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The Soon to be Tragedy....Category: Lesbian Story (Yuri Anime)
Saturday, 5 January 2013
03:13:26 PM (GMT)
PaRt OnE

	"Sara, will you pay attention to me?! And stop looking at Emma. You know she doesn't
play for your team."

	"Oh, sorry Jenna, and shut up! I wasn't looking at her!" I responded as I took my
attention away from watching Emma's lips move as she talked to her friends. I knew
she wasn't into girls but I couldn't help but get distracted by her. "I was just
thinking about tomorrows science test."

	"Yeah. Sure. Okay, by the way, you got a little drool on your lip."

	"No I don't!" I snapped rubbing my mouth with my sleeve.

	She laughed and grabbed my arm making hers interlock with mine. We started walking
to English and she continued to babble on about tomorrows sleep over. Spring break is
finally here and we are starting it out with movie night sleepover.

	"We definitely need to watch a scary and a funny movie. Scary so I have a reason to
cuddle with Jace, and funny so I can go to bed without peeing my pants from the scary
movie." Haha Jenna is my best friend and she is absolutely terrified of anything that
goes bump in the night. Jace is the guy she likes. He is coming over tomorrow but of
course he can't spend the night. "By the way, have you decided who you want to invite
over tomorrow?"

	"To be honest, I haven't even thought about it. I don't think I will invite anybody.
Us three will be enough." I smiled and removed my arm from hers walking into English
class. We took our seats and prepared ourselves for today's boring lecture. By
prepare, I mean we opened a note book and held a pencil in our hand to make it look
like we cared.

	Soon enough, Ms. Richie started talking and the rest of us either dosed off or just
sat there and day dreamed. I was one of the day dreamers.

	My thoughts started out with movie choices but it didn't take long for my thoughts
to drift to Emma. If you haven't noticed yet, yes I am Bi and Emma is the girl I have
a crush on. I've liked her since 5th grade. She was the new girl at the time and I
don't know, my feelings for her just kind of happened. We are both seniors now and
sigh, I still have a huge crush on her. Sadly, like Jenna had said early, she does
not play for my team. Still, I can't stop myself from thinking about her.

	Emma was one of those really pretty, really sweet girls. The ones you always find
yourself talking to very easily. You know, the ones you seem to spill your guts too
and you don't even realize it. Then you blush and ramble like an idiot. Yes I speak
from experience -_-

	Anyways, her hair runs down her back in little waves of red silk. It frames her face
so smoothly, showing off her soft emerald eyes. I loved looking into them. But her
eyes couldn't compare to her smile. Her smile was always so kind and inviting with a
hint of cherry red lipstick.

	She had a nice figure to. Her curves showed off every part of her body. Yes she had
a nice ass but that's beside the point. She was truly stunning. Again I couldn't stop
myself from thinking about her. Ms. Richie did though...

	"Ms. Allison, will you please give me your answer to number 11. It's at the top of
your packet." I jumped and stumbled all over my desk looking for a packet I hadn't
yet taken out of my book bag. The class laughed and I blushed awkwardly saying,
"Sorry Ms. Richie, I wasn't following along." The class laughed even louder as she
grunted and called on a different student to answer the question. I sighed and pulled
the packet out of my book bag. I really hate English class.

	"Boyyy, I am gladdd thats over," I yawned to Jenna as we walked out of English
class. We were headed to lunch but we stopped by our lockers to get a few things. I
was pulling my purse out when I suddenly I felt hands on my back and I found myself
tumbling to the floor.

	Leaning up and rubbing my head I yelled, "Damnit! What the hell did you do th....."
I stopped when I turned around and noticed that Emma was kneeling on the ground too.

	"Oh dear! I am sooo sorry!! Somebody tripped me and I fell into you! I am sooo
sorry!" I could hear how genuinely sorry she was.

	With a quick step back up onto my feet, I offered my hand to her telling her it was
alright and not to worry about it. With one last apology, she moved on from what
happened and then gave me that adorable smile of hers. I smiled back awkwardly and
slowly went to turn around. Jenna found an opening to ruin my life.

	"Hey Emma, Sara is having a little movie night tomorrow, you are welcomed to join us
if you want. It's just going to be us two and our friend Jace. I'm sure Sara would
love to have you." She flashed a devilish smile at me before she looked at Emma
again. Damn was I going to kill her for this. I can't believe she would do this to

	Emma looked at me, "Sure, why not? What time should I be over?"

	I was lost for words. Jenna answered for me, "We are starting the first movie at 8
so be over any time before that."

	I must have looked like a deer caught in headlights when she looked at me again and
said, "Alright, see ya guys tomorrow." With one last smile she walked away.

	The second she was out of earshot, I turned all my attention to Jenna! "What the
hell Jenna?!" I could see the laugh building up inside her. She tried to hide it so
badly that her face started to turn red. "This isn't funny! I looked like a fool! I
could barely say one word to her!” Jenna couldn't hold it anymore. She burst out
laughing. "I really, reallyyy do hate you!"

	"What's so funny?" Jace said as he walked up behind Jenna.

	Jenna blushed and told him, "Oh nothing, Sara was just admitting her undying love
for me." She winked at me and I growled at her. She didn't care. She ignored my growl
and grabbed my arm and Jace's arm interlocking both her arms with ours. We walked off
to lunch.

	Saturday came, and turns out Jenna had invited more than just Emma to our "little"
movie night. When I answered the door, I found myself welcoming Jenna and her friend
Chris. He was gay and he was also one of Jenna's good friends. He too was a red head
but his smile was corny and very awkward. He was very shy, but I liked him. They both
smiled and in a cute, chummy voice Chris said, "Hey Sara." and he and Jenna walked in
and made themselves at home on my couch.

	Before I could join them, another knock approached my door. It was Jace and his
younger brother Kane. They both said hi and also walked in. Jace made himself sit
pretty close to Jenna. She blushed and continued to talk to Chris.

	I sat down on the floor leaning on the couch. I sat right in between Jenna and
Chris's feet. We all made some small talk and waited for Emma to arrive.

	None of us heard my mom answer the door so we all jumped when we heard Emma say
hello to us all. She laughed and I soon felt my tummy getting tight when she choose
to sit next to me on the floor.

	"I am heading to my room, keep it down, your father has to get up early tomorrow."
My mom said walking up our creaking old staircase.

	Emma smiled and asked, "So what movie is first?"

	"The unborn." Jace said in a "spooky-but-not-really" voice. We laughed and I held up
the remote pressing play on the DVD player. I had already set it up before they all
got here.

	The movie was terrifying. I could feel Jenna jump into Jace's arms when the crazy,
whacked out, upside down head man started chasing her down the stairs. I have to say,
her reaction made the movie pretty funny to me. I could tell Emma felt the same way
when I heard her snicker at Jenna's reaction. She looked over to me and her lips
pinched into a small smirk. She was so cute.

	The movie ended. We all stood up to stretch and yawn before we started the next
movie. Kane was the first to talk.

	"Now what's a party without any alcohol?" He grinned and pulled two 12 packs of beer
out of his book bag. We all took one. Don't get me wrong, we are not those crazy get
drunk every night teenagers. But we are teens and once in awhile we like to drink. We
don't go over board with it. We only drink enough to get us “a little” tipsy.
Kane only brought so much cause he didn't know how many people were going to be

	We all drank a few beers and talked a bit. Before we knew it, it was already 11. The
guys needed to be out by 12. We didn't even attempt to start the next movie. Instead
we started a game of truth and dare.

	Jenna asked Kane truth or dare. He said dare. With an evil smile she said, "I dare
you to kiss Chris!"

	Chris blushed and looked right at Kane. Kane didn't know what to say but he was so
drunk that he laughed. He then said, "Fine but only if Emma kisses Sara first!" He
stuck his tongue out at me and I froze. I chocked saying, "W--what??" I looked at
Emma who started to blush and she wouldn't hold eye contact with me.

	I don't think she was drunk but for some reason so muttered out, "Fine....”

	I was stunned. I was truly and incredibly lost for words.

	Kane said, "It has to last for 10 seconds. No less." he grinned. We could all tell
he was enjoying this.

	Emma slid closer to me. I wasn't looking at her but she rested her hand on my cheek
and tilted my face towards her. Hesitantly she pulled my face towards hers making my
lips press into hers. Everyone started the count down...

	"10...9...8...7....." but slowly I started to loose track of the numbers. All I
could focus on were how warm her lips were and how soft they felt against mine. I
felt her other hand confusingly wrap around my waist. She pulled me closer. Then I
heard it....


	And then the guys started cheering and I could hear Jenna saying awwww really loud.
Kane blurted, “Get it Sara!” Even after 1, Emma didn't move from our embrace.
Instead, I could feel her lips part and her tongue more than willingly met with mine.
Damn did my hormones kick in. With a force more powerful then I had ever imagined, I
pinned her against the couch kissing her with a heated passion. She tasted really
sweet. The guys started whistling and I could hear Jenna saying, "Damnnnn Sara!!" she
laughed. I couldn't believe this was happening.

	I heard Jace yell, "Your turn Kane!"! Kane was clapping but stopped the second Jace
said that.

	Kane let out a sly chuckle and said, "Oh hell with it!" he practically jumped on
Chris pulling him into a kiss. Kane didn't take it slow at all. His tongue met
Chris's without a second thought. At this point Emma leaned away from me catching her
breath. She awkwardly smiled at me and doubled over in laughter when she saw the
scene that was occurring next to us.

	Their count down ended and Kane smoothly parted from Chris. Chris was breathless and
it took him a minute to realize he just had his first kiss. His smile grew wide and
his eyes lit up with joy. Kane caught that spark in his eyes and with a little hint
of teasing in his voice he chimed in, “Tell anyone and I'll have to kill you.” He
winked and something told me that he didn't really mind that kiss at all. Honestly, I
believed he kind of liked it. Hmmmmm hahaha.

	The clock struck 12 and Jenna and I walked everyone to the door. Kane and Jace left
first but not before Kane casually winked at Chris and motioned his hand mouthing
"call me". He blushed and watched Kane walk away. Then he too left just leaving me,
Jenna, and Emma in the doorway. Jenna walked away heading upstairs to my room. With a
yawn she said, "I'll leave you two alone." I smiled.

	I felt Emma grab my hands making her fingers fit perfectly with mine. She looked me
in the eyes, and standing on her tippy toes, she kissed me once more before saying
goodnight and walking away. I blushed and smiled like a goofy little kid as I watched
her walk down the street. This night turned out to be pretty damn awesome  

PaRt TwO coming soon........... 
Last edited: 5 January 2013

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