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RESULTS!! AUGH!!!Category: (general)
Friday, 29 June 2007
04:26:38 PM (GMT)
!!Harry!! ((Jim: NOOOOO!!!!))

Name: Jenna Anne Maricine

Age: 14 going on 15 ((Only a year off...))

Looks: Black hair and blue eyes,  ((Am I allowed to change that???))

body type: Athletic ((woot woot!!))

Personality: U love Quidditch, ur smart, nice, loyal, caring, brave, and
pretty...VERY pretty! ur not afraid to try new things. u would jump infront of a
Crucio or the Avada Kedavara if it was shooting right at ur bff's or accually anyone!
But sometimes, u can be shy when u first meet a hunk! haha! ((Sounds about right 
Except maybe the "pretty" part))

Animagus : Syberian Tiger (ik not one of the choices but too bad!) ((OOOOOO COOL!!))

Friends: Golden Trio, Seamus, Dean, Fred, George, Gryffindor Quidditch team, Cedric,
Justin Finch-Fletchy, and Neville. ((Nice nice! YAY!! The twins!!!))

Enimies: No one really Except Voldomort ((Yes yes))

Blood line: Half...the other half has some weird special powers...(if u want a big
story...go look at mine!) ((Sweetness))

House: Gryffindor


Harry: says, "I Love her! I never knew I liked her until i was in 2nd year. she
really brings out the REAL me! thinks: *Im so glad i dumped Ginny and Cho for her!*
((That good and all but what you think isn't very nice! Shame on you!!))

Ron: She is the Greatest! I really like her! *glare from Mione and Harry* as a
friend! like her as a friend! thinks: *Dang i wish i had her, her abbs are hott!*
((nnnnn I LOVE YOU!!! Oh and thanks!))

Hermione: She is my Best Girl-Friend!!! We talk about EVERYTHING! thinks: *if Ron
likes her, buh-bye Jenna...* (me: stay away from Jenna Ron!) ((I'm Scaryed...))

Ginny: Ugh! I hate her! Harry dumped me for her! and I quote:"Ginny i just dont feel
right being with u. Im sorry, we're over!" and un quote! Ugh! thinks: *Revenge!
Muhahahahahaha!* (whu-oh!) ((But your so awesome!!! ))

Seamus: Shes one of mii Bestes friends! I really like her...and I mean really!
thinks: * I.can.have.Jenna! Muhahahaha* ((Is it just me or do all
the guys like me ))

Dean: She's a sweet gal. Unlike Seamus and everyother guy, she's like my little sis!
thinks: *if Harry ends the relationship, he's going down! ((Hooray!!)

Oliver: She is an AWESOME chaser!!! Plus... AWESOME ABBS! thinks: *hotty! she better
be mine after her and harrys relationship is over!* ((Thanks ^-^ Scary... but

Fred and George: She is the best! she can take a joke and can get us back...good!
thinks: *sooo...hott!* ((nnnnn I LOVE YOU MORE!!! WHy can't you be mine like in all
the other quizzes!!!?? I LOVE YOU!!!! RAWR!!!))

Alicia: She stole my olly's heart away! thinks: *why cant I look like that!*
((Sorry... *thinks: LOL Olly XD*))

Neville: *fainted by the sound of ur name!* ((AAAWWW How sweet! You're so cool
Neville!!! ...or are you fainting of scariness?))


Malfoy: Shes Hot! y would she go out with potty when she could be with me? she WILL
be mine! thinks: *Shes hot! better have a quick snog with her! muhahahaha!* (lot of
those laughs today!) ((Snog D:??? NOOOO!!! Help!!! Fred! George!! prank time!!!!))

Pansey: I hate her! she stole my Drakie's heart! thinks:*she MUST die!* (
laugh) *muhahahaha* (i give up!) ((You can have him!!! I want Fred!!!!)

Crabbe and Goyle: CAKE! thinks: *CAKE!* ((CAKE??? WHERE??? ^-^))


Cedric: She the greatest! she rox mii sox and flips my flops! (ik gay saying!) thinx:
*i wish i choose her over Cho* ((Your so cute... but sound gay!!!))

Luna: She's nice! I like her! thinx: *hmmm...did dad finish his new issue of the
Quibbler?* ((Thanks you!!))

Justin Finch-Fletchy: Wow, shes the best. She stix up for me when the Slytherins
tease me. thinx: * I hope ill get a chance to ask her out...* ((AAWWW No preoblem!! I
don't like those guys anyways ^-^ ...Excpet Crab and Goyle... THEY'RE AWESOME~!!!))


Cho: She stole my Harry! but she did set me up with Cedric. thinx: *I LOVE U
HARRY!!!* ((scary... and your welcome :D))


Dumbledore: Shes like a grandaughter to me... she will go far!* ((Thank you ^-^))

Mcgonnagle(sp): She's like a niece to me, shes my favorite student! ((Hooray!! :D))

Snape: I like her but then i hate her cause she hangs ut with potter ((Well aren't
you nice???))

Voldomort: hmm...a powerful witch...WITH POWERS!!! this will go well! ((...SCAwY!!!
Hide me Fred!!!))

Mrs.Weasley: Oh shes like one of my own children (except the hair) but i wish she
gave Ron, Fred, Or George a chance! ((I want to!!!!))

Mr.Weasley: ^^^same^^^ and she teaches me how the fellytone works! ((Your

Why do I always get good results?!!?
Last edited: 30 June 2007

hurt_and_happy says:   29 June 2007   111452  
i think the link is wrong
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   29 June 2007   161543  
No... You just have to click on th thing that says what do the HP


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