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Painful memoriesCategory: ouch.....
Saturday, 16 December 2006
07:57:53 AM (GMT)
(this was a LONG time ago) Well, when i was in grade 3 i had a babysitter, and she
was the nicest, she always did wat i wanted 2 do, but one day we were watching t.v,
and i got a little bored, so i went to the bathroom and got a towel, i lightly put it
around my neck, and i was running up and down her room,(i pretended 2 be superman
even though i'm a girl) and i tripped over her foot, and i went flying into the wall
head first, and then i hit the heater, my mom said it sounded like concrete hitting
the ground(she was in another room with my babysitters mom) and i didn't know wat
happened, my babysitter passed out on her bed because she passes out at the site of
blood, and it didn't first....i was rolling around on the ground holding my
head, i was laughing, but then my mom came into the room and got me to sit up
straight...bad idea, TONS of blood came rushing onto me, and the ground, i was rushed
to the hospital bleeding from the head, they made me wait 5 hours!! (the hospital
made me wait) and then i FINALLY got stitches.....i couldn't open my left eye, but i
was lucky 2 only need stitches, if my head went 2 the right as i was falling i would
have been blind in one eye, if my head went 2 the left as i was falling, then i would
have died, so i just feel so lucky the worst didn't happen!

callie11 says:   16 December 2006   658589  
that must have hurt a lot. i hurt just thinking about it. : (
clouds12 says:   16 December 2006   293742  
this is a true story juust so u know
clouds12 says:   16 December 2006   316857  
ya it did hurt
clouds12 says:   16 December 2006   452371  
i still have the scar.....
hina whispers:   17 December 2006   978239  
That's very, very scary...
Glad you are OK =)
Blair says:   20 December 2006   386384  
OMG!!! Tahts really sad! Thank God your ok!! Right? I thought my
stiches were bad but yours are definately worse!
girlygirl_4_life says:   24 December 2006   912898  
oh my god!!!!!!!!i fell on concrete and had 2 get a stich on my
neck,(nothing serious)but that seems so bad!!!!!!!!!i'm just glad ur
clouds12 says:   24 December 2006   977539  
popcorn_500 says:   29 December 2006   413215  
it feels horrid talkin about it it must of hurt owch
JacquieWasHere says:   18 January 2007   956573  
And you still have that scar :P Superman? Dude, you were crazy when
you were little!
clouds12 says:   18 January 2007   322262  
haha yepps i was!!!!!!!^.~
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says :   19 January 2007   836482  
ooh ouch I so glad both of those fates didn't happen


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