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Tuesday, 6 August 2013
03:19:54 PM (GMT)
So a meme called "Draw This Again" exists, where artists take a piece of work from a
long time ago and redo it.
Well, I lack art skills, but I want to try it with an old South Park fanfiction of
mine, posted here on Kupika in 2008. Even if you're not a fan of the show, it would
be great to see if you think I've improved!
Our Only Light, chapter 1

"Wendy! OH MY GOD, WENDY!"

The owner of the name blushed as the words reached her words. Before she even turned
towards the origin, she was well aware of the speaker's identity. Bebe's booming
voice was a result of being a longtime cheerleader and...well, outspoken, typical
Bebe. Though the two had been best friends for years, a rush of embarrassment flooded
through Wendy as onlookers turned to stare at her. Briskly, she crossed the hallway
to meet the blonde.

Through her teeth, Wendy hissed, "What?!"

Bebe's hands were on her knees. "Stan," she panted.

Eyebrows furrowed at the mention of her ex's name, she responded, "Uh, Stan?"
Following the assertion that they would never get together again, the raven-haired
girl thought she would never hear his name again.

Straightening her back to give her best friend an exasperated look, Bebe confirmed,
"Yes, Stan!"

"What about Stan?"

The blonde's thoughts were rushing through her mind, leading to stumbling, stammering
words. "He...He-! YOU DON'T KNOW?! What...what is wrong with you?!"

"Oh, I don't know. Possibly everything," Wendy responded sarcastically. Didn't they
both know that Bebe was the social butterfly out of the two of them? Known to many,
people other than the frizzy-haired Bebe who gossiped to Wendy would receive a stern
lecture about the consequences of rumors.

Fed up with Wendy's clueless demeandor, Bebe spit it out. "Stan asked Red out to the

In that moment, the purple-clad girl swore her heart stopped. Her mind contained no
thoughts, and her body went numb.

"Wendy?" Bebe's voice brought her to reality, and she found her best friend's hand
waving in her face.

"Huh?" she said dumbly, then cleared her throat and tried to show little reaction.

Bebe, seemingly, didn't notice. "So?!" she echoed in disbelief.

In the span of a second, the aura of the crowded school hallway seemed to change. The
heightened chatter subsided to a low buzz. Cautiously, Wendy attempted to identify
the cause. Walking down the hallway was the new couple, a grinning Stan walking
besides bright-eyed Red, whose arm was locked around his. They were laughing and
conversing, unaware of their surroundings- particularly the darting eyes and hushed

Upon Stan and Red's exit, Wendy turned back to her best friend, whose arms were
crossed sassily over her chest. To get Bebe's narrowed eyes off of the spot where
Stan and Red exited, Wendy snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"What. The Hell. Was that?!" Wendy demanded.

The blonde sighed. "Well, you and Stan were a couple, and Stan's finally gotten over
you," she put it simply. "Kyle told me he cried every night over you."

Wendy rolled her eyes, unable to suppress the reflex to tone down Stan and his
friends' behavior. "He's exaggerating, you know it." She shook her head, then quickly
said, "So, you and Kyle? Dance?"

"You know it!" her friend giggled, brushing a lock of curly hair behind her ear.

"You two are crazy over each other."

"You know it!" she repeated. Quickly, her expression turned grave. "Just like you and
Stan." She slipped away, leaving Wendy with protests ready to leak out of her lips.
"Bye, Wendy!"
The following afternoon, Wendy gritted her teeth and clenched her gloved hands. She
was determined. She was prepared. She was ready.

She had given herself a little pep talk in the bathroom, informing her reflection
that she indeed could show the town of South Park that Wendy Testaburger was over the
breakup. But, just a few moments later, Tammy Warner walked in with ointment in hand,
asking Wendy to do her a favor, and the girl in the pink beret booked the fuck out of

Now, she ignored the pounding in her chest and the clamminess of her hands under
gloves as she walked the middle school hallways towards Stan's locker.

"Hi, Stan!"

Abruptly, Stan and Red stopped their conversation. The former didn't give in to his
usual reaction. Wendy didn't know whether to be relieved or melancholic about the
fact that vomit was not spewing out of her former lover's mouth.

"Oh, hi, Wendy," he greeted simply.

"Hi, Wendy!" said Red cheerily. Despite being good friends with the girl for a long
time, Wendy felt like she was going to be the one throwing up.

Despite the wicked thoughts, Wendy was able to reciprocate Red's joyous tone. "Hi,

Although he was far from the expert, Stan Marsh had watched enough cliche films to
know that the new girl didn't clash well with the ex-girlfriend. His eyes darted back
and forth between them a few times before focusing on Wendy, praying that she would
start a nice conversation. Instead, it was Red to speak first.

"So, do you have a date to the dance?"

Wendy shook her head in response. "No, unfortunately."

"Oh. I'm going with Stan." Red and Stan glanced at each other, smiling.

As if it wasn't obvious, Wendy thought bitterly. Quickly running different plans in
her mind to get her out of the vicinity, she was interrupted by someone calling her

"Hey, Wendy!"

The three switched their attention towards the voice. Kenny McCormick approached with
his best friend Cartman. The boy in orange looked odd, with the hood of his parka
resting on his neck rather than obscuring most of his face.

"Yes, Kenny?" Wendy responded, not used to conversing with the usually silent boy.

"You got a date for the school dance?"

Wendy opened her mouth, stammering, "I- Well, n-"

Before pulling his hood up, he said, "You're going with me, then." Cartman nudged him
and they departed without another word.

She braced herself as she wheeled back around to face Stan and Red. Yep, there it
was: ecstasy, like overenthusiastic parents.

"So you're going with Mr. Straightfoward, eh?" Stan said with a smirk.

Red burst out, "He's so sweet!" When Wendy didn't respond, she added, "And, wow, I
would've never expected that!"

"We should go. See you around, Wendy," Stan said. The couple waved and left.

The remaining woman stood idly at the lockers, finally able to process what had
happened in the past five minutes.

"What the fuck?!" she exclaimed.
Once word got out of Wendy's new date, people constantly surrounded the two. It was
clear who got the worst end of the deal.

"Hey Wendy, why Kenny?"

"Kenny? What were you thinking, Wendy?"

"That's a joke, right?"

"Are you serious?"

To prevent herself from punching them all in the face, Wendy had to think of this
from Bebe's perspective. Wendy could be deemed "popular" within the realm of school,
and being dateless would cause even more damage to her reputation than having Kenny
as her date. At the end of the day, all she could do was sigh into her palms and
await the day of the dance, so all of this shit could be over.
Last edited: 6 August 2013

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