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Tokyo Mew Mew Character Bio:IchigoCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 7 March 2007
05:24:07 PM (GMT)
Ichigo Momomiya (桃宮 いちご, Momomiya Ichigo?)
- The first member of the "Mew Project" and the main character of the series, Ichigo
is a 12-13-year-old (see age dispute) girl who becomes infused with the DNA of an
Iriomote Wildcat. Ichigo, a bit of a shy, clumsy ditz, originally wants nothing to do
with the "Mew Project," instead wishing to simply spend time with her crush, Masaya.
Later, however, she accepts her fate, realizing the importance of the task assigned
to her. Her name is the Japanese word for strawberry. She is 144.8 cm, about 4 ft 9
in. Ichigo is known as Zoey Hanson in Mew Mew Power, and as Strawberry Momomiya (and
Mew Berry in her Mew form) in Mew Mew: Amiche Vincenti

Name Translation: "いちご Ichigo"=Strawberry, "桃
Momo"=peach, "宮 miya"=shrine 
Name Pronunciation: Ee-chee-gou Mou-mou-mee-yah 
Alias: Mew Ichigo (ミュウ・イチゴ Myuu
Signature Color: Pink 
Age: 12-13, as she ages during the series (16 in Mew Mew Power). 
Birthday: March 15th 
Grade: 7th grade, 1st year of middle school by Japanese standards (10th in Mew Mew
Zodiac sign: Pisces 
Height: 5 feet 1 inch 
Weight: 92 pounds 
Blood Type: B 
Hair Color: Dark Red (Sugar Pink in Mew form) 
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown (Pink in Mew form) 
Likes: Shopping, spending time with Masaya 
Favorite Foods: Pizza, pancakes with maple syrup, caramel popcorn, and fish (possibly
due to her cat genes) 
Least Favorite Food: Carrots (Sushi and baklava in Mew Mew Power) 
BMI: 17.4 
Mew Mark: The symbol on the Mew member's pendants--two sides of a big heart over a
smaller heart, and underneath are two sets of little lines, on her right leg, upper
inner thigh, colored pink. 
Battle cry: "For the future of the Earth, I will be of service nya!" in Tokyo Mew
Mew, "For your evil actions, We will make you pay!" in the English manga, and the
hip-hop styled "Mew Mew style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew power in your face!" in Mew Mew
Transformation saying: "Mew Mew Strawberry, Metamorphosis!" in Tokyo Mew Mew, "Power
Pendant, Activate!" in the premire episode of Mew Mew Power ("Power Pendant,
Mewtamorphosis!" in later episodes), and "Mew Berry, metamorfosi!" (Mew Berry,
metamorphosis!) in Mew Mew: Amiche Vincenti. 
Animal: Iriomote Wildcat 
Love interest: Masaya Aoyama. 

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‹Northern Italy♥› says :   3 July 2007   155745  
I love tokyo mew mew


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