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The Muruder-twenty.four.Category: School
Monday, 29 October 2007
07:58:29 PM (GMT)
[This is my short story for Science, tell me, is it nice? I especially want KMS
imput on this. And, joy to me, I learned how to put on ties. :D but don't go to that
topic, edit my story, not about grammar, about flow and all those junk that makes a
story enjoyable, well, enjoy, and if there's no plotline, tell me. please.]

“How much are you paying for this job? I don’t work cheap,” the middle-aged man
said, he had a high voice. He was planning to do an ignoble job, if the sum of money
was large enough. Meanwhile, his wife was leaned against the door, and listened. 
	“Just meet me at the construction site for Manhattan Real Estate Company on
Monday, September the third, at 1 P.M.” said the husky, Italian voice. 
	A few seconds later, Manuel Rodriguez walked out. Inez, his wife, quickly jumped
onto the couch, and clutched the book and started to look like reading. 
	“Inez, I’m going to go to the Blue Rhumba for the night.” Manuel said, he
stopped at the door of the run-down apartment, and looked back at her, “Our
problems with the immigration department will soon be over, all over.” He walked
out of the door. 
	Boris Broskovic was just taking a walk. His gang friends would meet him at 1:30,
being early was good. He looked back; he had just crossed Mt. Vernon Real Estate
office, a lovely building. Outside the door was a man, that looked suitable for
working at the lovely building. In the hand of the man was a lovely amount of money.
Money made everything lovely, especially if there was a shortage of money. Boris
followed this man. 
	Slowly, Boris caught up. The well dressed man bought something at a shop; Boris
quickly hid behind the door. The man came out. The heart of Boris slowly beat faster
and faster, it began to crescendo; he was going to mug this man. 
	“What are you doing?” the man exclaimed. He ducked a blow, and fought back, but
it was not good enough against Boris, he was knocked down. Boris took the wallet,
with the lovely amount of cash. Hmm, he thought as he looked at the credit card of
the man named Chuck Frederickson, I might just drink for the whole night with this
much cash. 83815 looked back, and the man got to his feet already and he started to
	The well dressed lady strutted by the clothes’ section, hmm, she thought, Chuck
might look decent this, she looked at the men’s polo section once more before
asking the Macy’s sales man, Burt Hinkleman if the new Vera Wang perfume had
finally arrived.
	“Yeah, it’s here, finally, wow, nice bracelet!” he said. 
	Jimmy Frederickson was in the library, he had two hours left before his book report
was due. He wasn’t done reading the book yet.
	Sonny Martonetti strolled down M street; the destination was Old Ebbet’s grill. I
love that place, he thought. He started to rub his stomach. 
	Chuck stopped. He needed to check on his construction site, and it was near the
police office anyways. He walked to the site. Some of the workers greeted him. 
	Manuel Rodriguez arrived, right where Don Carlini said they would meet. He better
have enough money, he thought, because I’m not getting sinned for nothing. He put
his gloves on. He didn’t want any trouble with the police department. If Don was
stupid enough to use his bare hands, then it would be his entire fault, not mine, he
	Betty looked at the perfume as she waited in line. Was Chuck going to like it? It
didn’t matter, they were going to have a divorce soon, and then she’d save her
	Don Carlini got to the construction site, without gloves. The song of death was
beating, it was getting faster, when it ends, death would make its royal entrance. 
	Jimmy Frederickson stared at the book. It was very boring. 
	Manuel Rodriguez saw him, and chased after him. 
“Find him yet?” he asked.
“No, but usually he comes here to check on everything around noon” 	
	It was a bad time to mention any amount of money, so Manuel kept shut about his
dissatisfaction with his pay for this job, helping someone kill should cost extra. 
	The well dressed man, in a lovely suit walked by. Manuel breathed in loudly. He
looked at Don, and Don nodded. Manuel ran behind Chuck and grabbed him. 
	“Not again” Chuck seemed unusually grumpy today. Chuck put his hand into his
pocket, and took out a silver letter opener. Don gasped, loudly. That thing could
	Manuel saw the letter opener also, and he did not want to die. He was taller than
Chuck, and he carried his feet well off the ground. He dropped Chuck with force, and
he did not fall on his feet. Out of his hand came the silver letter opener, Don
walked up, and grabbed it tightly. Chuck got up quickly, and Manuel grabbed Chuck
from behind, again, now that the danger of a sharp letter opener was gone. Don arched
back, and came back down- hard.
	Sonny Martonetti had just had the best meal ever, nothing could ruin this day. He
sat for a moment. Chuck should be at the site now… if I had dinner with him at this
grill, maybe we’ll be on better terms and he’ll let me get more involved with the
C and O project, he thought. It was worth a try, and if Chuck didn’t like it, he
was still paying. 
	The blood was almost gone. Manuel had gotten a bucket for the blood, and it was
dripping inside. Holding a dead body so the blood would not get too messy felt
awkward. The worse part was that his jacket was splattered with blood. This was a
good suit, he couldn’t just clean it a regular way, it had to be dry cleaned. Don
got up, thinking of a way to do so. 	
	Betty just purchased the Vera Wang perfume, she sprayed some on her hand again, and
smelled it; it smelled delicious. The C and O Canal was close to here, she could
check up on Chuck, he was usually there around noon. She drove to the site, and got
out of her car. 
	“Did Chuck come by yet?” she asked the nice workers. 
	“No, we didn’t see him today” they replied to her inquiry. 
	Betty thought that it was weird, he should have come here, maybe he’s in the
office, or with Sonny. I’ll call his office, and I’ll call Sonny. That’s what
she planned, and that was what she did. 
	Manuel looked at Don. They had just finished dissembling the body of Chuck
Frederickson. Neither noticed an unusual birthmark on his upper right shoulder.
“So, do you have your $20,000 promised?” Manuel asked, but he didn’t consider
the fact that Don still had the weapon that he murdered Chuck with in his hand. There
is a saying something along the lines about how after a monster gets the taste of
blood, it will always kill. Manuel’s dead body was dragged to the front loader of
the cab. Chuck’s bucket of blood was also there. Don looked down, and breathed
heavily. He sat down, and thought for a moment. 
Sonny got a phone call from Chuck’s lovely wife when he finally arrived at the
construction site. She asked whether or not he had seen Chuck. He shook his head and
said that no, he had not seen Chuck that day.
	Inez was starting to get worried. Where was Manuel? She had not seen him for the
whole day, even when she went to the various bars that he would be in, and still, all
she knew was that he left the Blue Rhumba at 2:05. She called the police.
	Jimmy got a call; it was from his mother, Betty. She wanted to know if he knew where
Chuck Frederickson was. He said he didn’t know, and his mother said that she would
call his sister at Virginia Tech. Later, he was told by his mom to call the police.
	A dissembled body was found at the Manhattan Real Estate company construction site,
and the police investigated the scene. They found on the ground a silver letter
	Sonny got out of the interview office. His day was ruined, and he saw Don appear.
That was the source of all his troubles. He also saw a man with greasy hair that
looked like a gangster. This confused Sonny, who was murderer? Was it the gangster or
Don? It certainly was not Betty. But Jimmy was mad at his father, he could have done
	Don sat in the waiting room. Betty Frederickson was currently being interviewed. He
knew that it would happen, only not so soon. He prepared for this moment, but it
should not have come this fast. Guilt can kill a person. It was making Don nervous.
He had a lawyer, and he sent the suit to be dry-cleaned. The blood would be gone. His
hands would be squeaky clean. There would be no blood on his hands. 
	Betty came out. She could hold her feelings up inside her, it was a childhood habit.
Then she would go home, and cry. She cried now. Chuck was dead. They didn’t have a
divorce after all, but this was far, far worse. 
	A week later, the police finished the investigation. Don accidentally let a
dry-cleaning slip fall out of his pocket after the interview. The suit jacket had
blood component on it. He was sent to prison, but the wounds caused by death still
	Inez was sent back to Mexico, only after the funeral of Manuel. 
	Boris went to jail for mugging a man, and kept his hands clean after his release.  
	Sonny did get more involved in the C and O project. He was promoted to manager of
it, but it would not be the same, and his meals at Old Ebbet’s grill would not be
the same, he would always think of the dead Chuck before eating. His appetite would
	Jimmy continued to go to Georgetown University, but learned with more interest. He
planned to surpass his father before his death, he would be the manager of the
company someday, and he would not let any business rival kill him. He and his mother
went to Chuck’s funeral.

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