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Water Moon: Mizu VS. SasukeCategory: Fanfictions
Wednesday, 11 July 2007
11:04:34 PM (GMT)
"Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!MY EYES THERE BUUURRRRNNNINGGG!" Mizu shrieked at seeing Sasuke. She
rubbed her eyes and took a deep breath. Sasuke glared at her and she glared right
back. "So you are using a katana now.... Why? To annoy me? Or some other stupid
reason?" Mizu asked raising an eyebrow. Sasuke rushed at her moving his katana in a
swiping motion. Mizu dodged with ease and blocked the blow. "You know Sasuke I
managed to meet that idiotic weasel you call a brother, and managed to wound him,
that's more than you could ever accomplish. So why don't you go run back to
Orochimaru and contaminate his air?"Mizu asked sweetly blocking another blow.
Sasuke's hate for Mizu overtook him. His blows became powered by rage and got
sloppier. This is was a test Mizu had given Sasuke, and he had failed. "Didn't
Orochimaru tell you that you can't let your emotions take you over? Apparently
not...." Our heroine asked smiling alittle. Mizu began attacking with elegance and
speed. The blows came down in a speedy rain that made it impossible for Sasuke to
attack Mizu. The lunar kunoichi was in her element and was totally focused and aware
of everything Sasuke was doing. The words of Tokoyo and Mika repeated themselves in
her mind.
"Don't let emotion over take you. Be nothing, be air."
Mizu caused a long slash on Sasuke's chest.
"Sometimes you need to go crazy."
Mizu caused another wound on Sasuke's chest causing him to hiss in pain.
He leapt back and stuck out his hand. His attack struck Mizu in the heart. She
disappeared with a poof. He turned around just in time to block Mizu's katana.
"It's better to attack than to defend."
At that point the voices in Mizu's mind ceased. Mizu's blows were so fast that it
appeared she had not one katana but four. She nicked his cheek and continued to
"Itachi would have killed her by now...."Sasuke thought in frustration. At that
moment Ryuujin snaked around Sasuke's katana and sent it flying. Mizu's katana
ruptered Sasuke'
s right shoulder. The other end of Ryuujin gleamed in the moonlight. Mizu pull
Ryuujin out slowly causing Sasuke to hiss. He clutched his severely wounded shoulder
and glared at her. "You little witch..... I'll kill you!" Sasuke hissed. Mizu
grinned. "Thank you for the compliment." The victorious kunoichi said smiling. Sasuke
rushed at her. "Chidori!" He yelled. Mizu moved her head to the side and  kicked
Sasuke in the stomach.  He collasped on the ground. "Tell Orochimaru that he really
sucks when it comes to katanas. And to never mess with Mizu Tsuki." Mizu said walking
away. "Bye Sasuke, thanks for the work out." Mizu said sticking her tongue out at him
and winking. She disappeared in a puff of smoke and bubbles. (No Sasuke doesn't die.
>_> Unfortunately. )
Last edited: 12 July 2007

shuurai_raitaro says :   28 October 2007   384343  
Aw man.... i want him die! =[

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