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Funny Things To Do At A Drive ThruCategory: (general)
Sunday, 23 September 2007
07:20:07 PM (GMT)
Walk through 

Order a quarter pounder, a half pounder, a pounder, and a 5 pounder. When they tell
u they only have quarter pounders say something like "I'm taking my business
elsewhere". Come back 5 minutes later. 

DO NOT drive through to the next window 

Act like your some Mafia guy and say something like "I want 5 burgers in a paper
bag. You have 24 hours... And to show you we mean business you have 3 minutes." 

Go on a bicycle 

Do previous, except with a few friends. you must ride in front of them. When you get
close to the window yell to them "hey you kids, shut up back there or I'm turning
this car right around and were going home !!!" 

Stay as far from the window as you can 

When it comes time to pay them say "OK your money should be ready in about 5
minutes. Please go over to the waiting area." 

Order food, pay, then speed away without taking your food. laugh manically. 

Order in 3rd person 

Pay with only pennies. Count them out 1 at a time. 

If at Taco Bell say "yo queiro" before everything you order ( yo queiro a chicken

If at Mcdonalds say mc before everything (ie: I would mclike a mcburger and

Order things from other restaurants (go to mcdonalds and order a whopper ) when they
tell u its not possible, give them an angry look and say "I said do it!!" 

Do previous, except with alcoholic beverages. 

Ask the employees what they would like. 

Go on a hunger strike. 

Order your meals "for here" then park your car in the middle of the lane and eat. 

Tell them to hold the bun. 

Get out and wash your car in the drive through lane. 

Pretend u have an imaginary friend beside u. ask them what they would like then say
"we'll have... 

Say romantic things to the ordering machine. 

Order really unspecific things like: " meat with bun and drink" then drive thru
before they can say anything. 

Bang on the ordering machine and yell "stupid thing ate my quarter!" 

Drive through and say that you're "just browsing" 

Tell them to wait while u ask the person in the trunk what they are ordering. 

Specifically order your meal "To go!" 
Ask how they fit in that tiny box!!

Box says:   23 September 2007   187317  
lol those r funny
u can also order ur food in rap
XxBarkxAtxThexMoonxX says:   23 September 2007   152621  
good one!
‹<3mad_for_you<3› says :   23 September 2007   589222  
that is funny!!!!!


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