What happens if someone you know wants to be more than friends...but
you have a girlfriend...
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What happens if someone you know wants to be more than friends...but
you have a girlfriend...
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Sunday, 7 January 2007
12:18:46 PM (GMT)
How am I supposed to know how to deal with thinking that someone who was my best
friend...is interested in me?
She told me the other day, that she wanted to be my girlfriend. I simply didnt know
what to say to her, but I have a girlfriend so that's xactly what I said. She was
crying. I was soo sad. But, honestly, this is the girl I'd played football and gotten
dirty in the mud with and known since I was born. How would I know that she would
ever wanna be more than friends???

How should I deal with this? I dont know if she'll be mad at me or what to
think...But, I have to face her in school tomorrow. And I have to tell her that I'm
moving tomorrow. What can i do?

‹Ty=)› says:   7 January 2007   259135  
in my old neighborhood i had a boy who was my best friend.people who
lived in my nieghborhood could tell we liked eachother.one day he had
to move.i was sad.even though i was only 5 or 6 it broke my heart.we
said or last goodbye and shared our last hugs.then one day he left.it
hurt but i gotten over it.i moved since then and is now 11.she'll get
over it soon like me hopefully.if she's your true friend and likes you
enough she'll understand.
kassluva212 says:   7 January 2007   292956  
Thanks...I sure hope you're right.
hershey105 says:   7 January 2007   858645  
well......that happened to me before.if she's really your
friend she'll forgot about it. Just tell her maybe something
will happen someday. But not right now
kassluva212 says:   7 January 2007   888643  
Naruto_Suaske says:   7 January 2007   552365  
My best friend asked me to the dance, but I am seeing another guy and
I told him and he got so upset but after the dance he got over it and
he is moving next week and told me it broke my heart because we have
been best friends for 5 years but I got over it and she will to
kassluva212 says:   8 January 2007   428663  
Thank you, I certainly hope so...Because, she's been my friend for a
long time, but I love my girl..
prettystar123 says:   8 January 2007   128795  
Well,that can be awkarad.................
kassluva212 says:   8 January 2007   314761  
yeah...tell me about it
kassluva212 says:   8 January 2007   272461  
she didnt talk to me at all today
hokuangelchik says:   13 January 2007   661721  
well when i moved away from my bf we shared our last hugs and
kisses,and now every day i call him to check up on everything! and its
like im really there talking to him
Inuyashima says:   20 January 2007   872878  
i know how you feel when i was younger i became bf and gf with my
friend and then 2 years later he moved and now i don't know where he
is and i aven't seen him since i was in the fifth grade
luckystar says:   22 January 2007   948383  
hi ive only just read this. i feel so sorry 4 u. if i was you i would
ask her that you would like 2 stay just close friends because is she
the 1 u can trust and want 2 be with if so then have a go but do what
you want to do and follow your heart. love keeley xxx
kassluva212 says:   22 January 2007   725231  
thank you very much...

I do not have to move anymore...thankfully...but she's barely talking
to me still...
Devastation says:   22 January 2007   575162  
look if u think u will be tight bffl then things fall in to placeim
going out witha guy that was with me when i was in k i hated hes guts
but now wre in love somethings happen for a reson
,think a bout it
Dude_on_a_Roll says:   28 January 2007   214251  
if she is your true friend she'll under stand
kassluva212 says:   31 January 2007   699642  
I certainly hope so...I tried talking to her today...and she was
like, you sent me all the signals that you liked me like that so you
are just a tease...and i was like, i kept telling you all about my
girlfriend..how was that sending signals..and she walked away and
avoided me...
kyle_guy says:   15 February 2007   333761  
well who would u rather have a girlfriend as 
ur bestfriend
or ur now girl friend
if i were u i would go with ur best friend
i know how u fell
i have a best friend and a girlfriend and they dont like eachother and
my best friend thinks that i am gonns leave him for my girlfriend but
im not going to 
well i think u should be girlfriend and boyfriend with ur best friend
and dump ur girlfriend
kyle_guy says:   15 February 2007   544954  
r u still with ur girlfriend or did u aks ur bestfriend out
kassluva212 says:   15 February 2007   481819  
i just read ur thing so..im still with my girlfriend..i dont think i
wanna dump her though...because i dont like my best friend like
tht..but i do like my girlfriend like tht...ya know?
kyle_guy says:   16 February 2007   427837  
ya i know what u r talking about
parkerlover says:   16 February 2007   496154  
yaaaaaa cailees bi and i am scared
kyle_guy says:   16 February 2007   657441  
 u r not a true friend then
kassluva212 says:   17 February 2007   328853  
i know why were u scared? even if she was bi wouldnt u still be her
kyle_guy says:   17 February 2007   648398  
cailee is my girlfriend and i would not care even if she wa bi
kyle_guy says:   17 February 2007   112797  
i would still be her boyfriend if she was bi
kassluva212 says:   18 February 2007   542734  
i know...

i was defending her and you..i was talking to the girl b4 you..
azngurl says:   19 February 2007   329358  
i bet she'll be half happy  poor things
azngurl says:   19 February 2007   831335  
mustlovedogs says:   3 March 2007   859189  
you r so cute
kassluva212 says:   3 March 2007   587891  
kyle_guy says:   3 March 2007   893592  
that was weird
shortieshortie says:   5 March 2007   361749  
boy keep ya girl she can't really ur friend if she is acting like
this. listen to me!!!1 i know!!! become my friend
kassluva212 says:   7 March 2007   665592  
id love to be ur friend

i have kept my girlfriend
kyleguy says:   8 March 2007   218241  
what did ur friend say
kassluva212 says:   9 March 2007   698522  
she's gettin over it....

she's like...im sorry i was a jerk but i dont think i can deal with
being ur bff right now..i love you in another way 2 much..i only hope
ur happi and can forgive me when and if i move on...

i was like...i think i can if u can accept my girl

she was like..i can only try
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   12 March 2007   238648  
that is so sad... i mean is she was your best frend, sh's face it and
noe that she can only be your best friend. BEST OF LUCK!!
kassluva212 says:   12 March 2007   333573  
smartblonde says:   14 March 2007   854316  
I totally agree with stardom: if she's your true friend she'll
understand! You'll work it out I'm sure of it.
kassluva212 says:   15 March 2007   279615  

i hope so


its been a whiel and she's still not realy like over it...
Centile says:   15 April 2007   247271  
girls get really emotionally attachted to people like you. And just
askin, why do you like the other girl? I'm sorry, but I've had a
batchillion hot boys ask me out, but I won't do it because I am in
love with me best friend. And he loves me back <3...
macmass95 says:   28 April 2007   564314  
wait your moved all ready if you did i can STILL give you some things
to talk to her about i mean just saying that can REALLY hurt a girl
you have to tell her slowly i mean whats more
important..............your old girlfriend or you BEST FRIENDS
feelings about YOU!!!
iheartyew says:   5 May 2007   489153  
That had happen to me we knew we liked each other but we kinda go out
but then I moved and never saw him again and I'm not even over him but
as the days go I get over him and I hope you get yo gurl
‹shii-chan♥› says:   6 May 2007   286825  
0MG.. thats, like , happening to me right now.. but Im like the girl
in your situation...
‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   7 May 2007   186837  
wow,i have an issue exactly like that,exept im the position of you!! 
so i seriously dont have any idea what to tell ya,sorry!!
amadora747 says:   16 May 2007   654682  
well ive had that problem 
im goin out with this guy ritght and my best mate dosen't no then e
asks me out and im like ok i can just reject him i did now he is
crawling 4 me and trying to breack my relastion ship up with mu mate
happygal990 says:   19 June 2007   124478  
Hey in my daycamp my really cute neighbor was there and I liked him a
lot. We were best friends and I found out that he liked me. I did have
a boyfriend that I cared about I went home and thought about it. I
care about my boyfriend but I cared about my friend more. You should
take your friend. Some people like their friend and never know if they
like them back. You have known her a while and you should go wit her
PhearTehMe says:   22 June 2007   285363  
Lol, I'm probably like.. a year late or something...
But I want to throw in my two cents.  
First of all, I want to say: I have no right to tell you who you
should date or shouldn't date.

Just..try talking to her.. you know?  She has NO reason to be mad. 
That's just a selfish and spoiled thing to do.  She might start
crying, or something though, and be prepared for that.

If she starts crying, you tell her this: 
Iff she were REALLY your friend, she would understand that you don't
like her in THAT WAY. Things can't ALWAYS go her way. Just because you
love and care for someone, doesn't mean that they have to too.

If she were such a good friend, don't just abandon her, KEEP IN TOUCH.
skid169 says:   29 July 2007   585871  
just tell her that shes pretty and all but you would perfer to
friends..because you dont want your friendship with her to change
dame_of_darkness says:   7 December 2007   453783  
ok, i kinda agree with everyon cause i read everysingle fucking
letter thing up there but still, even if u dont sleep, get ur jerky
ass up and think about hoo u care more about!!   some stupid ass boys
dont no hoo they like more until its too late

and if u still cant decide tell ur girlfriend ur going threw a tuff
stage and break up with her but tell her that u guys wanna be real
good friends 

avoid both of em for like 3 days and see which one u miss more, if u
still like ur girl, than, just apologize for ignoring her

but still apologize to ur best friend too.    give them both some
space, to smooth the ripples of ur current.
but when and if u break up with ur girlfriend  dont say we need to
take a break cause then shell break down and shit so just say, "hey,
um we need to talk, its not a bad thing though... im sure u no wats
going on with my best friend and i just wanna say, i just need to
think for a while so ill get back to u on wat i think in 3 days...i
just need to think this over, my heads in a bunch. "

and if she says something like "Y DO U NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT! IM THE

just tell her "yes i think so but i have a best friend to worry about

and before she says anything just say "so ill talk to u in 3 days" 
and take her hands into urs and give her a kiss on the cheek and walk
away...... if u do that mail me MAIL me    and tell me what happened
dame_of_darkness says:   7 December 2007   774962  
oh by the way have u gone threw puberty yet cause if u havent then
thats y ur all confused and if u have gone threw puberty then boy are 
u fucked up. if u havent then once u do ull now fer sure which one u
like more
‹<$Heartz4romJesse<3› says :   4 January 2009   843382  
whos more important? you best friend who know you for years. or a
your girlfriend who you just met and dated? who do you know more?
i'd date whoever i met first!


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