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slutCategory: (general)
Sunday, 7 April 2013
07:05:40 PM (GMT)
It’s funny how women’s behaviors are ruled by men’s expectations and desires.

Let’s take how a woman should dress, according to society. We’re supposed to make
ourselves attractive and flatter our bodies. Why? Because it attracts men. Go to any
kind of fashion magazine, and it’ll tell you on the cover it has an article on how
to dress to impress men. How to attract the attention of men. How to be sexy…
According to what men think is sexy. A constant message that how I portray myself
should make myself appealing to men. I actually dress for comfort, thank you very

Of course, while women are supposed to be sexy and sultry and desirable (to men)
we’re also supposed to not be “slutty.” The slut shaming is for another day,
but there’s an issue with how women are supposed to appear desirable, but not TOO
desirable. Too desirable probably means that *gasp* she’s had sex before. And
society (men) want a woman who’s alluring, but innocent.

Women are supposed to dress to make men want them, but conservatively enough that not
too many men want them. Supposed to incite desire, but not to the point that it
suggests the woman may desire someone.

Which brings the point of how women are supposed to put out and yet also be chaste. A
woman who has sex? Slut. A woman who doesn’t? Prude. A woman who waits too long in
a relationship to have sex? Not worth your time. Why date if you don’t get laid? A
woman who puts out on the first date? What a trashy whore, probably has diseases,
even though you were just as interested in the fuck as she was. But because a
consenting woman had sex with you when you wanted, on a first date, she’s no longer
relationship material.

You see how hard this is? Society says a woman should make men want them but not to
want the men back. Society says a woman should have sex ONLY after this much time but
before this or else she isn’t worth it. Because a man deserves better than a slut
or a prude. Despite the fact she’s an adult and can do what she wants with her
life, and whatever she wants to do with her sex life is a valid choice, the only
choice society sees as valuable is the one where a man is happiest.

How about instead of a rule where you have to have sex on the third date, you let the
adult woman do whatever she wants with her vagina whenever? How about instead of
every magazine saying “How to tell when to have sex with him” and “How to be
sexy” and “How to not be too sexy” you let her dress however and fuck

Goddammit you society why are people so concerned with what other people are doing
with their lives?

Because people want to feel validation for their life choices. They want rules
because the patriarchy says sex is wrong, so people need to know “when” and need
to make sure other people act the same, because otherwise that means their choice
might not be “right.” It’s about control of others to validate yourself. It’s
about men’s power over women to make themselves happy. It isn’t about what’s
right for the individual. It’s a power trip.

Dear society, women’s choices should not be dictated by men’s preferences. Stop
making it about men, stop enforcing it through power pressure, stop caring about what
someone else does that doesn’t affect you.

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dissonante says:   8 April 2013   495446  
‹"CAMP JAME$"› says:   8 April 2013   758421  
Thank you! Finally a woman with a working brain and some class.
Kupika needs more people like you, but not just kupika the world
actually. I thank God for you and may you continue to go down the
right path.
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   10 April 2013   191176  
I completely agree with you! Thank you for writing this.
‹"Coyote Starrk"› says:   10 April 2013   102854  
...I disagree.
flymama writes:   27 April 2013   962090  
I think you hit it right on the nose, keep on thinking the right way.
Because, some people dont even think like that I give u a 100% on that
thought. GOD BLESS!
lillymill says :   28 April 2013   841683  
So true! We always look to other people to decide what is right
because everything is comparative and people are so closed-minded that
they look at somebody who chose differently and say it's not "right"!

Doesn't matter if you think it's the "right" way to do it or not, live
your life and gtfo.

I applaud you.

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