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Travels of anya and Syrah chapter 1Category: (general)
Tuesday, 3 July 2007
01:10:46 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1

    In the county of Kentucky there was a girl named Anya and she was turning 18in
January. She has brown hair just passed the shoulders and cream white skin with eyes
as blue as the ocean and tiny freckles all around her nose. She has a rather big
chest and has a hard time buying pants because of her height which is 5’4 and she
could wear anything because she is slender. Anya ever since she was little wanted to
be a fashion designer
 and every time she would mention that dream to her parents they would say” your
not smart enough and that she could never do it” Anya always took it to heart and
pushed the hurt deep down inside so as to not show the pain to her foster parents. 
When Anya was adopted her little sister was adopted to the same family.

  Syrah is Anya’s little sister Syrah is 17 years old and has short brown to her
neck. Syrah has cream white skin also and she deep blue eyes. Syrah always talked to
her sister about what she wanted to be when she got older Syrah said she wanted to be
a hair dresser and eventually open up her own shop. Whenever she told her parent her
dream they said “why you can’t think without your sister so how can you be a hair
dresser” she told them you’re probably right and went to her and her sister’s
room. That night when Anya came into the room after her shower Syrah asked her sister
“Am I smart enough to be in the hair field?” And Anya said “yes and who told
you otherwise?” Deflated feeling Syrah replied “mom and dad said that I can’t
think without you or stick up for myself without you so I cant be in the hair
field” and when she heard that Anya sat on the edge of Syrah’s bed and told her
“Little sister you can do whatever you want to do and you are smart enough”
“thanks I appreciate it good night” Syrah said contently. 

  When Anya’s got into her room she went onto the computer and looked at flight
schedules to New York. She was determined to get her and her sister out of this hell
hole and into a better life and school.  The next morning before syrah left for
school Anya gave Syrah the information on the flight schedules and told Syrah. “Hey
I got these flight schedules to From Kentucky to New York so pick a good time then
give them back to me ok?” “Yeah I will get it back to you probably tonight”
Syrah said before rushing out the house. That evening while Anya was doing her
homework in the room her and Syrah shared Syrah walked in and handed her the sheet
with the ten o clock flight schedule circled. “Now what?” “Well come here”
Anya said while walking to the computer.  Anya pulled up the school website and
showed Syrah information on the private art school that they were trying to transfer
in. The high school was located in downtown New York. Anya and Syrah found the
special applications they had to fill out and mail to officially transfer form their
current school Oaks High to Fredrick’s school of art. Anya printed out to copies
and gave on to Syrah then she deleted the history on the computer just in case their
mother or father checked their computer.  Then they both looked over the applications
and suddenly Anya panicked “Syrah how are we gonna get our birth records? The
application says we need it but mom and dad will never give it to us.” 
“Don’t worry Anya remember mom and dad always take time to give things to the
neighbors every night like sweets and stuff?” “Yeah…. So while they are at the
neighbors we can sneak in dads’ office and get the records. “Exactly so all we
have to do is be patient.” After about ten minutes they heard the door slam and
they knew that they had went over to the neighbors. “Come on Syrah you keep watch
and I’ll go in and find them O.K?”  “Yeah alright lest just hurry up and go
before they come back” Syrah said nervously.  They walked across the hall and Anya
ran into the office going straight for the file cabinets were she first saw him ever
put the records. After a whole ten minutes she found hers and Syrahs Anya put
everything back how it was and then they left before their mother and father came. 
Hurriedly they put all the information they needed from the birth records down on to
the application then Syrah ran and put the files back into the office all before they
ever found out. After a few hours both girls filled out all of the application and
were ready to mail it in the next day on their way to school.

  Anya couldn’t pay attention in school because all she could think about was that
she had actually mailed in the transfer applications and that they were really
getting out of that disastrous house.  Anya also knew that they had a lot to do
before the applications came. They had to find a very very cheap apartment to rent
and then get jobs near by the school. Meanwhile Syrah was in her classroom thinking
about the same things but she was also thinking about the money that she had but in
the bank when she was twelve. She thought “Maybe I can somehow transfer the money
from that account to a bank account in New York and make it a joint account so Anya
had access to it also. For both Anya and Syrah the day went by really slow but as
soon as the bell rang to let out sixth period both girls rushed home to tell the
other what they had been thinking. Both girls rushed into the room and they both
started talking real fast trying to get their ideas out. I’ll go first Anya said
“I was thinking that if we get in we need to find jobs and a very very cheap
apartment.” “Yeah I know and I remembered that I started a bank account when I
was twelve remember that?” “Yeah I do I remember” Anya said excitedly. “So I
was thinking is there a way that I can transfer that money to a bank account in New
York and make it a joint bank account.?” “Yeah I think there is, we probably need
to make a run to the bank to check that out” “Alright lets go” Syrah said in a
rushed voice.  Anya and Syrah were two steps away form the door when their mothers
screechy voice came form the kitchen “Girls where do you think your going?”
“Umm… we are going to” Anya and Syrah frantically looked at each other thinking
of an excuse.  Finally Syrah spoke up “We are going to the park mom I think I left
something on the bench the other day and Anya’s coming with me” “Alright but
your asses better come straight back and no Lully gagging either.” “Yeah we
will” Anya said shortly and slightly irritated. 

   Once at the bank Anya and Syrah had to wait in a freakishly long line just to ask
a question. Syrah was looking around and noticed a lady getting ready to open so she
pulled Anya and raced to be the first one there. After twenty minutes Anya and Syrah
were in their bedroom with the information gained. They now knew for sure that they
could transfer the account and make it joint. Now all they were waiting on was the
letters confirming their transfer.  That day before school Anya told Syrah that the
letters should come today. Syrah was so excited and nervous that she could barely pay
attention in class. While in sixth period Syrah got a text from Anya and it read
“If we get in we pack and Leave tonight!!!” When she read that Syrah got even
more nervous than before and now she was completely unfocused for the rest of sixth
period. As soon as the bell rang to signal the end of school Syrah raced home and
into the room. Anya was already there waiting on the bed nervous. They sat on the bed
with their separate Letters and counted to three “1 2 3” and they opened the
letter at the same time. Their eyes quickly scanned the letter and nervously waited
for the other to finish. Once both of them were done Anya said nervously to Syrah
“and your’s said?” Syrah looked her sister dead in the eye and replied excited
“Anya I am getting outa here” then Syrah asked “and what does yours say?”
“We are both gettin the Hell outa here sis!!!” Anya said ecstatically.  Suddenly
Anya said in a hushed tone “We have to keep Quie…” just then there someone
knocked on the door Anya and Syrah quickly stuffed their letters under their pillows
and said in unison “come in” In came their father looking angrier than ever
“What is all the commotion in here?” Umm… Nothin dad we just were excited cuz I
aced my math test today.” Syrah explained. “Well keep it down damnt I’m tryin
to get some work done you know what smart people do?” “Yeah dad we will” Anya
said irritably she hated when her parents referred to her and Syrah as dumb because
it wasn’t right or fair. As soon as their dad left they jumped for joy again. Later
that evening while Syrah was doing homework Anya was reading over the letters
thoroughly and she said aloud to Syrah that they could transfer next week. Syrah told
Anya that they could leave anytime this week and they agreed on Thursday because
their parents went to bed quicker because they were always in a drunken stupor.
“Alright sis we would do that” 

 That evening before dinner their mom called Syrah into the loivingroom.
“How’s it going mom? 
“Honey we were thinkin…”
“Maybe we should send you off to another home”
When Syrah heard that her heart dropped “But….but….why?”
“We think that your sister is a bad influence on you.”
“She’s not though I promise she aint.”
“Well it’s already been arranged your set for tomorrow eveinin”
“Mom …. Don’t please…” 
“Sorry darlin that’s how its gotta be”
Syrah ran to the bedroom in tears.
When Anya saw her she asked Syrah “Syrah what’s wrong what did mom say?”
“She said that I was goin to be sent away to another foster home” Syrah said
crying heavily. 
“Oh my why are they doing that!!” Anya said clearly worried.
“She said you were a bad influence on me” 
“I cant I wont let that happen” 
“This is what were gonna do we got our acceptance letters right?”
“Yeah we did”
“We are leaving tonight if we stay longer we will be separated.”
“Alright let’s do it.”

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