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Thursday, 5 July 2007
02:35:57 PM (GMT)
Popular Chapter (1)

Hi my name is Sam & I'm a girl & i'm 14 years old, I'm trying out for the
cheerleading team & I made it! But 
my best friend Melody didn't because the girls incharge of the cheerleading team said
she is too chubby. You
have to know Melody, shes chubby, she has golden brown hair & green eyes. She's very
upset because she
didn't know if she would get the spot of lose. (She lost) So This is Melody's
Story....Hi I'm Melody it's 7:30 on my alarm clock & i'm getting ready to go to my
school. The school is called TRIEX HIGH SCHOOL, at school there's this very amazing
thing going on...CHEERLEADING AUDITIONS! Oh my gosh i'm so going to try out but i
don't think it will work because i'm kind of (fat) and people call me names like pig
eater, fatso, cow, & Mrs. Fatty. It really makes me feel bad because whenever I enter
my class kids start throwing paper planes at me or put gum on my chair when i'm about
to sit down. (Very disgusting & rude) DIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGG.
Okay finally it's lunch my day is half over, but after lunch i'm going to audition, I
very hope I get to be in the team. ''Hey Melody, I hear when you eat lunch u always
throw up''. 'No I do not!' ''Okay sweety'' *rolls eyes* That's Christy, the most
amazing beautiful & popular girl in school, And is also calling me the names every
single day & it's the same thing each day she says it meaner & meaner! ''Shutup
christy & let me eat my lunch or i will throw up...'' Christy: ''Haha i told u so''
Melody: ''On you!'' Christy: *gasps* With christy around you always have to be mean
to her or she will never learn a thing!. DIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGG.
*Walks to the field to audition* Chrity: ''so look who came back it's been a long
time since we were friends. *thinks* Oh no it hasn't! *Chrity's friends laugh*
Melody: ''just watch i'll win''.  Sam: MELOODDYY!
*runs up to Melody* Sorry i'm late but I had to come here & cheer you on!. Melody:
''Thanks but Chrity is really putting some preasure on me though, but thanks *girls
give quick hugs* Sam: ''Good look!'' *walks away but keeps eye on Chrity* Chrity:
''Okay then do your cheer, thats if your-'' *Melody cuts her off* I"M READY! YOU
DON"T HAVE TO TALK BECAUSE I"M READY!. Sam: ''WOO!, thats right Mel show her who's 
boss''. *Christy's friend's throw pens at Sam*. Sam: OWW! Chrity's friends:
''SHUTUP!". *Melody does her cheer* Christy: ''Hahaha, & you wanted to join, pfft I
don't think you'll be joining any group in the school, Maybe next year'' *Chirsty &
her friends get up at the same time & walk past Melody & hit her on her shoulder 1 by
1* Christy & her friends: Ahahahahaha! *Chritsy turns to Melody* ''LOSER'' *Sticks
continues to yell at them*. *Melody gets up and watches the girls walk away**Sam
yells from the chair, ''Melody are u okay?!''  *Melody started to have tears in her
eyes & kept staring at them* Then she closed her eyes gripping on her lucky charm* 

Tell me if You think that's sad, funny, weird, dumb, strange, akward.

Class_of_2008 says:   5 July 2007   496293  
That's sad.....That's how most of the popular girls at my school
are.........and I'm the 'Melody' at my school.
Monte says:   5 July 2007   819559  
lol. I might make another chapter
Nic0le says:   13 August 2007   482231  
Make another chapter then! omg it would be so great.
Monte says :   15 August 2007   173579  
LOL But it takes soooo long, the first chapter it took like 1h & 13m


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