
said with a smile also.

Right then and there was when Jonah suggested to show Luna around.

They went through stores, malls, shops, houses-they didn't just go inside peoples
houses.They only greeted the house owners and such.

The Day went by quickly and before they both knew it it was nighttime already.

"Well I got to go home. My sister and mom would yell at me if I'm late home again."
Jonah said after a while.

Luna agreed and they both went their seperate ways.
Finally when Jonah got home and after he was severely scolded by his mom and sister
he went to his room and eventually Luna kept popping into his mind every now and

*sigh*"I wish I could be able to see her one last time." he said, looking out the

Now I'm sure you all know the saying 'be careful what you wish for, it might just
come true' because that's just what happened next.

The next day was a Saturday so Jonah didn't have to go to school so he thought he was
going to have a peaceful day when out of nowhere a knocking comes at his door. He
thought it was his sister or mom but he knew they both went out shopping today. So
out of curiosity he opened the door and......

"Konichiwa new roomate!" Luna yelled as she gave Jonah a big hug.

Stunned to say anything jonah just stands there until he sees that Luna brought
luggages with her. 

"What are those for?" he asked pointing to the luggages.

Luna answered his question by saying....
"Its my clothes.From now on you and me are going to be living under the same roof."


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