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(LS, MSS) Chapter 2 - Love at First Sight?Category: S t o r i e s of Their L i v e s ♥
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
07:47:29 AM (GMT)
(( Sorry I haven't been updating my story! I haven't been online lately and I'm
sorry for that! Here's the next chapter: ))

Chapter 2 - Love at First Sight?

I woke up the next morning after calling Brandy to the sound of my alarm clock, or as
I call it, the source of all evil. I'm not really a morning person, and I'm more
energetic in the afternoon to night. Erg, I thought. First day of

Swinging my legs over to the edge of my bed, I rubbed my eyes. It was September 5, in
the early morning. I had plenty of time to get ready.

Getting up, my nightshirt hung up to the middle of my thighs. It was a gift from my
older cousin, Taylor. She's turning 25 on November and she gave me one of her
t-shirts. "One you can grow into," she had said. It's pretty cool, with this on it in
this bold lettering saying, "God made us sisters, chocolate made us friends" on the
front. It was too big for me to wear on a regular day, so I sleep in it at night
about once a week. I went up to my bedroom mirror, grabbed my brush and started
dragging it through my brown hair. It went up to my armpits and it was in a layered
fashion, with some fringe along the front.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I suddenly remembered. I had a secret admirer! And I
was going to see him today! I woke up from my grogginess and hurried up my brushing.
I get excited easily, and it's a good eye-opener for me. My brown eyes widened with
enthusiasm and the sunlight started to shine from the window, onto my skin, making it
tanner than it really is.

I swear, I think the sun reacts upon my attitude.

I pulled my shirt off and then opened my closet. Slipping on a pair of blue faded
jeans, I chose my top. Maybe, just maybe, I'll make a little bit of effort for
mystery guy. It is, after all, the first day of school. I took out my white sneakers
(well worn, if I do say so myself. I got them last year and they still seem to fit. I
probably needed to get a new pair...) and put them on. I opened a few drawers and
found a top in a sort of lime green color, but not too lime. It was in between lime
and green with a V neck. White fabric was sewn into the bottom half of the V neck,
making it look like I was wearing another shirt underneath. Tiny little sequins were
sewn along the neckline as well. The back looked great though. There was a hood
behind it, with an awesome design printed of a rose with all sorts of other pictures
and this word below it in a blue ribbon:


"When did I get this?" I asked myself. My attention turned to a quick flashback at
the mall. I suddenly managed to recall the day we went to that store... I forgot what
its name was. Mom seemed pretty eager to get me new clothes, so I let her do most of
the talking. She would constantly take out something from the rack and take it over
to where I'm sitting, where I am absorbed in a cell phone game. She'd ask questions,
and I'll just nod, or occasionally mumble a few words, usually, "Yeah," or "Erg," or
even "Yerg," so that the shopping trip would get over and done with.

I didn't even notice her waving most of the things she found on the racks, and she
bought most of them. Maybe she keeps the stash of new clothes in this drawer,
I thought. I rarely open this drawer because it was pretty much empty before.

Days were getting cooler, but it's still not that cold because everyone just emerged
from summer. In fact, judging by the sun and the seemingly clear blue skies outside
my window, it was going to be a pretty warm day. I put it on, as well as my lucky
white wristband. It was in fact, literally lucky; it says "Lucky" on it. I put my
watch on my left wrist, opposite my wristband, and then put on a little lip balm. It
was mainly for the vitamin E and so that my lips don't get too dry.

Running downstairs, I took a piece of toast and secured it in my mouth, before
grabbing my messenger bag and slinging it over my shoulder. Waving goodbye to the
folks, I stepped outside and ran down the sidewalk. Soon, Ocean View Intermediate was
in view. It was kind of useful, the school being that near. It saves me from the
misfortunes of being late.

The school was pretty big, not as big as some schools, but bigger than most of the
schools I've been to. I had yet to explore the place, plus you could see the ocean
from here... hence the name. I stopped before entering though, to finish my toast.
Munching, I swallowed and entered. Students were all over! On the steps, in the halls
through the glass doors, by some of the palm trees. Old students greeted old friends
and even some new students joined the throngs of people. I could tell the difference
between the old and the new, because of my school switching experiences.

Walking in, I headed straight for the hallways. It was essential to find the right
locker number before classes, to avoid being late and confused. How I know this? It
happened to me before. Not an experience I'd like to repeat.

I got my class schedules and my locker number and combination. It was nearby, unlike
in my old schools, I had to cross to the other side of the school to get to my
locker. Putting my things in my newfound locker, I closed it and accidentally
collided with someone. We both crashed onto the floor, but none of us were
unconscious or anything that serious. I sat up and I saw that person I bumped into.

My heart just about stopped.

He was gorgeous, with dirty blond hair flopping in front of his long lashed blue
eyes. His eyes were a mixture of all the shades of blue, which went well against his
lightly tanned skin. He was wearing a white shirt with dark colored cargo pants and
dark colored converse sneakers. Again, goooorgeous with a capital G.

The gorgeous God looked at me, smiled and held out his hand to help me up.

I took it, and he helped me out. Too bad my messenger bag wasn't conveniently open so
that all of my belongings could spill out like in the movies. It would've made it
more romantic too.

As both of us were finally upright, I quickly let go of his hand. "Hey," he smiled,
smiling a killer smile.

"Hi," I smiled back, probably a zero watt smile, compared to his killer zillion watt

"I didn't see you here last year," he observed. "New are you?"

"Y-yeah," I replied. Get a grip, Lexie, I thought.

"I'm Trevor Brady," Trevor nodded. "You?"

"I'm Lexie Sherman," I found myself saying. "Sorry for bumping you back there."

"No problem," he grinned. "Lexie Sherman," he repeated smirking a little, as if he
found something amusing. Plus the way he said it was just so cute. "So what's your
first class after homeroom?"

"Math," I read aloud, my class schedule in my left hand and the strap of my bag in
the other.

"Seventh grade?" Trevor guessed.

"Yeah--How did you know?" I asked him in astonishment. He didn't strike me as a
stalker, but that just confirms it--

He laughed, interrupting my thoughts. I blushed as he said, "No, I'm not a stalker."
It was almost as if he read my thoughts! "I just started, so I still have my old
schedule memorized. They don't bother changing it around here."

"Who's 'they'?" I asked him.

"Oh, the Administrators in the Administration Office," Trevor answered. "I've got
Science first," he stated simply, but frowned a little as he said this. ''Guess this
means you and I won't get to be in class together, huh?"

I stayed silent for a little bit. The air was a little awkward and dumbfounding for
me, but I got over it once the bell rang.

"The bell. Gotta go Lexie," Trevor called over his shoulder as he made his way to

"See you," I said dreamily. I got my stuff and closed my locker. But as I was ready
to head to Math, I was just about to run into another person. It was a girl,
surrounded by a posse. She had long blond hair that tumbled down in little ringlets
and brown eyes that had slight traces of nude colored eyeshadow. She had a quite
pinched nose and her lips were covered in lip gloss and pulled into a disapproving
pout. She had her hands on her waist.

"Were you just talking to Trevor Brady?" the girl asked her in a snotty voice.

"Um, yeah. Got a problem with that?" I raised my eyebrows with a questioning look.

"Hmph," she frowned, dismissing my unoriginal comeback. "Any who, stay away from him.
Trevor is mine."

"And what gives you the right to tell me what to do?" I asked.

"Feisty," she smiled half-heartedly. It almost seemed like a compliment, but not. "If
I see you talking to him, I'll get pretty feisty myself."

"Pff. Go ahead. Try me," I challenged. I dealt with these kinds of girls at my old
schools, but she was close to becoming one of the meanest.

"You won't like it when I get feisty, girl," she said. She even said such a
common noun in an insulting way.

"I'm so scared," I mocked, feigning fright. I dropped the act.

"Huh," she snarled. "Let's go girls," she said, turning around. She looked at me and
eyed me. I eyed her back and looked at her straight in the eye. "And remember the
name Genevieve Winchester the next time you go talking to Trevor Brady," Genevieve
said over her shoulder.

"Lexie Sherman," I grinned back at her half-heartedly. "Nice to meet you."

This day's getting stranger and stranger, I thought. I didn't even know
her! The nerve.... I then realized that few people were in the hallways now.
"Eek! Gotta get to class!" I cried to no one in particular. I headed down the
hallway, and into Homeroom.

(( Hope you like it. ^-^ I'll be working on the next chapter now. ))

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IHeartMyGtar says :   24 January 2008   449551  
Haha thanks. xD

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