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shootings that occur at or in high schools, or college campuses.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 13 June 2007
01:24:22 PM (GMT)
watch the news and then all of a sudden you hear about a school shooting your mind
just races. There are a lot of questions that go through people's minds when they
hear that like why has this tragic yet stupid event happened, who would do such a
thing, what have the students ever done to the shooter or shooters, and many others.
There are tons or reasons that people shoot up their schools but all of the reasons
are just stupid. School shootings are so pointless that people get angry when they
hear about one on the news. If you have a problem with someone else then they should
talk to that individual with an adult present like a principle. Also people who shhot
up a school have warning signs that they show weeks, months, days, or years before a
shooting, but not a lot of people pay attention to the signs like parents, friends,
school officials. administrators, or the police, but usually no one ever pays
attention. Like in the case of the Columbine High School shooting or massacre where
these tow boys had it all planned out months weeks even years before April 20 1999,
and they displayed warning signs but no one took the signs seriously or paid
attention to them. The result of that was a shooting that left 25 innocent students
injured some severly, adn 13 innocent people dead including the shooters or killers
weren't so innocent. All they wanted was revenge on the bullies who had bullied them
for 4 years , and tons of other things that lead them to their rampage. You see if
certain people would have paid attention, and the boys talked to the bullies and
school personal and demanded something be done about it then maybe the Columbine High
School shooting or massacre wouldn't have occured. Many other school shootings
wouldn't have occured like the ones before Columbine and the ones after Columbine. If
someone would have paid attention to the young man who killed people at Virginia Tech
then that wouldn't have happened either. See paying attention to warning signs,
talking to people with an adult, reading websites, watching videos, reading journals,
taking everything seriously, searching rooms, and talking to them can prevent school
shootings from happening that can if the shooter chooses to turn the shooting into a
massacre killing innocent people that do not deserve to die because in a shooters
eyes in does not matter who you are you are dead anyway injuring innocent people who
are there trying to save others and themselves because they are someone who should be
shot, saving the school thousands of dollars in damages, telling the media what
happened, having to put up with police, go through years of pain for families and the
nation, and save the shooters lives. All anyone has to do is pay attention and
massacres adn shootings can be prevented.

abc_ sings:   13 June 2007   826573  
very good
nicky7127 says:   13 June 2007   439983  
Dis Is v.good
‹Lexxii;;EveryonesFavoriteDrug› says :   29 December 2008   651423  
colombine shooting,
i remember that.
I remember that so much, 2 years ago we looked back at the phone calls
and the tapes and everything like that.
my cousin cathy cried. :/
it scared her,
but we couldnt stop watching.

we cant find those videos anymore. :/
it was a sad tragic day. April 20 1999, 11: 15 am.


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