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Life On Lunar Street; Chapter 1: The Big MoveCategory: (general)
Monday, 22 January 2007
01:45:53 PM (GMT)
"Mom, come on! I really don't see why we have to move. I mean, our old place was
perfect!" Kaylee and her mother were off to be at their new home. All seems to be
frantic at the moment. Kaylee could't belive she was leaving her perfect home, her
perfect friends, her perfect life. Kaylee Carason is a girl who longs for a normal
life. Live a childhood, meet the perfect guy, get married, have the perfect kids, die
of old age. Pretty normal huh? But just when her life was on it's way to being the
life she's been dreaming about, they have to move. Besides her hopes, thoughts, and
dreams, Kaylee is a normal girl on the outside. Long brown hair with blue tips, a
pretty face, fit enough for her own comfort, Kaylee's got it pretty good. But, from
her point of veiw, it's all a nightmare waiting to happen now. "Kaylee please, it's
not that bad." said Kaylee's mother. There was an akward pause. "I still don't really
understand why we have to be doing this." Kaylee's mother put her hand to her head.
Everything's going by so fast. As Kaylee looked out the window, she figured it
was kind of like her life. Everything goes by so quickly, one place from another in
such a fast motion. How could she stop it? "Look honey, I got a great new job. Trust
me honey, our life will be alot better, we're getting a new house, a new car soon,
you'll love it KayKay." Her mother tried to force a smile out her annoyance to show
her daughter that she meant what she said. When Kaylee looked in the mirror to her
mother's smile, she figured she'd just go with it. Kaylee rolled her eyes before her
next protest. "Oh yah mom, its all gonna be just fine." Her mother gave her
that look that meant "Knock it off before i knock you off." Kaylee grimmaced and lost
her tone of sarcasm. "Mom, I'm not going to be able to see my friends anymore. Don't
you care?" Kaylee's throught started to tighten with anger and sorrow. "Oh KayKay, of
course i care, but there's nothing we can do." Her mother gave a long sigh of
simpathy. "Don't worry sweetie, you're sure to make lots of new friends." Kaylee
looked up to the rear-view mirror and saw that smile again, she new that this one was
sincere.  Kaylee mummbled an something then resumed looking out the window. She
started to get drowsy. Her mind was playing all of her memories through her head like
a mini-portable slide show. Kaylee saw her house, her school, all of her friends, her
father. A tear filled her eye right at that moment. Hi daddy... Kaylee new her
father couldn't hear her, he would never be able to hear her again. I'm sorry
we're leaving you, daddy. Mom said we had to leave the house. Daddy, why didn't you
come with us? Don't you want to be with me, daddy? You promised... Suddenly, the
memory of her deciesed father dissapeared, on to the next slide. But this one, this
memory was hard to see.  So blurry... Kaylee tightened her eyes. She started
to see something, someone. Right then, Kaylee made out one person in the picture. It
was a girl, she was turned the other way, facing someone else. Who is she?
Right at the moment where the girl came a little closer, the car jurked to a stop.
Kaylee's eyes popped open. She let out a short breath. "I see your awake." Her
mother's joyful eyes were looking at her in the mirror. Kaylee yawed. "Yah, why'd we
stop?" She almost forgot that she was moving. It still didn't seem real. "Well, we
stopped because we're here! Come on, let's get out of this stuffy car, and go check
it out!" Her mother's voice was suddenly filled with urgency and delight. Kaylee
grabbed her bag, and opened the door. A cool breeze hit her face, it felt good. She
smiled a bit and took a breath of fresh air in, as if refilling her lungs with good
air, letting the stuffy, bad air out. Kaylee looked up and saw this huge building.
"Whoa, is this our house?" She turned to her mother, eagerly waiting the answer.
"Yup, we're home." Home... Kaylee thought. She took another soothing breath.

Cerise whispers:   22 January 2007   991334  
nice, it keeps me reading, lol 
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   22 January 2007   446275  
lol well im doing the second chapter soon by the wayy...dont mind
that i thingy at the end xD
Belsboys4eva56 says:   25 January 2007   481939  
fantastic! but what happened to her dad?
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   25 January 2007   188168  
he died
Iesha210 says:   11 March 2007   592733  
This is a awesome story I love it!!!1
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   12 March 2007   244816  
thx ya ^^
‹GatorBoots› says:   7 April 2007   252454  
Cool so far~!! I'm gonna read the rest tommorrow, right now as I'm
posting this it's really late! And I'm about to go ta sleep. 

Again, cool story so far.
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   7 April 2007   767621  
xD lol thx! ^_^ cant wait to see wacha think of the rest :D
Eelyak says:   21 May 2007   839774  
My name is Kaylee. My user name on here is Eelyak and if that is
spelled backwords is spells KAYLEE!!! Oh and awesome story by the
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   21 May 2007   921752  
xD lol thats funneh xD

and thx ^-^
donteatglue says:   22 May 2007   427449  
soooooooooooo sad 
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   22 May 2007   749414  
yesh *shniff* ;_;


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