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Tuesday, 28 June 2016
07:44:07 PM (GMT)
I'm starting to get the feeling that when this year has finally wound down that we
will all look back on it and many of us at least will shake our heads and wonder "am
I going crazy?"

It is true that no one ever promised us that the world would be rational, or that
things would make sense, or that people choose things using their brains.
It's true that I can be an intellectual snob and I admit that at least one prejudice
that I have is against stupid people. But more and more, I am starting to fear the
tyranny of the dim-witted. And what makes this feeling even worse is that I am very
supportive of individual choice and also strongly anti-authoritarian.

If for example, a person were to say to their child or children. Hey kids, do you
want this normal, nutritional, good-for-you breakfast? Or would you rather have this
slice of chocolate cake for breakfast instead? Naturally, most children are going to
choose the Chocolate Cake. Sure some won't for whatever reasons but most will. Let's
face it. It's tasty and feels good in the moment. While they may know better, we can
understand why they choose the Chocolate Cake instead of say the oatmeal or eggs or
whatever the "sensible" choice is.

It seems to me that this is exactly what we see people doing when they choose to vote
for Donald Trump or when the majority who voted in the Brexit vote chose to leave the
European Union. Let's be real. It's an emotional choice. Most of them, we hope at
least, know in their heart of hearts that this is a ridiculous bad-for-them choice
but they don't care. It is Chocolate Cake after all and who can turn that down? Sure
it's made up of a lot of false air and promises and may leave them a belly-ache. But
it is what they want. 

The problem for the rest of us is that we all may have to live with the consequences
of the majority choice. And much like the Brits who are already having buyer's
remorse and the top political leaders who made a lot of false promises and beat the
nationalistic drum to an anti-immigration beat to get the hoi polloi worked up enough
to set-aside their brains, we Americans might well get taken down a similar path. 

It seems unbelievable. Already Donald Trump is flip-flopping on his "total complete
ban on Muslims" and it won't be long before talk of the "I'm gonna build a Wall"
falls to the wayside. (Setting up perfectly my "Where's the Wall Tho? Waldo-dressed
inspired protesters and meme.) None of these things matter. None of the usual
rational things matter. These are intellectual babies who are either too stupid (and
face it we have a LOT of stupid people in this country) or too lazy to do some actual
thinking about the substance or lack of nutritional value in what is being served up,
or simply don't care and want what is emotionally satisfying. They want the Chocolate
Cake for breakfast.
Last edited: 28 June 2016

PROBE687 says :   3 July 2016   915492  
The voting system is very corrupt right now, most people wont vote
for the best president, they vote for who would be the most beneficial
to them and therefore a corrupt evil man could become president by
promising money to those who refuse to work for it and for people who
refuse to work, researching a president is far too much work, they are
digging their own grave and taking decent people with them


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