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Why am I always the walked over one?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 21 May 2014
02:27:09 PM (GMT)
Kind of a random rant but I really want to scream. I can't scream so I'll angry type
My friend is living with me because she's been kicked out of her home.
Her way of thanking me is spending all her time with other friends, who I like as
well, without inviting me.
She promised my mum she'd bring cigarettes as she keeps borrowing them and now my mum
has ran out. I just had to go to the shops and use my own money to buy my mum fags
because my friend was meant to be home with them 4 hours ago. That's 5 hours my mum,
who is a fairly heavy smoker, has had to go without.
I'm so annoyed at her for stupid reasons.
She's living with me rent free, we're buying her food, paying for her clothes to be
washed everything. 
She can fucking afford to go and buy weed. 
Everyone always walks over me because I'm nice. 
I'm fed up of being nice. I'm better off without friends than always being the one to
do a favour, listen to a sob story, hug while they cry.
Irl no one is ever there to listen to me and my problems and there's only so much you
feel better when you talk through the internet.

‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   21 May 2014   530613  
She deserves a kick in the face.
‹badnugget› says:   21 May 2014   464785  
That's honestly ridiculous... I get how it feels to feel like you let
everyone walk all over you. It's like always trying to be the better
person and never getting anything in return...
But now she's walking all over your mom as well and that's completely

I'm sorry you're so frustrated :c
PerfectImperfections says:   21 May 2014   100726  
Agree with Austin tbh .-.
crazyhot says:   22 May 2014   780169  
Kick her out, she's no friend of yours
Phantom says :   22 May 2014   980129  
It's time you sat down with this "friend" and establish some
expectations. in a way you are sort of living like sisters would be
and its common that sisters dont include their sister in their
activities with other friends. u should mention your feelings and that
you would enjoy being included in the fun but also allow her space to
have her own social circle. its very possible that she needs to have
this time away from you (and your family) because otherwise she gets
no break from the constant reminder that she is actually in a pitiful
state and lives off the generousity of your family.  she should be
grateful to you and your family but she also isnt fully mature...very
few teens fully appreciate all their family does for them so your
expectations of her might be a little high...just as long as she isnt
totally ungrateful cut her some slack.

if she has money or income she should pitch in and she should help
with the house as well chorewise. she should of course keep her word
about repaying things like the cigs if shes told your mom she would.
you can tell her this in a good way not too critical of her.

your biggest problem isnt this girl. its your lack of a good friend or
friends. as you say u dont have anyone irl to talk with. everyone
needs someone to talk to...try to befriend someone in need of a friend
also and things will be a lot better for you.


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