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How Old Am I Anyway?Category: (general)
Sunday, 29 July 2007
05:29:11 PM (GMT)
People keep thinking I'm not my age... Here is the list of all the people who have
guessed my age or something like that:

-The guy at Target thinks I'm shopping for college...
-That little kid at the pool said I was ten, but when he though about it a little
longer he said I was eleven.
-The waitress at Ruby Tuesday's asked me what I was majoring in for college and then
backtracked a bit and said she thought I was sixteen.
-A dad at Barnes and Noble asked me if my four-year-old sister was my daughter.
-My own stepmom thought I was turning fifteen this year...
-An elderly couple told me my daughter was adorable. They were talking about my
-The lifeguards at the pool told me I that since I was eighteen I could swim during
the safety break.

Um. I'm turning fourteen in a month.

thesexygirl says:   29 July 2007   914183  
arent you 57?
starwarschick says:   29 July 2007   923811  
People usually think you're older? Isn't it annoying?
Coora says:   29 July 2007   376132  
If I was 57 I think I'd be happy to be mistaken for eighteen, eleven

Yep. It does get annoying after awhile, but it does have it's perks.
Like seeing people's faces when I tell them how old I really am... XD
0christian0 says:   29 July 2007   525217  
Coora says:   29 July 2007   461679  
Cool. Me too.
Veggie says:   29 July 2007   156379  
That was cute! Ha ha ha!
Coora says:   30 July 2007   912916  
Wow. I just discovered that I am on the Hot Diaries page. This needs
to be documented... XD
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   30 July 2007   444893  
lol I just turned 15 and every one is always asking if im 8 cuz im
short -.-
callie11 says:   30 July 2007   127128  
That happens to me sometimes too because I'm VERY tall, 5 foot 10
inches and going into the 6th grade....but you get used to it after a
little while.

NO I was never held back.
saralyn247 says:   31 July 2007   153978  
wow... callie ur tall!!!!!!!  anyway, yeah, i can see why ppl
always getting ur name wrong could get annoying. but do you really
look that old? i mean, that's a lot of ppl.
loopyloo1995 says:   31 July 2007   868119  
i'm 12 and i passed off for 18 once lol wen i was 11
Coora says:   31 July 2007   329345  
Looking older has it's perks, as I've said before.  :3 It's funny.
jackjack789 says:   31 July 2007   221977  
People Dont Believe that im not twelve yet , cuz im so tall , I Can
barely order off of kid menus at reastaurants ( not that I like to )
Coora says :   31 July 2007   169712  
I'm not even that tall. Well, I'm almost 5'6" but that's really not
that remarkable. Just a bit taller than average.


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