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Katie Chapter 1Category: horror story
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
11:04:39 AM (GMT)
"Katie, get up or you're going to be late!" Her mother, Annie, said into the door.
"It's Saturday, you daft twat!" Adam shouted through her door.
"Hey, Adam! What your tongue!" Annie yelled.
"Saturday?" Katie asked. She got out of bed and before Adam could bang on her door
she opened it. Adam fell into her room.
"Bitch." He said to her. She smiled.
"Mom, is it the Red Sox's game today?" She asked Annie.
"Of course darling." Annie touched her daughters hair. "I want you to get ready then
we'll leave, it's a 1 hour drive and you know you're father hates missing baseball
games." Katie smiled and rushed inside her room.

"Adam stop it!" Katie shouted and thumped him. They were in the car, driving to
Boston to see the Red Sox.
"What?" He asked.
"Adam! Stop it! Or i'll turn this car around." Sam said to him.
"I wasn't doing anything. She was thumping me!"
"We have a quarter of an hour left til Boston, do you think you two could behave a
little bit?" Annie asked the two. Katie and Adam looked at each other.
"No." They said at the same time. Adam flicked her ear and Katie began to thump him
"Ow! Mom!" Adam whinned.
"You asked for it Adam, leave your sister alone." Katie stuck her tongue out at him,
and Adam faced the window.
"Ooh, look. Katie, it's your boyfriend." Adam laughed. Katie got up and saw her best
friend, Kent, in the car next to her. She waved. "You've fancied him forever!" Adam
teased. Katie went red and thumped him again. "Mom!"
"Adam, leave her alone!" Sam shouted. "Katie, stop thumping your brother!"
"Oh my god! I get told off when i'm the victim!" Katie folded her arms and tutted.
"Stupid family."
They soon arrived at Boston.
"Hey we come Red Sox!" Katie cheered. They parked the car and entered the stadium.
Katie bumped into to girls.
"Oh my god! Look it's a mini munchkin." One of them said, they other laughed.
"Good one Sanya. Let's go find some fit boys." She pushed Sanya into a stand and sat
next to Kent, who went bright red. Kent was with Selena, Kakie's other best friend,
Selena looked a bit shocked. and mouthed:
"I didn't think anyone would be intrested in him." To Katie who laughed. 
"Katie! Come on! Sit down!" Annie hissed at her, Katie sat next to her mom. and
hugged her.
"Love you."
"Same here chick. But more." They both laughed. The game began and the electronice
scoreboard flickered on and off. "Looks like some technical faults." Annie laughed.
Soon the board and sparked settig several random places on fire, the fire soon
"Oh shit!" Adam yelled and got up. Sam did too.
"Mom?" Katie asked Annie. Annie looked at her with a worried look in her eyes and
exloded.  her left arm iplaed Adam and Sam. Her left arm just missed Katie. She saw
that Selena was on fire as was Kent and Sanya and the other blonde. Then the fire
spread to Katie. She screamed and woke up.

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