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Monday, 29 September 2014
10:48:27 PM (GMT)
So I want to start making a legit diary thing. Well it'll probably be more of an
update on my life, similar to others I've don in the past. So I'll start making this
a more common thing, like as least once every month maybe(?).
First thing I'll talk about is going to be school because that's taking up at least a
good 75% of my life right now. I'm doing pretty well in my eyes. The hardest class
for me is AP European history and I literally just got done studying for a test right
before I got on here to write this. My favorite classes are probably AP Psych and
enriched trig based solely on the content of the class. My favorite teachers though
are my enriched English 2 and AP European history teachers. These are two separate
people just in case you got confused, because I reread that sentence and I thought it
could be a bit strange... I don't know how to fix it though. English really was never
my best subject. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bad at it, but analyzing text and caring
about such minute, unnecessary grammatical details just does not hold my interest at
all. I want to read for the sake of reading and I can write just fine...like I can
write a fucking great-ass essay if I set my mind to it. I have a B in that class
right now though, so that's not terrible. Not preferable, but not terrible.
My next topic is about homecoming. My school's homecoming is coming up in less than I
week (10-4-14) and I'm not going to it because I already went to my boyfriend's
homecoming (9-27-24). I had a pretty good time and I wasn't too awkward when it came
to socializing with the other couple in our double date group thing. The dance itself
was kind of lame, but it was alright with me because I got to be with my boyfriend
and that's all that really mattered to me. I danced with him for the slow songs and I
danced for a little bit to some of the popular trash dance music they played cause I
felt really out of place considering I was just standing there while the other 3 were
dancing. Thinking back now, I probably looked really clingy because I constantly
stuck at my boyfriend's (His name is Austyn by the way) side and I would juts
randomly hug him and kiss him all the time and I really hope I didn't embarrass him
or anything. Anyway, the night went wonderful and I spent the night t Austyn's house
cause he lives and hour and a half away from me and it would be stupid to just go
back home at like 10:30. But staying the night was nice cause that means cuddling and
falling asleep together. I stole his jacket too and I like smelling it.
Hm what else to talk about? Nothing comes to mind so I'll just cut it here. Bye bye

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