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Something sad ppl read...Category: Mr. and Mrs. Someone
Sunday, 9 September 2007
03:02:12 PM (GMT)
...This is about a guy and a girl who thought they were deeply in love....

About three years ago they met and started dating that was in 3rd grade....

2 years ago he told her he loved her and she thought he was the most amazing person
in the world and said i love you back that same year they started fighting about
crappy stuff like *you think i am cheating on you or I don't think you really like
me.* A few days after their first fight he showed up at her house unexpectedly but
her and her best friend were watching a movie...when they looked out window and saw
him walking up the drive way with his skateboard in his hands..they sat on her
couch...he said sweetie i hope you aren't mad at me anymore..she said she wasn't but
really she was.But then her friend knew she wanted to kiss him so she said lets play
TRUTH OR she dared them to kiss and they did and they did love each other
but they fought.. :-( i know sad isn't it??? 

1 year ago he told her the day before her birthday he wouldn't be able to come to her
birthday party this year becuz even though they were dating for 2 years already..His
mom still didn't like her.Last year her bestfriend decided she wanted her best
friends boyfriend and her boyfriend to come over and watch a movie the thing is His
mom said no but his dad took him over to her house and said he could..So 2 or 3 hours
later after the movie the guys' dad's came and got them.But her boyfriend got
grounded becuz his mom said no even though his dad said  yes and took him over
their..also last year they GOT IN A HUGE fight becuz of somethings some guys said to
break them up..ticked off the girl and she dumped him but a few days later they were
REUNITED! another thing is last year she told him a REALLY DEEP SECRET..he got mad
thinking it was her fault but it wasn't they didn't talk for 3 weeks..she thought it
was over he didn' then they talked it over..that same year he got pissed at his
friend and swung a baseball bat at him but it hit her instead she had a huge bruise
on her leg..for 2 weeks they didn't talk the whole 2 weeks and he thought it was over
SHE didn' they talked it over..

This year before school ended he called her stupid and they didn't talk for like a
month..He emailed her saying he thought she was cheating on him and they fought on
the computer for 2 hours before he finally dumped her..SHE cried for 3 more
hours..then got back on the internet at 2:oo a.m. and they talked it over he didn't
want to get together yet  but she did..and even though they weren't together he said
he thought she should get some sleep she had summer school in the morning so she said
i know we aren't together anymore but i wish we were and I LOVE YOU i hope you know
that he i know that you do and I LOVE YOU 2 but i don't know if it will
work out i love you though.. she said i love you 2 then they kept saying they loved
each other then he said after school tomorrow get on at about 4:oo p.m. she said
why?..he said so that i can tell you if i want u bac or not she said ok then he said
bye baby i love you she said i love you 2 but tomorrow if you decide not to get bac
together i don't want you to say I LOVE YOU ANYMORE ok? he said ok then put a happy
face by it ---> =]..she said good night he said nighty night she laughed the next
afternoon at 4:00 p.m. they both got on he said baby i love you and i have decided
NOT TO GET BAC WITH YOU..she told him to shut up and got off the computer and cried
more.she thought he was gonna tell everyone her secret.. a week later he called
her..she answer the phone and said what do you want he said i want you..she said i
don't know if it will work..He said baby please i love you she said fine then he
called her a stuck up lil brat..she said forget it he apologized and said he was
sorry and i don't know why i said it except for the fact that i thought you said no i
am sorry..she said ok and they got back together..a week later she broke up with him
for her ex boyfriend the next day her new boyfriend dumped her for her other friend
and she worked hard to get back with the one she  was with for over 2 years then
finally he said yes!..and they went to the movies and saw the Simpson's movie...then
like 1 week later school started again..2 weeks after school started they went again
to the movies with all their was a double date the first time and was
supposed to be the second time but he brought another friend so she was ignored
during the movie then last friday for NO REASON he Said FUCK YOU to her and she about
cried but she couldn't becuz she had to go to basketball tomorrow on
monday she is going to find out why he said that and then she might dump him...She
decided not to dump him ........3 weeks after he said fuck you her birthday came up
and she had a HUGE PARTY everyone was dancing and having a blast when she looked out
the window and saw him walk up the drive way so she was really happy then 5 minutes
later she went to go say hey thanks for coming have fun but she couldn't find him in
her room where the party was so she went upstairs to find him and he wasn't their so
she was ticked off come to find out he had left! the next day September 16th.
her friend wanted to take her and her best friend to the movies so they said yes they
get in the car and drive up this drive way and the two girls look at each other and
say why are we going to get him they said  becuz he is coming he came to =[ in
the movie they ended up kissing  and laughing and hugging and she loved it and so did the movies her best friend got her really was retarded she ran
into the but he and her were to busy to pay attention that her best friend
got mad at her becuz her and him were kissing adn laughing and having a good time..&&
she didn't even notice her best friend there all she could she was him and that is
all she wanted right then...=D

For all of you who are wondering why i wrote becuz REALLY THIS IS ABOUT ME
Last edited: 21 September 2007

kattany2 says:   9 September 2007   521124  
um im magorly confused
kattany2 says:   9 September 2007   362257  
but i wanna kno wat hapens with u guys
‹Your.Fatal.Attraction› says:   9 September 2007   174748  
wow your boyfriend is a jerk
‹Your.Fatal.Attraction› says:   9 September 2007   874686  
yea i wanna know 2
preppy_cheerleader says:   9 September 2007   287111  
ok well if your confused we were together for 2 1/2 years then we got
into a MAJOR fight over the summer and then we got back together and
then we broke up again and got back together again..(yeah i know
CONFUSING) but then the other day he said FUCK YOU TO ME for no
hilly03 says:   9 September 2007   644817  
ok that was confuseing
preppy_cheerleader says:   9 September 2007   525729  
i know he is but he is mad cuz some new kid likes me he is really
sweet at times and i didn't mean to make it confusing
preppy_cheerleader says:   10 September 2007   265797  
Well me and my boyfriend are fine again except my brother wants to
kick his ASS lol
sirius4ever says:   18 September 2007   274746  
thats mean.... im sorry too hear that.
preppy_cheerleader says:   18 September 2007   216915  
awww... thank you but really  me and him got over it
pyro13 says:   2 January 2008   596929  
girl ur fella is a dumbass and a rude scumbag sorry but has 2 be said
no bf shud ever say 2 his gf fcuk off and do da stuff he done sorry
but true
preppy_cheerleader says :   15 January 2008   216998  
yeah that is why we aren't together anymore im dating someone older

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