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chapters 13-15Category: Shattered Dreams
Tuesday, 1 May 2007
10:26:46 PM (GMT)
Chapter 14 
   Over the couple of months the three of us fell into a routine. I would stay at
home while Alex was at school or work and babysit Julie, that way she wouldn't have
to stay with Andrea. Then Alex would either cook something or we would go out for
dinner. Cheyanne had also informed me that she was moving in with Matt. I knew I
couldn't pay for the apartment by myself and I also didn't want to be left alone with
a newborn baby once my daughter was born, so when Alex offered to let me move in
completely I accepted. I had been going back in forth between apartments to get
clothes and stuff for the past months since the Tylor incident. Today I was going
back to my apartment to finish packing up my things with Cheyanne. Not exactly the
best time to be carrying boxes and moving everything since I was getting close to my
due date. Actually about two weeks away. Which is why Cheyanne and I had to
practically kick Alex out of the apartment when he dropped me off. Cheyanne and I
wanted to do this by ourselves and our landlord had insisted we get moved out before
the end of the month. We had been working for close to two hours when a pain shot
through me and I tried to stay calm. 
"Uh-Cheyanne?" I say as I try to keep from screaming. Cheyanne obviously doesn't
understand because she's still bent over a pile of clothes. 
"Yeah?" She replies, totally oblivious to the amount of pain I'm experiencing.
"Now might be a good time to take a trip to the hospital." I say, wondering if I'd
overestimated her ability to understand this information. 
"Why?" She asks, still sorting through the clothes layed out on the bed. I probably
would have laughed at her if I wasn't in so much pain. 
"Because I don't think you have a degree in medicine and this kid apparently is not
going to wait another two weeks to make her appearance." I say, even managing to
sound sarcastic. Finally she gets the message and looks over at me. 
"Why didn't you say something sooner?" She demands as she helps me to the elevator
and then into her car parked out in front of the building. 
"I've been trying to for the past ten minutes!" I say and the give an exasperated
sigh. Sometimes Cheyanne can be so...DENSE! She just shakes her head and pulls out
onto the road. 
"Call Alex." I order, realizing that this girl probably wouldn't even think to. 
"What's his number?" She asks as she gets her cell out of her pocket and flips it
open, still driving. 
"735-8749." I say automatically. Funny, I can remember his number, but I can't
remember my own parents'? Oh well, not the time to ponder these things. 
"Yea...about three minutes...uh-huh...okay, bye." Cheyanne says into the phone. The
girl might not be the smartest cookie in the jar, but she can estimate pretty well.
We pull into the hospital parking lot exactly two minutes and fifty-five seconds
later, not that I was counting or anything. Ten minutes later, I'm in my own hospital
bed in my own hospital room. I had sent Cheyanne down to the lobby to catch Alex when
he got here. If my estimating is anywhere as good as Cheyanne's he should be here in
about ten minutes. Sure enough, eleven minutes later, Alex walked into the room
followed by an anxious looking Cheyanne. Cheyanne left to call Matt and we were left
"How're you feeling, sweetheart?" He asks as he sits down in the chair beside the bed
and kisses my forehead. 
"Pretty good now. They gave me some pain medicine about five minutes ago. Where's
Julie?" I ask after remembering that Alex had taken her to the zoo that morning.
"She's at Andrea's. We had just gotten home when Cheyanne called." He explained. He
took my hand and I smiled. That smile faded about two hours later when the pain
medicine started to wear off. Oh, just my luck. Okay, maybe I should have paid
attention in those classes Cheyanne insisted on dragging me to once a week.   
Three and a half hours later, Elizabeth Hope Hawkins made her entrance into the
world. After the nurse had cleaned her up, I sat holding her with Alex at my side. We
had discussed the last name thing a couple weeks before and I had decided to give her
Alex's last name. 
"What's her name?" Cheyanne said as she softly closed the door behind her and walked
into the room. 
"Elizabeth Hope Hawkins." I announce proudly with a smile." Do you want to hold her?"
I ask and she nods. I carefully hand my daughter to my best friend. 
"That's a beautiful name." Cheyanne says softly as she gently rocks Elizabeth.
Cheyanne goes on home a couple minutes later, but Alex decides to stay a while
longer. I watch Alex rocking my daughter and I know that he's the perfect dad for
her. I stare at Alex and my daughter for a couple more minutes intently. 
"What?" Alex asks softly a couple moments later. I just smile and shake my head. This
moment was too perfect to ruin. The nurse comes into the room and takes Elizabeth to
the nursery for the night. I tell Alex to go home a few minutes after that. He is
reluctant to leave me but I finally manage to get him to og home to his daughter. 
"Goodnight, sweetheart. I'll bring Julie by sometime tommorow morning." He says as he
kisses me on the cheek and then walks out of my room. I decide to call my parents and
notify them of their granddaughter. I pick up the receiver of the phone beside my bed
and dial my parents' number.
"Hello?" My mom asks when she answers the phone. I take a deep breath before
"I just wanted to let you know that your granddaughter was born a couple hours ago."
I say, trying to keep my voice as cool as I can. 
"What's her name?" My mom asks. She tries to hide the emotion in her voice, but I can
tell she's trying to hold back tears. I soften my tone a little bit. 
"Elizabeth Hope...Hawkins. You guys can come and meet her tommorow if you want. We're
at the hospital close to my old apartment." I offer, hoping to close the gap that has
formed in between us. 
"Hawkins?" My mom asks curiously. I sigh. I haven't told her about the whole Alex
thing or that I had moved. 
"Yea, that's my boyfriends last name. I moved him with him a couple months ago." I
explain, praying she doesn't ask if he's the father. I have no idea how to answer
that question. 
"You moved? Why?" My mom questions. Oh, great. 
"Yea. Tylor, Elizabeth's biological father, came to my apartment a couple months ago.
He was drunk and he was yelling at me. Alex, my boyfriend, was there with me and got
him to leave. And then I moved in with Alex. He has a two year old daughter and I
babysit her while Alex works." I explain as best I can. 
"Oh, honey I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" My mom asks and I can tell she has missed me
as much as I've missed her. 
"Yeah, I'm fine now. So do you guys want to meet Elizabeth?" I ask, a smile forming
on my lips. 
"We'd love to honey. We'll be there around nine tommorow morning. Is that alright?"
She replies.
"Yea, that's fine. And mom?"
"I love you." I say. There's a pause before she finally replies. 
"I love you too, Charlie." And then we said goodbye and hang up. I know there's one
more person I have to call. I pick up the phonebook beside the phone and look up his
number. I find it and take a deep breath before dialing the number. 
"Tylor, it's Charlie. I just wanted you to know that you have a daughter. Her name is
Elizabeth Hope. She's perfectly healthly. Bye." I say to the answering machine,
thankful that he wasn't home. Knowing that I had done the right thing, I turn the
light off and give way to my exhaustion.  
Chapter 15
   The next morning I was awakened by the bright sunshine as the nurse opened the
curtains in my room.
"Good morning. Did you sleep well?" The nurse asks with a pleasant smile as she
straightens up my room a little and takes my temperature and blood pressure and
"Yes, thank you. What time is it?" I ask, looking around the room for a clock, but
with no success. 
"Eight-thirty. I'm going to go get Elizabeth from the nursery so you can give her her
breakfast." She said as she walks out of the room. My parents would be here in about
half an hour and Alex and Julie would probably show up around then too. The nurse
returns a couple minutes later holding Elizabeth who had just been woken up judging
by the face she was making. Like mother like daughter. I had just finished feeding my
daughter her bottle when my mom knocks softly on the door and then walks into the
room, my dad right behind her. 
"Hi mom, dad." I say softly so I won't wake Elizabeth up. They walk quietly over to
my bed and just stand there for a couple moments in silence. 
"She's beautiful." My mom finally manages to say and I smile. 
"Yea, she is. Do you want to hold her?" I ask and then gently hand her to my mom when
she nods. My mom begins to slowly rock back and forth while my dad continues to just
stand there. After another couple of minutes of silence, the door is opened once
more. This time by Alex, Julie in his arms. He stops in the doorway when he notices
my parents' presence in the room. I gesture for him to come on in and walks over to
the bed and sits Julie down on the floor. Julie climbs up on the bed beside me and
throws her arms around me. I laugh and hug her back. 
"Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Alex Hawkins and his daughter, Julie. Alex, Julie,
these are my parents." I introduce with a smile. Surprisingly, my dad walks over to
Alex and they shake hands. My mom hands Elizabeth back to me and walks over to where
my dad and Alex are and hugs a bewildered Alex. I grin and then turn my attention to
"Julie, this is Elizabeth." I say to Julie and she smiles up at me. 
"Am I her big sister?" Julie asks innocently. I look over at Alex, knowing everyone
had heard her question. To my relief, they were all smiling. Alex nods and I turn my
attention back to Julie, tears threatening to fall. 
"Yes, she is." I answer with a heartfelt smile. 
"Can I hold her?" Julie asks eagerly. I nod and gently place Elizabeth in Julie's
arms, careful to make sure she was holding her right. My parents say there going to
go and get some breakfast in the cafeteria a couple minutes later and then exit the
room. Alex pulls up a chair next to the bed and sits down. Julie is still sitting on
the bed beside me holding Elizabeth. 
"Daddy, when can Charlie and Elizabeth come home?" Julie asks still staring adoringly
down at the baby in her arms. 
"I'm not really sure, Julie. Why don't you stay here with Charlie and I go and find
out?" Alex answers and, since I'm curious too, I nod and he walks out into the
hallway. He returns a couple of moments later. 
"Your doctor said if you feel like it you can go check out later today." Alex reports
with a smile as he sits back down. 
"You sure you're ready to live with three girls?" I tease him and he grins. 
"I think I'll survive." He teases back and I laugh. 
"Is my daddy Elizabeth's daddy too?" Julie asks curiously. Does this kid ever stop
asking questions?
"If he wants to be." I answer, my eyes never leaving Alex's. 
"Only if Charlie will be your mommy too." Alex answers. It takes me a few minutes,
but then I get the meaning of his words. 
"I'd love to be your mommy, Julie." I answer with a grin as I pull my both of my
daughters closer to me. Alex doesn't say anything. He just stands and walks around to
the other side of my bed and sits down on the edge. I had just agreed to marry Alex
and I couldn't have been happier. And, that's exactly how my parents found us when
they returned a couple minutes later. 
"Okay, would anyone like to inform us of what's going on?" My mother asks
suspiciously as they enter the room. 
"Can I? Can I?" Julie asks excitedly as she bounces up and down on the bed, causing
me to wince in pain. Alex looks at me and I nod. 
"Okay go ahead. Just stop bouncing, you're hurting Charlie." Alex says to his
daughter with a smile. I have to laugh at her enthusiasm. 
"Charlie's going to be my mommy too!" Julie all but yells. Alex picks her up just in
time to prevent her from bouncing on the bed again. There are tears in my mother's
eyes as she walks over to me and gives me a hug. 
"Congratulations sweetheart." My dad says, knowing his wife is speechless. He walks
over to us and gives me a hug too once my mom finally lets go of me. Julie, after
wriggling out of her father's arms, climbs over me and jumps into my father's arms.
If my father was surprised to have Julie jump into his arms, he didn't show it. He
twirled her around and then set her back down on the floor. My mother checks her
watch and then kisses me on the cheek. 
"I'm sorry sweetie. We have to get going. I have to be at work in an hour." She says
and then she and my father leave again after I right down my new phone number for
them. A nurse comes in a couple moments after that. 
"If you feel like it, you can go ahead and get dressed and check out if you want to."
The nurse says with a bright smile.
"Okay, thanks." I reply and then she walks back out of the room. One problem, where
in the heck are my clothes? I glance around the room again and spot my duffel bag
laying by the door. 
"Julie, can you get me that bag over there by the door please?" I ask, pointing
towards the bag so she'll know what I'm talking about. Obediently, she walks over to
the bag and brings it back to me. 
"Thank you." I say as I hand Elizabeth to Alex so I can go into the bathroom and
change. Five minutes later I emerged from the bathroom dressed in a pair of jeans and
a t'shirt. I had pulled my hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of my face. While
I was getting dressed, Alex had managed to get Elizabeth buckled into the carseat
that we had bought for her. He was sitting on the bed, Elizabeth's carseat beside him
and Julie sitting on his lap.
"You guys ready to go home?" I ask with a smile as I walk over to the bed and check
on my sleeping daughter.
"Whenever you are, sweetheart." Alex replies as bounces Julie on own knee. 
"Okay, then let's go home." I say happily. Alex sets Julie down and then stands and
picks up my bag and takes his daughter's hand. I pick up Elizabeth and join them in
the hallway. 
"Let's go home." He said with a smile that lit up his entire face. So, I follow my
fiance and my daughter out of the hospital and into our new lives together.   


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